50 Natural Hair Twist Styles For Short Hair

50 Natural Hair Twist Styles For Short Hair

 Natural hairstyles with short twists are popular, and you can change them to fit your hair. If you have naturally curly or coily hair or use hair extensions, twists are a stylish and low-maintenance way to add texture and protect your hair.

In 2023, short natural hair twist styles that are versatile and easy to care for will still be popular. Short, twisted hair can appear neat, messy, or bohemian. They prevent hair ends from becoming damaged and promote healthy hair growth for individuals who do not use heat or chemicals on their hair.

Two-strand twists, flat twists, and finger coils are some ways to twist hair. Each method can change your look and fit your style. You can also use satin or silk scarves, bonnets, leave-in conditioners, and hair oils to twist your hair and keep it in good shape.

If they want a simple, changeable style in 2023, people will choose natural hair twist styles for short hair. If you take care of your hair twists, your hair will grow and feel better.

What Are Twists in Hair?

Hair twists are braided hairstyles with an Afro texture. Make sections of the hair, and then wrap two sections around each other. People are proud to show off the braided lines that are the result.

You can do finger coils, flat twists, or two-strand twists to make it. To make two-strand twists, you divide your hair into two sections and twist each one from the root to the tip. Flat twists are made by braiding tiny scalp hairs. Wrapping hair strands creates finger coils.

Hair twists can protect the ends of your hair and help it grow healthily. They are also easy to take care of for people with natural hair or who don’t use heat or chemicals on their hair.

Who Looks Good With This Hairstyle?

Hair twists look good on all kinds of hair. They look great on hair that is short to medium in length. Hair twists may be good for:

  1. People with natural hair: This twist hairstyle is for people with natural hair. The twist can protect your hair. They keep the ends of hair safe and hydrated.
  2. People with curly or textured hair:  If you have curly or wavy hair, twists are the best way to define and improve your hair.
  3. People with an edgy or bohemian style: For an edgy bohemian look, hair twists can be sleek and polished or messy and bohemian. They are excellent for edgy or bohemian styles due to their versatility.
  4. People who like low-maintenance hairstyles: With the right care, hair twists can be low-maintenance hairstyles that last for a few weeks. They’re great for people who want less time doing their hair.

Hair twists are a stylish and easy-to-care for hairstyle that goes with any look. That’s why here are 50 examples of natural hair twist styles for short hair.

Flat Twists


Braiding small hair pieces near the scalp creates flat twists. This style suits short hair and has many styling options. Flat twists last two weeks with little maintenance.

Twist Out


Twisting your hair first and unraveling it to create a defined, fluffy curl is a popular natural hairstyle. Twist-outs require small to medium-sized twists in hair or hair extensions.



Try this style if you want to twist your braids in a trendy color. People like these twists, and they can be put in at the salon on the same day. Find a good braider next.

Mini Twists


Small sections of hair are twisted from root to tip to create mini twists. This style can last weeks with proper care. Unravel mini twists for a twist-out.

Afro up-do


The shape and volume of your hair amaze you. Before you cut all your hair off to try a new style, try pinning up one side.

Finger Coils


Spirally twisting tiny hair sections between fingers creates finger coils. This style curls shorter hair. You can maintain finger coils with regular moisturizing and manipulation.

Kinky Twists


Twisting small sections of hair tightly together repeatedly creates this defined and kinky look. Without extensions, this style can last weeks.

Comb Twists


A fine-toothed comb wraps and twists the hair. This style lasts several days on wet hair.

Jumbo Twists


Jumbo twists, made with hair or extensions, are chunkier than regular twists. For low-maintenance, easy-care style, they’re great.

Pin-Up-do Twists


It is great for twists and up-dos. Pin twists into buns or french rolls in various ways. This style uses hair combs and bobby pins.

African Twists


African twists are versatile. They can be real or fake hair and last from weeks to months.

Spring Twists


Like kinks, but less tight and more springy, if you take care of your hair, this style can last for weeks without hair extensions.

Havana Twists


Similar to Senegalese twists, but bigger and with a more natural look. This style can last for weeks without hair extensions if you take care of your hair.

Butterfly Locs


Butterfly locs made by braiding hair around crochet hair and then pulling the ends through. This unique and trendy style can achieve with synthetic or human hair.

Twist and Curl


This style curls the ends after twisting the hair with a perm or flexi rod. Curl-defining cream and hair oil create curly, textured hair.

Braided Twists


Twisted braids look nice and hold their shape. This hairstyle is versatile because you can wear it down or up.

Twists of Rope


For shinier hair and a better hang, rope twists are a good alternative to regular braids.

Half-Up Twists


Your twists should be loose in the back and pulled back with a hair tie or bobby pins in the front. It’s perfect for a polished yet casual look.

Crochet Twists


This twist hairstyle is stunning; you would never guess it was a crochet wig. The ultimate protective style completely covers your hair and protects your ends while giving you the feel and look of natural curls and coils.

Crisscross Buns


The crisscross pattern of this style makes it look harder than it is, but it’s worth it! After separating the hair, twist each section with a black rubber band and twist the sides flat. Cross the sections with rubber bands to make the buns look more interesting and keep them in place.

Marley Twists up


Try this if you have wavy or curly hair. It shows off your scalp and makes your hair feel better. Unlike other twists, it doesn’t need much care and lasts six to eight weeks. Even as it gets old and curly, it will still look great and blend in with your natural hair.

Braid With Ropes


Box braids keep hair safe for weeks or even months. They are easy to care for and can be put up or half.

Wrapped Twists


Like regular twists, wrapped twists neatly wrap a small piece of hair around each twist. This polishes wrapped twists.

Fluffy Twist Out


The fluffy twist-out makes it seem heavier. To add volume, untangle your hair and twist it big. Karine Jean-Pierre, a famous american political advisor, wears similar hairstyles.

Loose Twist Out


Wet hair is twisted loosely and air-dried. After drying, remove the twists to make curls.

Side-Swept Twists


Swept-side twists are just a way to make your hair look more uneven.

Two-Strand Twists

Two-strand twists work on short hair. This look is achieved by spiraling two hair sections from root to tip. Twist-out two-strand twists last two weeks.

Pigtails With a Twist


Twisted pigtail ponytails have two twisted hair sections. Cropped fringe mini twists are twisted pigtails with shorter hair.

A Twisted Afro Puff


The afro puff is a hairstyle that involves twisting hair sections at the head’s crown to create a high, puffy appearance.

Twisted Space Buns


To get this look, sections of hair are wound into buns, which are then attached to the top of the head.

Blonde Rope Twists


Lighter hair colors, like blonde, are more popular in warmer weather. This chunky rope twist hairstyle is fun. A hairstyle with smaller twists takes longer than a ponytail across the face.

Curled Micro Braids

Curly micro braids are another way to style natural hair. To make curly micro braids, make several micro braids and let them dry naturally or under a hat.

Face-Framing Twists


“Face-framing twists” highlight and frame the face with small twists.

Natural Tapered Cut

Natural tapered cuts are low-maintenance hairstyles that leave the top of the head longer and shorten the sides and back. The shape flatters the face and brings out the texture of the hair.

Flat-twisted Low Puff

Most naturals enjoy a low ponytail/puff. You can wear flat twists longer than a slicked-back ponytail.

Parted Twisted Up-do


This look is achieved by twisting sections of hair and then styling them into an up-do. This is the desired outcome.

Headband With a Bow

Headbands that stretch are great for working out and on busy days. On hot days, this keeps your hair off your face and shoulders.

Side-Parted With Curls


You can add volume and depth when you use a styling product to define natural curls in a side-parted short curly natural hairstyle. This style shows off the natural texture of short hair.

Braid and Twist Combo


The Braid and Twist Combo is a trendy way to style your hair. By braiding and twisting the hair, it adds texture. You can change this style by adding hair cuffs, beads, fishtails, or Dutch braids. It can also be put up, half up, or half down.

Up-do With a Flat Twist


The flat-twisted up-do is held in place by twisting small pieces of hair.

Flat Twisted Bantu Knots


Twisting and securing a few small hair pieces creates a bantu knot.

Ponytail With Two Twists

Two sections of hair are twisted and tied together to make a double-twisted ponytail. This style is a quick and easy way to add texture and interest to a ponytail.

Cornrows and Half-Twists


A trendy and voluminous style is half cornrows and half twists, which lasts for several months and requires minimal upkeep.

Natural Style With a Twist


A natural twisted-up style is twisting small pieces of natural hair and pinning them up. You can dress up or down this easy-care style.

Twisted Do With Side Parts


To achieve this look, you will need to twist sections of your hair and then style them to one side, resulting in a side part.

Ponytail With Lots of Braids


This look is done with cornrows and a high ponytail. It’s stylish and useful. Braided Bun First, braid your hair. Then, put it in a bun. You can dress up or down this classy look.

Waves With Twisted Fingers


For this look, twist small pieces of hair into finger-sized twists. Wave-like pattern.

Cropped Fringe Mini Twists


To achieve this look, sections of hair are twisted into mini twists, then the twists are styled to reach the forehead.

Two Loc Twist-Stuffed Buns


You can cut it in half if one bun is too much for you. It will make your weight look even and give you a chic and sassy look.

Curly Twists With Highlight


Curly twists with highlights are twisting natural hair with extensions to make curls bounce. Highlights add color and depth to the style.

Unfinished Curls With Twists


Make defined curls with extensions or your own hair. For a natural look, leave the ends loose or frizzy. “Twisted curls with undone ends”

Middle of the Twisted Strands


For a middle part with twisted strands, you part your hair down the middle and twist small sections on each side to add texture and dimension.

Half Way Up and Down Twists

For this style, sections of your hair are twisted into twists. Half of the twists are styled up, and the other half are left down.

Neat Lob-Length Knotless Twists


These knotless twists at lob length are easy and look great on natural hair. They can be worn in many different ways and are very versatile.

Mohawk With a Flat Twist Up-do

A Mohawk-style hairstyle is made with flat twists on the sides of the head and a loose or braided center.

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