Loose Fluffy Wave “Bob” Adult Cute Bob Style Collection

Loose Fluffy Wave Bob Adult Cute Bob Style Collection

The “front-down bob” with long hair on the face is a fashionable style with a sense of mode. It’s crisp and cool! A cute adult arrangement will spread if you add a slightly sweeter taste, a “loose fluffy feeling,” to such a bob that goes down in front.

Add a Sweet Taste to the Stylish Front-down Bob.

If you are a woman, you want to get both adultness and cuteness. In such a case, I would like to recommend a combination of “front-down bob” and “loose fluffy feeling.” Let’s see what kind of arrangement there is.

Loose Fluffy Style

Baby bang & fluffy perm

Baby bangs and fluffy perms aren’t too sweet because the base is bob down.

Plus, for adult bangs.

A large wave adds fluffy tenderness to the sexy bangs.

Thick bangs + casual curls

Thick bangs give a cute impression. After applying a frizz-like perm firmly, control the volume with a styling agent.

Light color gradation improves the soft feeling.

Put a layer on the top and balance it with the bangs shed sideways. Airy with a large wave and light color.

Medium bob

A front-down bob with curled hair tips. Karl looks beautiful on the collarbone.

Nape beauty with a short back

It goes up with curls, so you can see the nape firmly and give an impression of “cute but desirable”!

Natural Bob

Add kindness with a loose perm

Apply a loose perm to the whole. A soft and gentle image is added to the adult beauty cut.

Soft wave

A short, front-down bob with a natural, fluffy wave. Add a sense of adultness to the baby-faced type.

Naturally fluffy with a loose color

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A natural style with a soft surface but low volume. Brass lightness with coloring.

Gorgeousness that is not too sharp

Dark-colored front-down bob. A natural fluffy perm for a one-curl blow. When you put it on your ears, it moves, and it’s casual but gorgeous.

Naturally heavier bob

Even with a heavy bob, the neck area is neat when the front is lowered. The surface is naturally fluffy to add a sense of omission. Lighter and more individual with the coloring of the hair tips.

Soft Bob

A big glossy one curl

One curl with a voluminous tip of the hair. The bright hair color is shiny and looks very elegant.

Wanren with an ennui impression

Warren, which extends to the shoulders, is attractive for its scooping gestures. The ends of the hair are soft and natural, and the gentleness is added.

Simple front-down bob

A bob with a front-down inward winding that matches the face line. It’s simple, but it looks neat and beautiful around the neck. Add lightness with a short bang.

One curl front down, Bob

A bob with a one-curl chin line. It is finished in a transparent and ennui atmosphere with an ash color like a foreigner.

Bob Falling Forward

Loose fluffy feeling on the surface

The longest part of the front is also on the chin, and the back is cut quite short and sharp. Natural movement is added to the surface and hair tips. Depending on the hair quality, just a styling product is OK.

Lowering the front of the ear

Bob’s front down, with the sides thickening his ears. Take care of the natural feeling and soften it with a styling product.

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Airy Bob

A bob with a top airy feel and a light-dark color. Wrap your bangs around and make them shorter.

Play at the ends of the hair

A clean front-down bob. Recommended for those who are confident in their face line. The point of cuteness is to let the tips of the hair play.

An Arrangement That Spreads With a Loose Perm to an Adult Bob With a Falling Front

A loose and fluffy perm for a mature bob. Naturally cute, fluffy, and gorgeous. The atmosphere expands. The expression changes considerably even with coloring. Talk to your stylist to find a style that will bring out your charm.

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