55 Layered Bob Hairstyles To Try In 2023

55 Layered Bob Hairstyles To Try In 2023

One haircut always goes in style and is the basis for all other hairstyles. We are talking about the bob haircut, the most flattering and inspiring hairstyle ever. Every season, a new version of this haircut comes out. The most stylish version is the Italian bob, but only some with long hair are ready to give up their layers. Even more so because straight, polished manes take a lot of work to keep up, which is something other than what we want to do.

In this way, the layered bob is a new hairstyle with a shorter version of the classic bob with hidden layers. The layered bob is hard to see with the naked eye, but they give your hair a lot of movement and almost no maintenance.

One of the things that makes people most confident about a haircut is how easy it is to keep up. We prefer having to spend a little time combing our hair before leaving the house. So, this layered bob is the best way to avoid having to take care of our hair and get out of the house without spending more than five minutes on it. It’s comfortable, easy to style, flattering, has a lot of movement, and doesn’t need much maintenance.

Layered Bob: What is it?

The layered bob is a fresh, fun, and very stylish haircut. That’s why it has become the favorite of women with less time who have seen the best of their allies in this haircut. Like most haircuts, the layered bob is based on the classic bob. However, the traditional bob has a more carefree and tousled finish, while the layered bob is more sleek and smooth.

This haircut is easiest to take care of because it is classic and fresh, making it look younger and more stylish. This movement is made possible by very small layers that make the hair heavy and keep you from combing it for a long time.

Wavy Bob


The Wavy bob, one of its most refreshing styles, couldn’t be left off this list. It hangs off the shoulders and has a slight wave, as seen in the picture. The front has a slight angle, and the layers are very worn and layered.

Curly Bob


The ultra-straight layered bob is fashionable, but it also looks great with wavy hair. As you can see in the picture, it looks good on her. Due to its staggering effect, it helps accommodate and define loops—whether natural or produced with a curling iron—which is important for showing off hair with excellent movement and extremely bushy but not fluffy.

Sharp Bob


Sharp bobs are the original and most popular type of bob haircut. All women wear their hair straight, at jaw level, with the ends combed. It looks polished and elegant and is great for straight hair.

Blunt Bob


The blunt bob cut is short hair that doesn’t have layers, but the ends are flipped. This cut is good because it looks good on all kinds of textures. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is straight, curly, or wavy!

Messy Bob


Messy bobs, messy hair, and other hairstyles are popular again this year. Messy bobs are trendy. If you’re brave enough to escape routine, this is the best option you all have to try.

Graduated Bob


With this style, you can hide flaws like thin hair, split ends, and hair that isn’t very strong. The hair will become stronger, thicker, and healthier. Graduation is about changing from long to short strands and back again. People with oval or square faces, like the woman in the picture, should get this haircut.

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Wet Look Bob


The wet aesthetic has returned after a slew of 90s and 2000s revivals. Of course, this hairstyle is now more subtle, focused on the crown area, distant from its pronounced wet look with which we used to spend gallons and liters of gel or mousse. How should you style your bob for this effect? Smugly combing it back or side.

Bob With Fringe


A winning duo is obtained by mixing that layered bob with a well-defined fringe. And it is a style that helps to frame the face, subtracting years from the appearance in a matter of minutes.

Bob With Volume


For thin or very straight hair, one of the best ways to rock the layered bob is by adding a little—or a lot!—volume. This one looks amazing, adding movement and dimension, creating the illusion of a much thicker mane.

Bob With Bangs


If you already have a bob cut and want to change it up, getting bangs is the best way to do it. It’s called the “little bob” or “French bob,” and it’s stylish and easy to wear and take care of.

Bob With Sideways


Wearing hair neatly on the side showcases the layered bob cut traditionally. Despite its simplicity, it adds a sophisticated and beautiful touch that works with straight and curly hair. Side hairstyles give layered bob cuts movement and refinement.

Bob With Layered


This version is perfect for thin hair that needs density and volume. We can describe it as hair about the same length and ends at the top of the jaw. A popular trend is a version that needs to be more formal.

Concave Bob Haircuts


The bob cut with a small change in length makes the hair slightly rounder. Perfect for people with fine, straight hair. Easy to do and look good. Just right to wear with bangs.

Shaggy Bob Haircuts


People who aren’t afraid to try new things will look great with a shag haircut, which is one of the most popular styles. In this picture, the woman’s hair is very neat, close to her head, and her sideburns are very noticeable.

Shoulder-length Bob

@sorokina_olesya_Choose a long bob or lob if you don’t want to trim your hair. A shoulder-length or longer cut suits any face shape, especially long cuts. Its length allows for low ponytails, bows, and half-up styles.

Italian Bob Haircuts


One of the hairstyles that became popular at the end of last year and will still be popular this year is the bob. A haircut that gives you a lot of volumes and makes your face look better. Perfect for people of all ages and all kinds of groups. Because of this, it is one of the most praised.

Inverted Bob Haircuts


The inverted bob is one of the most popular styles, and you can always tell by the fact that the back is always shorter than the front. It looks good on straight hair, wavy hair, thin hair, and thick hair, but we like it best on straight hair with a part in the middle.

Bob with Short Layers


The expert says, “This cut is very lively, and I promise it will make you feel ten years younger.” They also say, “It’s a good idea if you have a square face.”

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Bob with Bixie Layers


It’s the long version of the pixie, which has the shape of a pixie but looks like a bob. It’s a plus that you can use it with different hair types and styles.

Layers of Shaggy Bob


It is the most recognizable layered cut because the layers are visible on the sides of the face. Whether the hair has bangs or not, the layers create a stronger or weaker gradient depending on how the face is cut.

Mullet Layered Bob


What makes this cut stand out is the difference in length between the front locks (usually bangs) and the back locks (at the nape of the neck). Since it is short, it is usually worn with sideburns and styled slightly messy.

Wavy Bob With Layers


At a time when wavy hair and afros are popular, this layered cut that adds volume is always a good option. The layers give it a nice round shape, and the waves stand out like nothing else.

Wolf Cut on top of Bob


Adding texture to long hair in the style of the mullet and the shag is a great idea. It complements the current trend toward ’80s fashion perfectly and works well with most face shapes (except round ones). As you can see in the picture, the woman who carries a wolf’s haircut looks fabulous.

Bob’s Haircut With an Undercut


The back of the head is shaved, but the top is long. Adding bangs, a wig, or a side part to your hair is an easy way to change your look. The woman in the picture made a good choice when she removed all the hair on the back of her head.

Two Side Length Bob Haircuts


With a twist, the front is longer than the back. To look more relaxed and fun. Very popular now that the style of the 2000s has come back. This cut is perfect for people with thick hair who want a new look.

Bob With Torn Ends


As you can see, the bob haircut has many performance variations. Depending on the type of person, age and personal preferences, you can choose the perfect option for yourself, emphasising all the advantages and hiding possible disadvantages. The bob is great for both long and short hair.

With a Shaved Temple


If you like to surprise and shock, you will surely like the option of making a bob haircut with shaved temples. They look stylish, bold and alluring.

Two Shades


A layered haircut with two colors gives the look charm and mystery.

Beach Wave


The inverted bob with beachy waves looks very stylish and up-to-date.

Straight Bob


This chic bob cut for dark hair is great for any special event.

Bob Cut is Short


This haircut for blonde hair with layers and platinum highlights makes for a very classy look.

Golden Pink Tones


This beautiful angled bob has a unique look with its rose gold color and purple streaks.

Bob Cut With Layers


Short cuts with layers look great on both curly and straight hair.

Short and Full Bob


An angled cut with a full nape is a good choice for women with thin hair.

Beautiful back-up


It has a unique undercut style, with purple hair and a strange pattern that makes it look very attractive.

Bob With Layers


Red hair always makes the layers stand out when you have a short haircut.

Blonde Short Bob


It is a great example of a full nape, and the pink ends of the facial hair add a soft touch and make the hairstyle stand out.

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A-line Bob With Layers


You can have a short, thick nape and longer strands in the front.

Blue Hair Color


Here’s a gorgeously colored bob haircut with layers and a full nape.

Stylish Curls


If your hair is curly or wavy, an upside-down bob with a full nape will look great on you.

Short Bob Cut Backwards


The most important thing is to choose a hairstyle that works well with your face shape, hair texture, and, of course, your style, like this woman in the picture.

Layered, Upside-down Bob Cut


If you have long hair and find it hard to part it, try an inverted cut with shorter pieces in the back and longer pieces in the front that frame your face.

Bob With Stacked Layers


Putting layers on top of each other gives your hair height and volume, as well as a shape that moves. You can change the angle of your bob to make it look more or less edgy.

Blonde Bob is Uneven


You’ve been looking for the right layered bob for thin hair, and here it is. Use uneven, choppy layers to add texture and depth. It will look beautiful if you wear it wavy or curly.

Choppy and Chunky Waves


To get these loose waves, curl your hair in larger sections for about 10 seconds with a medium-sized curling iron. Use a dry shampoo or finishing spray to add shine.

Bob With Angled Layers


A cut at an angle lets you enjoy the extra length while keeping a shorter style overall. Your real cut will look great when your hair is blown out.

Lovely Short Bob With Layers


Try out looser waves to make your look feel sweeter. Start curling your hair in the middle of the shaft, and finger-comb the ends to loosen the curls.

Bob With Layers of Soft Waves


For these easy waves, wrap a few pieces of hair around a curling barrel for about 10 seconds. A sweet beige highlight color can be great for summer if you want to add a playful vibe to your look.

Bob With Layers and a Blunt Middle Length


Even though sharpness means accuracy, you can make the surface look less perfect by adding some choppy layers. The collarbone length cut is a stylish alternative to the classic bob.

Ashy Bob With Bangs, Short and Layered


You can play around with depth and texture with a layered cut and highlights. If you don’t want to get front bangs, you can get side bangs instead.

Bob Cut to the Chin With Layers


This cut is very modern and looks good on everyone because it has a lot of structure and texture. Try it straight or wavy to add height and movement.

Bob With Balayage Waves


The cool thing about balayage waves is that you can see the change from your natural color to your highlights in one wave. We love how easy these changes are to make.

Bob With Long Layers


If you’ve always had long hair, the long layers in this cut will be dramatic and change your life. You’ll get the texture and volume you’ve been looking for.

Black Color Bob


Black is always in style, and these longer layers with a razor-sharp cut make it even better.

Blonde Bob Shoulder-Length


With a shoulder-length cut, you can wear your hair down, half up, or in a cute updo. 

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