55 Best Hairstyles For Men Over 50 To Look Younger

Hairstyles for Men Over 50

Let’s talk about the hairstyles for men over 50 to look younger. Our appearance plays a significant role in both our personal and professional lives. A well-groomed appearance, including attention to hairstyle, can greatly impact how others perceive us. However, it can be challenging for men to fully comprehend the significance of hairstyle as it often requires specialized knowledge and understanding.

As men reach their 50s, they may encounter challenges with their hairstyles due to changes in hair color and texture. The right hairstyle can be instrumental in maintaining a youthful appearance even as one age. Finding a hairstyles for men over 50 that strikes a balance between being too trendy, plain, or dull is crucial. Hairstyles for men over 50 are important in communicating their style and conveying a strong impression. However, it can be difficult for men in their 50s and beyond to find trendy and age-appropriate hairstyles.

Men’s hair, like women’s, starts to change for the worse as they get older. Men also worry about hair loss and grey hair. Also, hair loss is worse for men than for women.

Middle-aged men emphasize their hairstyles, as it is important to avoid creating a disjointed appearance between style and age. While younger men have chance to try out the various hairstyles, middle-aged men should choose haircuts that accurately reflect their age and personal status.

Thanks to the evolution of hairstyle trends, men have more options available and can express their personal style freely. The key is to find a hairstyles for men over 50 that complements their personality, lifestyle, general fashion sense, and appearance. Men who seek to make a statement should choose a hairstyle that aligns with their unique qualities.

Can a Haircut Make a Men Look Younger?

Yes, a well-chosen haircut can certainly make a man look younger. Here are a few ways a haircut can help create a more youthful appearance.

Style and Shape

The right haircut can add volume, structure, and definition to your hair, making your face appear more youthful. A modern, stylish haircut that suits your face shape and features can help create a fresher and more youthful look.

Removing Excess Length

As men age, hair tends to thin out and lose its density. Longer hair can accentuate this thinning effect and make you look older. Opting for a shorter haircut can give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair, making you appear younger.

Covering Gray Hair

Grey hair is often associated with ageing. If you have a significant amount of grey hair, choosing a haircut incorporating shorter sides and a slightly longer top can help create a more youthful look. Additionally, consider using hair coloring products to cover the grey and achieve a youthful appearance.

Facial Framing

A well-executed haircut can frame your face and highlight your best features. By focusing on the right proportions, such as balancing the length and volume of your hair with your facial structure, you can create a more youthful and harmonious overall look.

Trendy Styles

Keeping up with current trends and opting for a modern hairstyle can give you a youthful edge. Look for inspiration in magazines or online sources, or consult a professional hairstylist who can suggest contemporary styles that suit your hair type and lifestyle.

These classic and modern hairstyles for men over 50 suit all face shapes and hair types. This guide has 55 stylish hairstyles for men over 50.

Messy Hair

Messy hair for men over 50

For men who enjoy a carefree and fun-loving lifestyle, a loose and long hairstyle may be a great choice. This style is low maintenance and gives off a relaxed and friendly vibe.

Mini Pompadour

Mini pompadour hair for men over 50

If you want to add a touch of sophistication, try a mini pompadour with softened curls created by a skilled stylist with a razor blade.


Hedgehog hair for men over 50

A popular option for those who embrace a bold and creative imagination is the “hedgehog” hairstyle, which can be achieved with clippers for an even shortcut with a gradual decrease in length towards the temples and back of the head.


Box hair for men over 50

This style was initially adopted by wrestlers and has since gained widespread popularity. For those who prefer a unique look, an unequal haircut that showcases your individuality is a great choice.


Square hair for men over 50

The texture of your haircut isn’t even. Long hair can be worn straight, parted on the side, or combed back in many different ways.

All back

All back hair for men over 50

We recommend the all-back, a businessman’s hairstyle. When you reach your 50s, the year’s dignity will solidify, and you won’t feel uncomfortable doing everything privately. It’s also recommended for many men in their 50s because it’s not affected by hair condition.


Undercut hair for men over 50

Undercut haircut is an exciting option for those who care about their appearance. The essence of the hairstyle is that the bulk of the hair remains on the frontal and parietal parts, but below it sharply contrasts with it, standing out for its short length. The boundaries between them can be smooth, smoothed, or sharply defined, up to an artificially widened parting.

Crew Haircut

Crew haircut for men over 50

This style provides a modern touch and helps you look young. The trick is to leave a little more hair on top compared to the sides, although the difference is not as marked compared to other cuts. 

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Spiky Hairstyle

Spiky hairstyle for men over 50

Currently, among more and more older men, the spiked Hairstyle is gaining strength. After all, it’s all about looking good at any age, so this particular Hairstyle can determine whether you’ve got the books on trends too.

Side Part Hairstyle

Side part hairstyle for men over 50

The quiff side hairstyle is on the list of gorgeous hairstyles for older men. It is a modern approach that guarantees success due to the sharp execution of the cut.

Men Bun Hairstyle

Men bun hairstyle for men over 50

The man bun is instead a trendy hairstyle. The man bun is easy to achieve if you want to look wild and trendy. Add a pair of sunglasses, and you’re ready to rock.

Wet Look Hairstyle

Wet look hairstyle for men over 50

While older men go for a loose and carefree hairstyle, another type is the wet-look Hairstyle. If you consider yourself a rebel with a cause, try the wet Hairstyle and give it a rough touch with a leather jacket.

Gray Fade Hairstyle

Gray fade hairstyle for men over 50

No doubt, this Hairstyle is prevalent in specific communities. Swept-back hair with short sides smoothly connected with the beard is a true gentleman’s match.

Messy Updo Hairstyle

Messy up do hairstyle for men over 50

Next up is the messy Hairstyle. From here, hairstyles for older men ultimately become youthful looking aged. Short sides with a messy top, add some hair powder, and you are ready to roll.

High Updo Hairstyle

High updo hairstyle for men over 50

It is important to remember that as you age, you transform your qualities into gold. Who wouldn’t want a modern grandfather with sharp eyes that inspire a strong personality and wisdom? The high up-do hair does elevate your style and your spirit.

Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Medium wavy hairstyle for men over 50

Unlike above, there is something else here. Suddenly, the business shifts to rebellious casual, with a hairstyle that expresses it. The top is wavy and medium on one side with an undercut and, finally, the beard. It is perfect!

High Bun Hairstyle

High bun hairstyle over 50

Equally important is the commercial aspect as well. With the high bun for men, you can easily camouflage the wild side, right? The buzz cut balances the top into an almost evenly shaped hairstyle.

Tapered Hairstyle

Tapered hairstyle over 50

Here and there, older men search for the perfect Hairstyle by mixing lengths and sizes. The tapered Hairstyle is evenly cut with short faded sides connected with the beard and a smooth top.

Quiff With Beard

Quiff with beard hairstyle for men over 50

The quiff is a classic men’s hairstyle that has remained popular for decades. Its versatile look suits men of different age groups and different face shapes. Best of all, this hairstyle will be combined with a beard. This haircut is perfect for men who are lucky with a thick beard and hair.

Curly Wavy Hair

curly wavy hair for men over 50

Men with afro-textured hair have been using curled hair for many years. It’s no surprise that this style has become a cult classic. Curls look cool and require less maintenance time than the same dreadlocks or braids. In addition, they are suitable for hair of any length. Try short curls for a sleeker style, or pair them with a shaved cut for a more modern look. After all, in this style, there are no age restrictions.

Side Part With Grey Hair

Side part with grey hair for men over 50

Men of any age can wear this hairstyle. Smaller, more subtle beauty, for example, can be a great way to make grey hair look better. You can taper the sides, and you can also do a low fade. You can wear a full beard with this hairstyle or choose not to.

Curls With a Trim

Curl with a trim hair for men over 50

If you have a curly hair then keep your curls neatly trimmed. For a neat and easy-to-style look, keep your curls close and trimmed.

Perfectly Trimmed

Perfectly trimmed hair for men over 50

Get a good haircut and a well-kept beard. You must follow a schedule for shaving and cutting your hair if you want to appear neat and tidy.

French Cut Hairstyle

French cut hairstyle for men over 50

Older men’s hairstyles are adapted to each region of the world, but their execution methods are generally the same. The French cut hairstyle is characterised by its high faded sides and cleanly defined top part.

Slicked Back Hairstyle

Slicked back hairstyle for men over 50

The wet, swept appearance is fading. The loose hairstyle, on the other hand, is preferred because it is simple to wear and style, looks natural, and brings out your best features.

Bushy Rugged Beard

Bushy rugged beard style for men over 50

For those who like a shaggy appearance, this is one of the best grey haircuts. Let your hair and beard grow; you don’t need to do much else. Every man over 50 wishes he could pull off the “I haven’t even tried to look that good” look at some point in his life.

The Advanced Waves

Advanced waves for men over 50

Pick a stylish hairstyle with waves. You can spread the natural oils that your hair produces and give your waves a healthy appearance by brushing your curly hair.

Bad Head Messed-up

Messed-up hair for men over 50

Pick a style that will look good all by itself. Even if you don’t think so, the right haircut can give the impression that you gave your style a lot of thought and effort, even if you didn’t. This layered, choppy style dries naturally into a stylish, unruly bedhead appearance.

Textured and Messy

Textured and messy hair for men over 50

For a messy appearance to look appropriate, it needs a tidy haircut. The ideal hairstyle for thick-haired men over 50 is this one.

Long, Wavy Hair

Long wavy hair for men over 50

Who says that only young men should have long hair? Men who are over 50 and have long hair can be a great combination. Let your grey hair form waves on its own. This will give you more volume and even make you look younger. Let’s be honest: this style is excellent.

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Textured Long Waves

Textured long waves for men over 50

This longer, wavy style showcases naturally wavy hair. You’ll look like a hipster with a full beard, mustache, and waves.

Gray Pompadour Hairstyle

Gray pompadour hairstyle for men over 50

Some older men won’t say no to a career in fashion. Your Hairstyle should stand out and draw attention to your wisdom’s highlights. The pompadour hairstyle is, for the most part, perfect for any outfit.

Side Part Pompadour Hairstyle

Side part pompadour hairstyle for men over 50

Although this may be true, the pompadour hairstyle is wreaking havoc among older men. Associated with a grown beard and faded sides, it can surely bring out the best in a man. In the long run, a gentleman will always stay with the trends and look for improvements.

Short Hair With a Beard

Short hair with a beard for men over 50

Men over 50 can style their grey hair with a parting that goes off-center or is asymmetrical.

Fade Haircut With Beard

Fade haircut with beard for men over 50

Very sharp notches make the look. We love how a clean fade and a well-kept beard look so good together.

Long, Swept-back Hair

Long, swept-back hair for men over 50

Long hair is considered unsuitable for men over 50. False! This swept-back hairstyle showcases longer hair!

Hairstyles With Thick Hair

Hairstyles with thick hair for men over 50

We love how full thick hair makes us look, but it can be hard to style. Even though hair naturally gets thinner as we age, some older men may still have thicker hair than others. Keep the length right, between short and long, to make it easier to style.

Medium Bob With a Thick Beard

Medium bob with a thick beard for men over 50

Some men can boast of chic thick hair even in old age. If you love these hairstyles, then try something like a medium bob. They are perfectly combined with a thick beard!

Long Beard With High Bald Fade

Long beard with high bald fade for men over 50

Hair and beard go together like a husband and wife. When thinking about a new hairstyle, it helps to think about our beard. If you want to look like that, you should wear your hair very short and your beard very long, like in the picture.

Medium Length Haircut

Medium length haircut for men over 50

One of the best haircuts for men is parted haircuts. While the classic version uses shorter hair, the more modern version is medium hair with a parting. Charming and stylish enough to wear to a formal event, parted haircuts are among the best styles for medium hair. Plus, it only takes a few seconds to create. All you need is a comb and some styling product.

Dreadlocks in a Bun

Dreadlocks in a bun for men over 50

There are few hairstyles more recognizable than dreadlocks. For men with afro hair, there are hundreds of styling options. A bunch with dreadlocks is ideal for you if you grow them out for several days. Pair them with shaved sides and a neatly trimmed beard for a modern and stylish look.

Haircut With Wavy Bangs

Haircut with wavy bangs for men over 50

The wavy hairstyle with bangs is a bold and beautiful choice for older men who want to show off their fun personality and sense of style. Since the wavy haircut has a lot of volume and texture, it is ideal for masking thinning hair or bald patches. Use styling cream or pomade to create bangs and blow dry to create volume at the roots.

Natural Hairstyle With Beard

Natural hairstyle with beard for men over 50

Keep your look dignified and straightforward with this natural haircut. It is one of the most unpretentious styles for men. Your barber will focus on keeping your hair and beard looking neat in general. To give yourself a slightly different style, try a different type of beard.

High-volume With Short Sides Fade Hairstyle

High-volume with short sides fade hairstyle for men over 50

Do you want an appropriate hairstyle that looks unique? Clever and bold, this fade haircut has neat, short sides and textured volume on top!

Long Curly Hairstyle for Older Men

Long curly hairstyle for older men

For men with long and curly hair, there are many styling options. However, the shortest hairstyles are often the best. Try bouffant to make your style look sophisticated and modern. It is the hairstyle that can be used for dinner, an important meeting, or in a casual setting.

Modern Quiff Hairstyle

Modern quiff hairstyle for men over 50

Although the quiff haircut is considered one of the most classic hairstyles for men, you can give it a modern twist. The main thing is to create more volume and height in the front. Then use matte finish hair products to create natural texture. Modern textured bangs are a great choice if you lead an active lifestyle and look more modern.

Short Haircut for Older Men

Short haircut for older men

Men of all ages prefer short haircuts. This haircut is perfect for guys who don’t want to spend too much time styling their hair. This option is ideal for men with thinning top hair. Your hairdresser can shape your short hair to match your face.

Bald Haircut

Bald haircut for men over 50

Men always think about hair loss, but they don’t talk about it. Why not go bald? It’s a refined shave for confident men with clean heads. Shave your head and shape your beard to match. Use sunscreen or a hat to protect your scalp from the sun.

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Hair Combed Back

Hair combed back for men over 50

Older men prefer this haircut because of its vintage style and sophistication. It looks great with a beard, stubble, clean-shaven face, or bald patch. Use a water-based pomade to style your hair naturally.

Short Afro Haircut

Short afro haircut for men over 50

Shorter styles suit afro-textured hair because it breaks faster. Keep your hair the same length to avoid frequent barber visits. Clean afro hair is timeless and low-maintenance. However, short hair requires regular moisturising with hair-type-specific products.

Artificial Mohawk

Artificial mohawk hair for men over 50

Aging doesn’t diminish your skills. Men who love the wilderness or standing out should try the faux mohawk. She’s young and calm, and with a moustache, she’s great. This haircut is also one of the sexiest for men, making it ideal for older men who are dating again and want to impress their partner.

Half-Up, Half-Down

Half-up, half-down hair for men over 50

This easy-to-style hairstyle draws attention. It’s perfect for any occasion. Long hair and a trendy bun give you a clean cut and great options. You’ll also look more Viking. Men with thick hair should try this hairstyle, but fine haired men can too.

Grunge Hairstyle

Grunge hairstyle for men over 50

Choosing a hairstyle for men over 50 is relevant for such a period in life as never before. If a men strives to look fresh, young, his appearance and style of clothing correspond to this, and stylists recommend paying attention to grunge haircuts. We are talking about messy and slightly tousled hairstyles that emphasize the eccentricity of a men.

Sports Haircuts

Sports haircuts for men over 50

Men who lead an active lifestyle prefer sports style and do not have free time to take care of their hair. Such hairstyles look good for men over 50 and have several advantageous features – they are easy to care for and perform, do not interfere with men, fit into any clothing style and age, and emphasise only masculine facial features.

Classic Hairstyle

Classic hairstyle for men over 50

Most often, a men’s haircut 50 years old and an older audience is a severe classic haircut. Precise geometric shapes and lines, short and medium hair lengths, and the possibility of different styling options distinguish such haircuts. Most often, they require shortened temporal zones, the back of the head, and strands somewhat longer at the crown. These all are fashionable hairstyles for men over 50.

How Do You Take Care of Your Hair as You Get Older?

How Do You Take Care of Your Hair as You Get Older?

Taking care of your hair as you age is important for maintaining its health, vitality, and appearance. Our hair becomes thinner, drier, and more brittle as we age, requiring extra attention and care. Here are some tips to help you care for your hair as you get older. By following these, men can achieve the best hairstyles over 50.

Keep It Moisturised

Ageing hair tends to be drier, so providing it with adequate moisture is crucial. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for ageing or dry hair. Deep conditioning treatments or hair masks can also help restore moisture and improve hair texture.

Avoid Excessive Heat Styling

Frequent use of heat-styling tools like blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners can cause damage to ageing hair. Minimise heat exposure by allowing your hair to air dry whenever possible. If you must use heat styling tools, apply a heat protectant spray before using them and use the lowest heat setting that achieves your desired style.

Protect Your Hair From the Sun

UV rays can damage it, making it more brittle and prone to breakage. When spending time outdoors, protect your hair by wearing a hat or using a leave-in conditioner or UV protectant spray.

Eat a Balanced Diet

A healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals can contribute to the overall health of your hair. Include foods high in protein, vitamins A, C, E, and biotin. Drink plenty of water to keep your hair and scalp hydrated.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Limit chemical treatments such as perms, relaxers, and excessive hair dyeing, as they can further weaken and damage ageing hair. If you color your hair, consider gentler alternatives like semi-permanent dyes or highlights requiring less frequent touch-ups.

Regular Trims

Get regular hair trims to remove split ends and keep your hair looking healthy. Trimming your hair every 6 to 8 weeks can help prevent further breakage and maintain a neat appearance.

Maintain a Healthy Scalp

A healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair growth. Keep your scalp clean by washing it regularly with a gentle shampoo. If you have a dry or itchy scalp, consider using a moisturising shampoo or a specialised scalp treatment.

Manage Stress

Stress can contribute to hair loss and affect the overall health of your hair. Practice stress-management techniques such as exercise, meditation, or engaging in activities you enjoy to help reduce stress levels.

Consult a Professional

If you’re experiencing significant hair loss, thinning, or scalp issues, consider consulting a dermatologist or a trichologist specialising in hair and scalp health. They can provide personalised advice and recommend appropriate treatments.

Everyone’s hair is unique, so it’s important to listen to your hair’s specific needs and adjust your hair care routine accordingly, and every men who are over 50 has to follow these to maintain their hairstyles.

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