Try The Exciting Viral Bubble Bob Hairstyle For 2024

Try The Exciting Viral Bubble Bob Hairstyle For 2024

Are you looking for a fun and trendy hairstyle that’s easy to manage? The “Bubble Bob” might be just what you need! This playful variation of the classic bob haircut adds a touch of charm and volume to your look. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the “Bubble Bob” and show you how to achieve it.

What is a Bubble Bob Haircut?

A Bubble Bob haircut is a trendy and modern take on the classic bob hairstyle. It gets its name from the playful “bubble” effect created by adding rounded curls or waves to the ends of the hair. This hairstyle is characterized by its rounded shape, achieved by curling or waving the hair’s ends inward.

Key Features:

  • Rounded Shape: The defining feature of a Bubble Bob is the rounded and voluminous appearance, which is created by styling the hair to flip outward at the ends.
  • Versatility: Bubble Bobs come in various lengths, from short to long, and can be personalized with different styling techniques. You can also add elements like bangs and layers to suit your style.
  • Customization: Bubble Bob haircuts can be tailored to fit different preferences, from classic and sophisticated to relaxed and bohemian.
  • Styling Options: This hairstyle can be worn with curtain bangs, a full fringe, or curly hair, making it suitable for various hair types and face shapes.

A Bubble Bob is a fun and lively hairstyle choice that can add a touch of playfulness and style to your overall look.

How to Cut a Bubble Bob?

Cutting a Bubble Bob is a precise process that involves specific steps to achieve its signature rounded and voluminous shape. Here’s a detailed guide:

Step 1: Section the Hair

  • Begin by dividing the hair into four sections: two at the front and two at the back. It helps maintain control and ensures even cutting.

Step 2: Start at the Nape

  • Begin cutting at the nape of the neck to establish the desired length for the bob. Be sure to create a rounded shape at the ends, which is essential for the bubble effect.

Step 3: Graduated Length on the Sides

  • Move on to the sides and cut the hair at a slight angle. This gradual increase in length towards the front creates the characteristic bubble shape.

Step 4: Front Length and Round Ends

  • Trim the hair at the front to your preferred length, keeping in mind that the ends should maintain a rounded shape. It is crucial for achieving the bubble look.

Step 5: Add Texture

  • To reduce bulk and add texture to the hair, use thinning shears. This step ensures that the bob maintains its bubbly appearance.

Step 6: Blow-Dry for Volume

  • After cutting, blow-dry the hair using a round brush. It helps create volume and further enhances the rounded shape of the Bubble Bob.

Step 7: Styling for the Bubble Effect

  • To finish, use a curling iron or flat iron to style the hair and create the bubble effect. This step adds the rounded curls or waves that give the Bubble Bob its playful and lively look.

Cutting a Bubble Bob requires precision and attention to detail to achieve its distinct shape. Once the cut is complete, the question is how to style it, so let’s go to know about styling.

How to Style a Bubble Bob Haircut?

Styling a Bubble Bob haircut is a fun and creative process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve the playful and bubbly look:

Step 1: Prepare Your Hair

  • Start by washing and conditioning your hair with products designed to add volume and texture. These products help create the foundation for your Bubble Bob style.

Step 2: Apply Volumizing Products

  • After towel-drying your hair, apply a volumizing mousse or spray specifically to the roots. This product helps lift the hair at the roots, adding volume and making your Bubble Bob appear even more bubbly.

Step 3: Blow-Dry for Volume

  • Use a blow dryer and a round brush to dry your hair. While drying, be sure to lift the hair at the roots to create volume. This step is crucial in achieving the rounded and voluminous shape of the Bubble Bob.

Step 4: Create the Bubble Effect

  • Once your hair is dry, it’s time to create the signature bubble effect. Use a curling iron or flat iron to style your hair. Take small sections of hair and curl them under, forming a rounded shape at the ends. This step gives your Bubble Bob its playful and lively appearance.

Step 5: Add Texture

  • To enhance the overall texture and volume, consider using a texturizing spray or dry shampoo. These products will give your hair a more tousled and textured look, which complements the Bubble Bob style.

Step 6: Set the Style

  • Finish the styling process with a light hairspray. It helps hold the rounded shape in place and ensures that your Bubble Bob maintains its playful appearance throughout the day.

Optional Styling Choices:

  • Depending on your preferences, you can experiment with additional styling elements, such as curtain bangs or a full fringe. These variations can add even more personality to your Bubble Bob haircut.

Styling a Bubble Bob is a creative and enjoyable experience, allowing you to embrace a fun and lively look that suits various occasions.

What Are Some Variations of the Bubble Bob Haircut?

The Bubble Bob haircut comes in various exciting variations to suit different preferences and styles. Here are some popular variations of the Bubble Bob:

Long Bubble Bob

The Long Bubble Bob is a modern twist on the classic bob. It’s a bit longer, reaching the shoulders, and combines the chic bob cut with relaxed, rounded curls towards the ends for a bubbly effect.

Boho Bubble Bob

The Boho Bubble Bob is carefree and bohemian-inspired. It keeps the rounded bob shape but adds texture and relaxed waves for a free-spirited look.

Retro Bubble Bob

The Retro Bubble Bob is a vintage style with a strong, rounded shape. It often includes bangs or shorter front layers for that classic Hollywood glam look.

Blunt Bubble Bob

The Blunt Bubble Bob is all about clean, sharp lines. It’s a structured bob with a blunt cut and straight ends for a minimalist appearance.

Curly Bubble Bob

The Curly Bubble Bob combines curls with the bob shape, creating a bouncy and dynamic style. It features tight, well-defined curls throughout the bob.

Short Bubble Bob

The Short Bubble Bob is a shorter version of the rounded bob, often stopping above the chin or at ear level. The ends are rounded and curled for the bubble effect.

Wavy Bubble Bob

The Wavy Bubble Bob is relaxed and beachy. It has loose, beachy waves that give a casual and carefree vibe to the classic bob.

Blonde Bubble Bob

A Blonde Bubble Bob is any bubble bob style with blonde hair, adding brightness and vibrancy to the look.

Classic Bubble Bob

The Classic Bubble Bob is timeless, keeping the traditional rounded bob shape with expertly curled ends for a polished appearance.

Braided Bubble Bob

The Braided Bubble Bob adds creativity with braids, usually along the sides or crown, offering a unique and trendy look.

Bouncy Bubble Bob

The Bouncy Bubble Bob is voluminous and lively, with well-defined curls throughout for an energetic appearance.

Colored Bubble Bob

The Colored Bubble Bob incorporates vibrant hair colors or highlights for a playful and eye-catching dimension.

Vintage Bubble Bob

The Vintage Bubble Bob combines the classic bob shape with vintage-inspired elements like pin curls or finger waves, giving it an old-world charm.

Layered Bubble Bob

The Layered Bubble Bob adds texture and movement with layers, creating a textured and dimensional appearance.

Tousled Bubble Bob

The Tousled Bubble Bob offers a relaxed, carefree, and effortlessly chic vibe. It is perfect for those who prefer an easygoing yet stylish look. Ensure the ends of your hair are rounded for the bubble effect.

Textured Bubble Bob

The Textured Bubble Bob adds depth and dimension with deliberate texturing, creating a trendy and edgy appearance. Also, styling products like texturizing sprays can further enhance the effect.

Side-swept Bubble Bob

The Side-swept Bubble Bob has a deep side part with curls swept to one side, offering an elegant and classic look.

Bubble Bob With Bangs

The Bubble Bob With Bangs combines the classic bob with front bangs, framing the face for a youthful charm.

Bubble Bob With Layers

The Bubble Bob With Layers adds volume and movement with layers, giving your hair texture and a breezy appearance. The layers will add depth and texture to your hair, enhancing the bubbly effect.

Asymmetrical Bubble Bob

The Asymmetrical Bubble Bob is daring, with uneven lengths on each side for a unique and avant-garde style. Ensure that the rounded ends are maintained for the bubble effect.


In conclusion, the Bubble Bob hairstyle is the hot trend for 2024. It’s a fun and playful twist on the classic bob haircut, known for its rounded and bubbly shape. You can choose from various versions like the Long Bubble Bob or Boho Bubble Bob, and it’s easy to style. So, if you want a trendy and exciting look, give the Bubble Bob a try in 2024!

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