The Wolf cuts are a trendy hairstyle that has become popular recently. Wolf cut is gaining attraction from viral reels on Instagram. It resembles a shag and mullet and is defined by its strong layers and volume at the crown. The wolf cuts can be a great option for those with curly hair because they allow the hair’s natural texture to shine through. The layers can help add volume and movement to curly hair, while the longer layers at the bottom can help weigh down the curls and prevent frizz.

When getting a wolf cut for curly hair, you must go to the hairstylist to create your desired hairstyle. They can help you figure out the best length and layers for your hair type and face shape and give advice on how to style and take care of your new look.

To style a wolf cut for curly hair, you can use a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer to enhance your curls and add volume. You can also use a curl-enhancing product like mousse or curl cream to define your curls and keep them frizz-free.

Overall, wolf cuts for curly hair can be a fun and versatile hairstyle option that allows you to embrace your natural curls while staying on trend.

How to Style a Wolf Cut With Curly Hair

To Style, a wolf cut can be a fun and best way to show off your natural hair texture. Here are some styling tips for a wolf cut on curly hair.

  1. You should wash your hair and then condition it.
  2. Use a product for styling your hair.
  3. Use a diffuser attachment.
  4. Comb the ringlets in your hair.
  5. Apply a texturizing spray as a final step.
  6. Maintain your style.

With these tips, you can change the look of your wolf cut for curly hair. Also, here are the 50 best ideas to style your wolf cut with curly hair.

Thick Wavy Curls


Embracing your hair’s texture is vital to this look. Long layers are often used to define curls. Loose, full curls require less styling. We can match your face with a center or side part.

90s Curly Wolf Cut


This style is inspired by the 90s and features a curly Wolf Cut with layers and volume. The hairstyle has a retro and playful vibe that is perfect for those who love vintage-inspired looks. 

Soft, Curly Wolf Cut


This style highlights your natural curls and makes your hair feel softer. Layering gives curls more shape and texture. Loose curls require little styling.

Beige Curly Wolf Cut


This beige curly wolf cut has loose curls that look like wolf hair. The hair is cut in layers to create movement and texture, with the curls left natural and relaxed. This style works well on those with shoulder-length or longer hair.

Mullet Curly Wolf Cut


It makes the curly wolf cut edgier and rarer. Choppy, layered hair is shorter around the face and longer in the back. This style suits thick, curly-haired people who want to experiment.

Messy Curly Wolf Cut


Accepting your curly hair’s natural texture and cutting it like a wolf is the key to this laid-back curly wolf cut. The curls are left loose and messy after layering to add movement and texture. This style suits medium-to-long curly hair.

Pixie Curly Wolf Cut


This curly wolf cut features tight curls in a short, pixie cut style. The hair is cut in layers to create movement and texture, with the curls left natural and bouncy. This style works well on those with round or oval faces.

Perm Curly Wolf Cut


The wolf cut is mostly made up of curls that have been styled. Layered hair has natural curls that give it movement and texture. This style works for people who want curls but have straight or thin hair.

Curly Korean Wolf Cut


Korean beauty trends like the curly Wolf Cut and its soft layers that frame the face. The haircut is stylish and easy to do for everyday use.

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Shaggy Curly Wolf Cut


The curly wolf cut is shaggy and relaxed. To add movement and texture, the hairstylist layers the hair. This style suits medium-to-long curly hair.

Curly Rainbow Wolf Cut

This rainbow hairstyle started with the punk movement of the 1970s, but it has stuck around. It works on all haircuts and is great for wolf cuts. The wild look goes well with wolf cuts. It has short layers on top and longer ones in the back, giving it volume and texture.

Platinum Curly Wolf Cut

Platinum blonde is a bright, bold choice that instantly highlights your cut. This bold, eye-catching color gives the hairstyle a modern and stylish look. Platinum can also be time-consuming to achieve, high maintenance, and expensive.

Volumize Curly Wolf Cut


This look requires volume and lift in your curls. Layers add body and movement to curls. Medium-to-long hair suits this style.

Un-styled Curly Wolf Cut


The wolf cut suits naturally textured hair and requires little styling. Un-styled wolf cuts look messy. It has an un-styled wolf cut with curls. For low-key dressers, it creates a carefree look.

Curly Wolf Short Pink-cut


The wolf haircut is versatile and can be cut in different lengths, textures, and colors. Long hair looks messy, but short hair looks choppy and layered. If you like the messy look, try coloring your hair. It’s easy to look good with pink hair.

Round Face Curly Wolf Cut


People with any face shape and hair type can wear the wolf cut. When it’s about shoulder length, it looks good on round faces. The cut looks good because it moves, and the jawline falls. It makes your features look softer and more balanced. The hairstyle is balanced and looks good because it gives the crown more volume.

Short Curly Wolf Cut on Top


You can change wolf cuts to fit the hair’s length, texture, and style. For a punk look, add spikes to picks. Spikes at the crown make hair look thicker and fuller, while short, soft spikes look like they came from the 1990s.

Neck Length Curly Wolf Cut


The hair is cut in layers to create movement and texture, with the curls left natural and tousled. This style works well on those with thick curly hair.

Fluffy Feminine One-curl Bob


A heavy bob is made with loose curly hair in one direction. Digitally perming your one-curl makes it easier to do your hair in the morning. These hairstyles look better with curls.

Curly Wolf Cut With Fine Hair


You can use Wolf cuts in many different ways. It works well on thick hair with a natural texture but can be changed to work on other hair types and conditions. The wolf haircut makes the hair thicker on top and thinner in layers. People with thin hair like it because it makes their hair look fuller and thicker.

Wispy Wolf Cut with Curly Hair


This curly wolf cut frames the face with layers of curls and textures. The curls are natural and tousled, and the hair is cut for volume and movement. Thin curly hair suits this style.

Curly Wolf Cut Medium Length


Make it less loud and more blended to your taste. Please don’t cut them. This makes it easier to wear with all lengths and types of hair. If your hair is medium to thick and long, you won’t be able to get a look with a lot of texture and layers. Instead, you’ll get a messy look.

Curly Choppy Layered Wolf Cut


The choppy layered is the best way to style your curly wolf cut. This loose, textured hairstyle mixes a shag and a mullet for all hair lengths. Also, the style frames the hair around the face, which looks good. Cutting hair into layers gives it body and movement.

Curly Wolf Cut With Two Colors


Don’t be afraid of the two-tone hairstyle; it takes courage. You can try out bold colors, browns, and blondes from nature. You can use a wolf cut to outline one part of the head and a different color to outline another part. The layers on the top are short, while the layers on the bottom are longer. You can improve your style with the right mix of colors.

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Curly Wolf Cut With Center Part


The hair is cut in layers to create movement and texture, with the curls left natural and tousled. This style works well on those with oval or heart-shaped faces.

Curly Textured Orange Wolf Cut


Your orange hair will stand out with the Wolf cut. It’s bold and bright, so get ready to rock out. You can feel like a rock star with pink and orange ombre hair. The wolf haircut is a mix of the mullet and the shag, and it looks good on all hair types. For a choppy, full look, bring out the thick layers.

Curly Wolf Bleached Blonde Cut


With blonde hair that has been bleached, you can show off your highlights and the way your hair is cut. When you bleach your hair, the layers of a new style like the wolf cut, a mix of the shag and the mullet, will stand out.

Curly Wolf Cut With Side Layers


The best shag and mullet haircuts look good with the wolf cut. People like this cut because it combines the best parts of the shag and mullet styles. Cutting layers on the sides gives the top of the head more height and fullness. The top and sides of the hair must be different.

Multicolored Wolf Cut Curly Hair


This multicolored curly wolf cut is unique. Layered hair gives movement and texture to loose curls. To brighten your hair, add multiple colors.

Stylish and Casual Curly Wolf Cut


This outfit can be dressy or casual. After layering, curls are loose. It gives hair texture and movement. For a low-maintenance look, this cut is ideal.

Curly Wolf Cut With Blunt Bangs


You can change the Wolf cut to fit your hair’s length and texture, but if you choose bangs that match your hair, they can make your face look better. Sharp bangs draw attention to your face. It also hides wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead. Straight hair shows off the precision of blunt bangs. Straight bangs stand out more than bangs that are curly or wavy.

Curly Wolf Short Cut With Layers


The wolf haircut has many layers, with shorter layers on top to add fullness and volume to the crown and thicker layers underneath. This style works for all hair types, even short hair. It is a great choice for people who want to show their hair and express themselves in a unique, modern, and fun way.

Curly Wolf Cut With Wispy Bangs


The wolf cuts curly hair because it requires less styling. On curly hair, this voluminous and textured cut is easy to achieve, but on straight hair, it takes more time. Curly hair softens edgy cuts, making them more wearable.

Curly Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

It gives your hair volume and movement and comes in various lengths and styles. Its messy, unrefined look makes you look fabulous without even trying. You can change both the cut and the bangs. This hairstyle frames the face with curtain bangs.

Natural Curly Wolf Cut With Bangs


The wolf cut looks good on curly hair with bangs. The top of the style is thicker than the sides and ends. The curly wolf cut with bangs looks cool and different. You can look younger and draw attention to your best features by getting bangs.

Curly Wolf Cut With Straight Bangs


Curly hair with straight bangs frames the face in this style. Layers add texture and movement to curls, and bangs add sophistication. Oval or round faces suit this haircut.

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Curly Wavy Wolf Cut in Dark Brown


This wolf cut has curls that are wavy and dark brown. Putting hair in layers gives it texture and movement. It works well with curly hair.

Curly Wolf Cut With Pink Highlights


Layered and choppy, the shag and mullet haircut mixes styles. A better cut fits in with everyone else. It makes your hair thicker and fuller. Change the cut to your taste. You can make this haircut your own by adding pink highlights or bright colors. Pink hair is fun and shows that you are a women and love.

Curly Wolf Cut With Textured Fringe

Fringes highlight your best features and make you look younger. It conceals wrinkles and problem skin. Fringes work with all hairstyles, including the wolf cut. Because it’s easy to do at home and gives you a cool choppy heavily layered look, this cut has gone viral.

Curly Wolf Cut With Bottleneck Bangs


The curly wolf cut features curly hair with bangs shorter in the center and longer on the sides. The hair is cut in layers to create movement and texture, with the curls left natural and voluminous. This style works well on those with square or round faces.

Frizzy Shoulder-length Curly Wolf Cut


This wolf cut looks good on curly hair. When you layer your hair, your natural curls will have more movement and texture. This style looks best on curls that are at least shoulder-length.

Curly Wolf Undercut With Blonde Hair


Curly wolf undercut blonde hair makes you look better without trying. It can make your look stand out, show off the texture of your hair, and draw attention to the cut. Your blonde can make you look brighter, bring out your hair’s natural texture, and show off your cut. Ensure your hair is healthy because darker colors make dryness, frizz, and damage harder to see.

Copper Curly Wolf Cut With Long Hair

This copper-colored curly wolf cut with long, unkempt curls makes a statement. Cutting hair in layers preserves curls, volume, and texture. This style suits long, curly-haired women.

Curly, Thick Wolf Cut With Long Bangs

Because the wolf cut looks like it has yet to be combed, You can style it in many different ways. Your bangs frame your face, and your cheekbones stand out. To help it grow, keep it neatly below the brow line. It looks good with thick, layered hair.

Curly, Voluminous Redheaded Wolf Cut


Even the simplest hairstyles can look great with red hair. You can find this color in layers, bangs, and hair that is both short and long. The curtain bangs beautifully frame your face.

Curly Brown Wolf Cut With Micro Bangs


Curly dark brown hair with tiny bangs frames the forehead in this curly wolf cut. After layering the hair, the curls are left alone. This haircut suits oval or heart-shaped faces.

Curly Wolf Cut With Rose Gold Hair Color


The hair is cut in layers to create movement and texture, with the curls left natural and bouncy. This style works well on those with medium to long curly hair.

Dye Curly Wolf Cut With Black and Yellow

The wolf cut’s messy look is excellent. This edgy hairstyle is easy to wear and can be customized because the layers are intentionally uneven. Contrasting colors create an eye-catching look.

Textured Curly Wolf Cut for Women Over 50


Even though the curly wolf cut has a unique feel, it needs natural, unrestrained styling. Dense, full hair works best. This style can be changed to fit hair that is different lengths, thicknesses, and shapes.

Medium Curly Wolf Cut with Face-Framing Highlights


This curly wolf cut brings out the curls and face. The layer gives the hair texture and movement, brings out the shape of the face, and draws attention to curls. This style looks best with curls that are about shoulder length.