50 Easy Hairstyles For Sleek And Smooth Hair In 2023

50 Easy Hairstyles For Sleek And Smooth Hair In 2023.

Sleek, smooth hairstyles are fashionable. Smooth, combed hair makes a woman look beautiful. Business icon, models, and entertainers like these hairstyles. Smooth hairstyles are versatile and uncomplicated. This hairdo is simple and quick.

Smooth hairstyles enhance the bride’s gentle look. There are various wedding hairstyles, but you need also consider your clothing, facial shape, weather, and other factors. This post gives you some trendy evening hairstyles for any girl to help you establish your personal style.

Any party or occasion will look amazing if you can style your hair effortlessly. Smooth, well-combed hair always looks neat. Straight hairstyles are classy. Celebrities, models, and businesswomen love these styles. They are versatile and portable. Most girls can do it alone at home.

You can do more than long hairstyles if you can put your hair back nicely. Women can wear “hair back” daily and on special occasions.

How to keep your hair long

A hairstyle made and fixed under all the rules does not need to be adjusted. The styling lasts well for a full day of use. If necessary, it will be possible to quickly strengthen the structure with additional hairpins to remove broken strands.

A low bun fits perfectly into different looks. The option is successful for weekdays and holidays. The hairstyle is equally suitable for work, sports, an informal walk or visiting a restaurant.

Extending the life of the style is usually not required. A hairstyle is easy to do on your own in a short time. During a night’s sleep, the structure runs the risk of wrinkling or falling apart. It is recommended to create a new bundle rather than reanimate the old one.

Here are some stylish hairstyles for you:

High ponytail


It looks beautiful. Divide the hair horizontally, fasten the lower part with a ponytail, and comb the top. Scallop lightly smooth and lay on the tail. Trying not to disturb the splendor, wrap the top hair around the place where the tail is fastened. This hairstyle looks beautiful if the bangs are long.



A ponytail with bangs combed and laid up is easy to turn into an evening hairstyle. It is enough to decorate the ends of the tail with graceful curls resembling aster petals. Each curl is fixed with invisibility hairpins. In addition, the hair should be sprinkled with a fixative.



It is always interesting to experiment with the tail and all kinds of strands. For example, try making a regular low ponytail and pulling it inward behind the elastic a few times. Get a beautiful binding. Yes, the styling is simple, but it turned out how beautiful and feminine it was.

Creating volume


With the help of a round brush and a hairdryer, you can give your hair a beautiful volume that will last throughout the day. To do this, you need to wash your hair and apply a thermal protectant to damp hair. It would be best to lift each strand at the roots and direct a jet of hot air at it. If desired, the ends of the hair can be wound up.

Soft curls


Light waves look elegant on medium-length hair. It’s not hard at all to make them. A curling iron or iron will help with this. You can clamp the strands starting from the roots or curl only the ends. The curling iron or iron must be heated to the desired temperature and wound into the horizontal curls.

Retro waves


It is created by washed hair. Before making a masterpiece, styling mousse is applied to the hair along the entire length. The following entry is the hairdryer. A jet of hot air is directed at the curls. In this case, each strand must be squeezed and kneaded by hand. The result is beautiful waves.

Hair without bangs


Today, most women try to open their faces as much as possible and refuse bangs. In addition, styling without bangs is much more practical and takes a minimum of effort and time. The “smooth, chic” styling is trendy.

Long cascade hair with bangs


Cascade is a haircut option for those girls who do not want to part with their length at all, but at the same time, they want to change something in their hairstyle. With bangs, this hairstyle on long hair is just unique.



Dry your hair with a hairdryer and a flat or semi-circular brush. When the hair is almost dry, style the lower ends with a hairdryer and a round brush, twisting them inward. The upper, short strands that frame the face are laid with an iron, turning them outward.

Elegant bun


This styling is effortless: with a hairdryer and a round brush. If desired, you can stretch out some strands, for example, bangs and hair ends, with an iron.

Straight hair


Evening hairstyles that look as natural as possible are the latest trend. All kinds of weaving, French braids, and buns are in fashion. If you want to keep up with the times, the hairstyle should look fresh, a little spontaneous, and unpretentious.



Gather the hair on the sides of the head, and fasten it crosswise with invisible hair under the combed hair of the crown.

  • Dry your hair.
  • Straighten dry hair with an iron.
  • Make a bouffant at the crown and remove this part of the hair forward, grabbing it with a hair clip.
  • Turn the combed hair back, pulling the clip. Comb the combed hair gently.
  • Fix the hair with varnish. Smooth the sides of the head with varnish applied to the toothbrush.

Evening styling “Hollywood waves.”


You can make smooth waves from the middle of the hair or curly curls from the very roots of your hairstyles. They can be left loose, decorated with an exquisite hairpin, or collected in an elegant bun.

  • Comb your hair, be sure to apply thermal protection, and then divide it into zones.
  • Pinup the hair at the top and take on the bottom layer of hair.
  • Separate one strand, wind it on a curling iron (you need to take the medium or long diameter). After 20 seconds, release the curl.
  • Then proceed to the rest of the strands, moving up. At the same time, try to curl your hair in one direction.
  • When approaching the framing strands, be sure to wind them in the direction away from the face.

Classic knot


A smooth, tight knot at the back of the head, adorned with a stylish hairpin or any other accessory, is perfect for a tight-fitting wedding dress, symbolizing the bride’s modesty, innocence, and pure beauty.

  • Comb your hair and collect a low, tight, and smooth tail. The maximum height of the tail is just above the ears.
  • Separate a thin strand of hair from the bun and wrap it around the base of the tail several times, securing it with an invisible or hairpin. You should end up with a sophisticated, classic ponytail.
  • Secure the lower part of the ponytail inward, hiding under the base, with hairpins.
  • You can decorate the finished hairstyle with an elegant accessory or a beautiful decoration.


  • Spray on hair and blow dry using a long round comb for volume.
  • Using a small comb, comb the hair roots, using your fingertips to create the effect of a “fluffy” book.
  • Pull your hair over your right shoulder and secure with two long bobby pins at the center back of your head.
  • Gather your hair, lift it, and wrap it several times inward.
  • Secure the result with long studs fixed with varnish for durability. A hairstyle can be made perfectly smooth or give it a careless confused look.

Ballerina hairstyle


Thanks to the wild imagination of image-makers, smooth hairstyles for long hair are presented in a wide range of different styles and directions.

  • One of the most exciting options is the ballerina hairstyle, a combination of a pigtail with a tight bun.
  • Lean forward and apply some gel or foam to the roots of your hair. It will make it easier for you to braid.
  • Without changing position, start weaving a braid at the back of the head, moving towards the top of the head. Stop at the place where you will have a bunch.
  • When you reach your destination, tie the braid with an elastic band.
  • In the same position, gather the remaining hair into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic band.
  • To add volume to this hairstyle, you must comb the tail with a comb with fine teeth.
  • Wrap the tail around the base, secure with hairpins, and fix with varnish.

Part of the whirl


You can additionally decorate this hairstyle with decorative elements. It is worth considering that styling will look lighter and airier on thin hair. It is not suitable for a thick, dense coat, as it will quickly fall apart.

A beautiful, unusual bunch will turn out from a tail twisted into a tourniquet.

For this, you need to

  • Make a low ponytail.
  • Twist the tourniquet, securing it with a thin elastic band.
  • Form a bundle from the resulting bundle.
  • Secure your hair with hairpins or bobby pins.

Knots from strands of


It is straightforward to make such a hairstyle at home in just a few minutes. It looks pretty exciting and emphasizes the individuality of its owner.

For this, you need to

  • Flip your hair over to one side.
  • Divide them into two parts.
  • Tie with a double knot after applying a styling product.
  • fastened with a rubber band.

Advice! It is better not to use this option on very thick hair since the knot will always strive to untie, and the desired effect will not work.



It is widely believed that this hairstyle is only suitable for medium or long hair, but this is not true! Make this hairstyle for yourself in 5 minutes and make sure:

  • Take a headband or elastic band.
  • Create the effect of volume with the help of the formation of curls. Do not abuse the fleece-you risk remaining a “dandelion.” Gentle, romantic waves are needed.
  • Try to tuck the most extended hair under the hoop, and leave the short ones so that it looks harmonious.
  • It is essential to fix the strands with varnish because short hair can quickly straighten. The hairstyle is ready!

Delicate bunch


This hairstyle for medium hair will perfectly complement a romantic look and is done in just a few simple steps:

  • Divide your hair into two parts—a bang and an occipital strand.
  • Curl your hair with a curling iron and separate the curls to let them flow.
  • Gather the back hair into a loose bun. release a few strands from it.
  • Attach the hair from the bangs to the bun with hairpins.

Under tuck

Straight-hair prom hairstyle. Apply a headband during the under tuck’s beginning to appear more professional. Using a headband, tuck and roll your hair. The professional knot technique is a straightforward alternative.

Low-loop bun


This is ideal for formal events when the bun or ponytail has worn you down. First smooth your hair, then gather the front locks and tie a knot. Tease the remaining hair in the short pony, then gather and bind it below. Loop your pony again and bun the lower hair.

A-line bob cut


Straight hair looks best in a short, dramatic a-line bob. This straight hairstyle needs a healthy, luxurious finish. Joico Color Therapy Oil strengthens, softens, and moisturizes hair. Straight-haired women can wear bobs—A-line bobs suit all straight hair, face shapes, and lifestyles.

Stylish messy bun


All women prefer a sleek top messy bun. It’s easy, fast, and low-maintenance. For a more purposeful look, remove the strands and add a colorful headband.

Straight hair ponytail


Long straight hair ponytails are perfect for futuristic bubble ponytails. Use hair-colored rubber bands for a smooth updo.

The simple pony up


Smooth, straight hair suits ponytails. It matches hair type and texture and is easy to maintain. This posh pony may gather finer hair into a pony while letting the longer strands on the front free.

Shifted choppy hairs


Alternative low-maintenance open straight hairstyles for girls. This outrageous haircut is easy to maintain. Brush your hair and cut it into this layer light cut. Let your hair breezy, like in the photo, and you’ll have a modern look in no time.

Smooth hair bangs


Bangs, you can change your style daily. Selena Gomez styled her straight hair with side-parted bangs.

Sleek loose pigtails


Stylish pigtails that don’t make you look six? Attending. Straighten or curl your hair for waves (and blast them with a texturizing spray). On each side, tie two elastics around the last fourth of your hair. Loosen pigtails by pulling hair over the elastic.

Smooth low bun hair


I love this sleek, low bun. To create a “lived-in” bun, pull out little sections of hair toward the back.

Braided ponytail hairstyle


Easy hairstyles for straight hair include slicked-down ponytails. Example: this lovely braided ponytail. Before pulling it back into a low ponytail, brush a small palmful of your favorite mousse through your roots. After that, braid and knot it.

Deep-parted blonde lob


A deep side part on a straight, blonde lob is a trendy look this season. Sharp lines, bleach-blonde lobs, and bobs are trendy. You’ll stand out with this elegant hairstyle.

Straight pointed bangs


Layering and a full fringe enhance long straight hair with bangs. Long straight hairstyles are timeless.

Long straight half-updo


For a simple half-updo, pull a section of hair from each side and tie it loosely. It’s simple but lovely for a wedding. Secure and decorate with a pretty hair gem. This straight hair half-updo is simple and fast! Champagne blonde hair dye eliminates boring haircuts.

Long straight female hair


Straight blunt long hair keeps the most fullness for finer hair types. A strong blunt outline will always give your hair the fullest effect because layers tend to remove weight.

Straight-ombre a-line lob


Straight ombres on A-line lobs are modern and soft. Serum and shine spray help this straight style look sleek and smooth. Straight-haired women like it because it’s low-maintenance and easy to bun. It’s perfect for self-stylers. This cut works well with plaits, curls, twists, and ponytails.

Long blonde highlighted hair


Shadow-rooted blonde highlights work best on extra-long hair. To avoid looking dark in a ponytail, start with a full highlight. Every salon visit doesn’t require a full highlight. I recommend a partial highlight 6–8 weeks after a full highlight. Color glaze appointments between highlights keep blondes shiny.

The forehead-covering appearance


Girls now have short straight hairstyles. This look has beautiful, feminine bangs. It’s trendy and vibes-influenced. Isn’t it bold? Try this if you’re daring and like to dress well. A fashionista’s dream!

Sleek and smooth hair with side parting


Why are middle parts associated with straight hair? Lais Ribeiro’s deep side part is another elegant look. Hairspray keeps straight hair slick.

Short hairstyles with sleek pixie


Pink pixie cuts look great. I prefer texturizing this trendy cut on my clients. This guarantees a precise cut. Use wax or pomade for an edge.

Long straight hair curtain bangs


Curtain bangs shape and style hair. Long curtain bangs on straight hair blend and grow out nicely, letting you try something new without committing. For a fun, flirty look, let your bangs fall on your face when styling your hair.

Thick straight hair cute short bob


Creative women should try a short, straight, thick bob. A rounded back and longer front make this bob.

Straight thin hair with chic blunt cut


Thin hair looks great with this blunt cut. Straight haircuts work with any color, including golden blonde.

Straight hair short-medium layered cut


Layered short to medium-length hair has movement and texture. Medium-straight layers. Straight hair suits all women. Use styling or blow-out cream to smooth straight hair or reduce frizz.

Amazing straight choppy short haircut


Straight short choppy haircuts flatter thin and medium hair differently. The blunt length and choppy layers give fine hair movement without weight. Medium hair can be chopped to lighten it and add texture for a stronger outline.

Medium-length with tapered internal layers


Your naturally straight hair will look great with the simple medium-length internal layers with tapered ends. The layers and tapered ends contour to your head’s curvature, creating a beautiful round shape with just enough texture.

Mid-length hair with textured ends and full fringe


Textured ends and a full fringe can liven up mid-length hair! High buns or straight hair look great. This hairstyle is versatile.

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