Best Undercut Bob Haircuts To Consider This Year

Women of all ages love the bob haircut because it offers versatility and low maintenance, allowing them to style it in numerous ways. Undercut bobs are becoming more popular. This fresh haircut suits many face shapes and hair types. This haircut looks fresh on all face shapes and hair types.

One of the advantages of the undercut bob is that you can style this haircut in different ways to create a unique appearance. You can shave or trim the undercut section short, and choose between a simple buzz cut or a more intricate pattern.

To achieve the undercut bob look, the hair is first cut into a bob shape, with the length depending on personal preference. One or both sides of the hair are shaved to tell the difference between the undercut and the bob. It works on either side of the head. You can make the longer part of the bob fuller with texturizing spray or style the undercut with a little gel. So it’s easy to style this cut. If you want a more subtle look, don’t touch the undercut.

An undercut bob haircut is a trendy and versatile style that can make a classic bob haircut look new and edgy. This look can fit your style and personality with the right cut and styling.

What is an Undercut Bob?

A modern undercut bob is a short bob cut with buzzed or shaved sides. This edgy and versatile style can be styled in various ways while retaining its unique look. Longer hair on top can be straight, curled, wavy, or textured. The undercut bob suits many face shapes, hair textures, and preferences. Modern women who want an edgy, easy-to-maintain look will like it.

This short pixie cut is very trendy. People can choose the options that look best for them from many choices. The undercut is flexible and only needs a little care overall. Its main good thing is that it can be used for many different things. This is a great way to look cool, rugged, and athletic for the evening with very little work.

How to Style an Undercut Bob Haircuts

The undercut bob haircut is versatile and fun to style. Here are a few tips for styling an undercut bob:

  1. Towel-dry hair first. To volumize hair, use a lightweight mousse or spray.
  2. Use a round brush to blow dry your hair for volume and shape.
  3. Once your hair is dry, use a flat iron to smooth any frizz hair.
  4. Texturize with a spray or wax. Apply the product to your fingertips and massage the ends of your hair.
  5. Use a curling iron to create soft, loose curls or waves for a more polished look. Hold small hair sections around the iron for a few seconds before releasing.
  6. Set your style with a light-hold hairspray.

Remember that there are many undercut bob hairstyles. Therefore, try different styling tools and methods to find your best look. Here are 55 of the best undercut bob hairstyles.


The temples and the back of the head are shaved, and the “elongated” part on the crown is cut as short as possible so that the hedgehog familiar to us remains. Parietal hair can fall on the forehead with playful bangs.


Stylish haircut, implying a smooth gradient at the temples and the back of the head. The curls remain long enough at the crown and fit into the most voluminous figure. With such a haircut, perhaps it is impossible to go unnoticed!


A peculiar mix of a classic square and a daring undercut. The caret is cut as short as possible, and the temples and the back of the head are shaved exactly to the border with the lower edge of the main mass of curls or much higher so that the shortened part of the hairstyle is hidden under the hair.

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Shaved Temple

A daring option for bold beauties who prefer somewhat aggressive looks in informal styles.

Side Undercut Bob


You add a dramatic effect by extending an undercut to one side of your head. Try this bob haircut with more edge.

Curly Undercut Bob

A long bob with thin strands curled into curls looks amazing. This gorgeous styling gives the face freshness and is guaranteed to help visually rejuvenate.

Undercut Nape Bob


The nape of an “undercut nape bob” is shaved. Brave people like this style. Most bob cuts are from the chin to the shoulder. Some completely shave the nape, while others leave some hair. A bob with an undercut at the nape makes hair lighter but keeps the bob shape.

Undercut Layered Bob

A multi-layered bob is also called a stacked bob since a haircut at different levels in several layers allows the strands to overlap each other. Victoria Beckham has preferred this type of bean for many years.

Tropical Undercut Bob

Looking for bold color ideas? If so, take a look at this. Here is the tropical Bob. Hair starts with purple, melts into pink, orange, and turns yellow.

Undercut Pixie Bob

A pixie cut with a shorter undercut bob hairstyle is very short and edgy. This option is great for bold hairstyles.

Soft Undercut Bob


Due to its acute angle, a shoulder-length shimmery bob suits most face shapes. The ends’ weight enhances the hairstyle’s basal volume. It suits fine and normal hair. This simple style is perfect for active people. 

Edgy Undercut Bob


This hairstyle is suitable for people who want attention. The top layer is usually choppy or textured, and the bottom layer is buzzed or shaved. This hairstyle can be sleek and smooth or messy and tousled.

Retro Undercut Bob

The curls at the crown remain long enough to be brushed back smoothly. A very discreet and slightly old-fashioned version of the undercard – for which it got its name!

Wavy Undercut Bob


A bob that has waves and can only be worn on one side. The hair of most of them is long. It only takes a little bit of work.

Short Undercut Bob


This classic undercut bob has shorter layers and a sharp line at the start. This cut is fashionable and low-maintenance.

Straight Combed Back

Looking for a dynamic or business and strict look? Then pay attention to this version of the bean at Kristen Stewart. In addition to a fashionable haircut, there is also gel styling.

Shaggy Undercut Bob

Bob haircut on blonde hair with messy shaggy is a favorite hairstyle of fashionistas and socialites.

Blonde Undercut Bob


The undercut bob often has hair lightened with bleach or is naturally blonde. Layers with texture or blunt cuts are two ways to add drama.

Straight Undercut Bob

Model, actress, knows only about modern fashion and shows off classic style with a sophisticated bob. Perfectly straight hair with thick bangs gives the appearance of elegance.

Layered Undercut Bob


The undercut bob is versatile, with longer tops and shorter bottom layers. It’s a versatile, fashionable cut that requires little upkeep.

Undercut Stacked Bob


This modern bob has layers with shorter hair underneath. For a modern, edgy look, this is best.

Rounded Undercut Bob


The back of the head is slightly shaved here, so the haircut looks unusual. But thanks to the classic shape and universal length, such a haircut is suitable for any age. Besides, the hair looks quite voluminous due to the haircut and proper coloring.

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Undercut Bob Hairstyle


This term refers to any variation of the undercut bob, which usually has a shorter layer underneath the top.

Undercut Bob, Thin Hair


This variation of the undercut bob is ideal for those with thin hair, as the shorter layers can help create the illusion of fuller, thicker hair.

Thick Hair Undercut Bob


The undercut bob is great for thick hair because the shorter layers minimize bulk and add dimension.

Punk Bob With Undercut

The model looks incredibly cool, right? Perhaps she has the most daring haircut variation! In the punk undercut, the temples and the back of the head are completely shaved, and the elongated strands on the crown, if desired, fit into the mohawk.

Long Bob With Undercut

The undercut bob has longer hair on top than below. Consider it for stylish, low-maintenance haircuts.

Pastel Pink Undercut Bob

Do you like pink hairstyles? If so, take a look at this next idea. The bob haircut is cut into short hair with bangs and undercuts in this style. We love short micro bangs and pastel pink hair color.

Blunt Bob With Undercut


This version of an undercut bob has a blunt cut and a short layer of hair underneath. It’s an excellent choice for people who want a simple but stylish hairstyle.

Sharp Bob With Undercut


This edgy haircut has a sharper, shorter undercut and longer hair on top. This style is for bold individuals.

Undercut Bob With Bangs


In this version of the undercut bob, the hair on the sides and back is shorter, while the bangs on top are longer. Those who want to add more texture and dimension to their hairstyle should consider going in this direction.

Undercut Short Curly Bob


This variation of the undercut bob is ideal for those who want a bold and daring look, featuring choppy or textured layers with a shorter layer of hair underneath.

Italian Bob With Undercut


The Italian bob is longer and more layered than the classic bob. An undercut adds edge and sophistication to this style. This style cuts the hair just below the chin, separating the longer hair on top from the shorter hair on the sides and back. This sleek and modern look is perfect for standouts.

French Bob With Undercut


This shorter French bob with bangs and an undercut look modern and edgy. Variations include the French bob. The undercut distinguishes between longer hair on top and shorter hair on the sides and back. Hair is usually cut to fall between the chin and shoulders.

Undercut Side Parted Bixie


We may need to realize how easy it is to style a bixie cut. Choose the one that has more layers and is longer. The bixie cut with a side part and combed hair will be famous next year. It softens and makes your face look younger.

Angled Bob With Undercut


Straight layered bob, with shorter strands framing the face. Suitable for oval, diamond-shaped faces. The haircut does not require special care. Also suitable for curly hair.

Bob With Hidden Undercut


This variation of the undercut bob features longer hair on top that covers a shorter layer of hair underneath, creating a hidden undercut. It’s an excellent choice for those who want a subtle yet stylish haircut.

Choppy Bob With Undercut


A layered and choppy bob haircut creates this style’s messy and textured look. Adding an undercut to this style creates a modern and edgy twist.

Inverted Bob With Undercut


This variation of the undercut bob is ideal for those with curly hair, as the shorter layers can help reduce bulk and add more shape and dimension to the curls.

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Textured Bob With Undercut


A tousled, carefree bob haircut with choppy, texturized layers defines this style. An undercut modernizes this haircut.

Undercut Bob With a Fringe


A modern undercut bob with fringe is edgy. With a longer top and fringe and shorter sides and back, this style frames the face. Each person has a different back and side undercut. It looks different when the fringe is cut straight or at an angle. When you cut the back and sides of thin hair, it looks fuller.

A Line Bob With an Undercut


 A-line cut with a shorter layer of hair underneath. It’s an excellent choice for those who want a modern and edgy look.

Feathered Bob With Undercut


This trendy bob haircut has feathered layers for movement and texture. Its looks were modern and edgy with an undercut.

Graduated Bob With Undercut

It is a way of cutting when the hairdresser deliberately makes a sharp, chaotic transition from long to shorter hair. This haircut is a great option if you have split ends, as this shape hides them very well.

Bob With a V-Shaped Undercut


A V-shaped undercut on one or both sides of a bob creates a unique and edgy look. The hair is typically cut to a length between the chin and the shoulders.

Side-Swept Bob With Undercut


This classic bob has a side-swept fringe and an undercut on one or both sides. A side-swept fringe and chin-to-shoulder length give the hair a delicate, girly look.

Side Parted Bob With Undercut

Emma Watson loves delicate images, and this styling marvellously emphasizes her petite features. To do this style, straighten your hair, make a side parting and separate one wide strand, laying it on its side.

Two Lengths Bob With Undercut


The top hair is longer than the sides and back hair. It has two hair lengths. The undercut divides the two lengths, creating a modern look you can customize for different face shapes and hair types.

Bob With Multicolored Undercut


A bob haircut with an undercut that is cut from the sides. Hair is usually cut shoulder or chin length. Multicolored undercuts enhance the cut’s playfulness.

Undercut Bob With Shaved Sides


A bob haircut features a cute twisted pigtail, an undercut, and shaved temples. It may be the simplest and most on-trend way to style your hair.

Angled Undercut Bob With Bangs


With an angled bob haircut, bangs can frame your face. This style benefits from an undercut because the hair is angled towards the face.

Side Parting With Creative Design

If you need to hide a forehead that is too high, give preference to just such a haircut. You can twist the bangs with a curling iron and make a light pile on it.

Asymmetrical Bob With Undercut

Do you want a catchy look to be guaranteed to stand out from the crowd, where every second person has a bob haircut? Then an asymmetric bob with a big difference in strands will be a good solution.

Bob With Highlights and Undercut


Combining a bob cut with highlights and an undercut on one or both sides is a fantastic hairstyle. Highlights add depth and dimension to the hair, usually cut to a length between the chin and the shoulders.

Bob Haircut With a Cropped Nape


The nape of the neck is cropped or shaved in this classic bob cut. It looks clean and low-maintenance.

Bob With Tapered Sides and Undercut


A bob with tapered sides and undercut. Modern hairstyles cut the hair between the chin and shoulders with tapered sides.

Traditional Undercut Bob Hairstyle With Straight Bangs


An undercut modernizes this classic hairstyle. The classic bob haircut with bangs suits women of any age and occasion, but thicker hair may benefit from an undercut to keep it manageable.