Natural Brown Hair Bob. A Collection Of Cute Bob Styles From Straight To Perm

Natural Brown Hair Bob. A Collection Of Cute Bob Styles From Straight To Perm

If you want to add a touch to your usual bob style, why not try natural brown hair? An airy feeling is different from black hair, and it gives a nice impression. This time, we will deliver a collection of cute brown hair styles recommended for bob hair.

You Are a Straight or Perm! ?? We Propose Cute Brown Hair Bobs by Style.

If you want to make a change with bob hair, why not try light brown hair? It is brighter than black hair and can give a refreshing impression. If you choose brown hair, let’s finish it elegantly with natural color. Which brown hair Bob is your favorite! ?? Introducing various types of brown hair bobs such as straight and perm hair.

If You Want to Be a Neat Girl

The royal road mote short bob

A mote style that adds a natural shade of brown hair to simple short bob hair. Smooth and shiny hair is also outstandingly favored by men and superiors.

Natural Bob down the front

Natural & simple, straight bob style. If you make “melt color” brown hair, a mixture of various colors such as highlights and low lights, the hair will have a three-dimensional effect.

Adult cute mash bob

It’s just like a mushroom. Mash Bob has a cute round silhouette. The hair is thick overall, but the brown hair and bangs on the eyebrows give a refreshing impression. It’s a rhombus silhouette, so it’s nice to have a small face effect.

Beloved Airy Short Bob

Bob’s hair is loved and is super neat even though it is brown hair. With cutting technique and color choice, you can get a transparent finish.

Transform Into a Refreshing Cute Girl [brown Hair Bob X Curl Hair]

Feminine Bob of older sister

Feminine bob style of older sister made with sink bangs. Choose brown hair in the “Greige” color, a mixture of gray and beige, for a trendy hairstyle.

Glamorous adult bob

A natural bob that makes you feel the sex appeal of adults. Black hair is OK, but brown hair gives a mellow atmosphere. By applying a one-curl perm, styling will be easier.

Cute foreign-style curl bob

With a thick brow bang, it is finished in acute adult style. The wide bang, which has a wide width, emphasizes the horizontal silhouette, so it is also recommended for face lengths.

Soft perm one-curl bob

Feminine brown hair bob style. This bob hair is also recommended for women about to stretch their hair.

Frizz-like outside honey curl bob

A curl bob with a natural outer splash that looks like frizz. It is brown hair with a natural color, and it is also very useful as office hair.

Outside honey bob hair with plenty of mellow feeling

Bob’s hair has a lot of mellowness and is left uncut. The jagged brow bangs increase the lightness. The color is gentle, like marron, and it has a feminine impression.

Loose fluffy bob hair

Bob hair with a cute fluffy curl and a sense of transparency. “Chocolate brown,” which looks delicious like chocolate, and “see-through bang” with a sense of sheerness are outstanding for men.

You Can Get Exquisite Nuance Hair [brown Hair Bob X Wave Hair]

Wave Bob

An ennui wave bob with a lot of lovemaking appeal to adult women. She has fair brown hair, so it’s perfect as office hair.

Asymmetrical short bob

Asymmetrical “asymmetrical” short Bob. The chic atmosphere and the mellow feeling are outstanding. Let’s choose a natural brown color so as not to be too eccentric!

Cute midi made from olive-brown

All-purpose hair with refreshing short hair and femininity. Choose an olive-brown color and get an exquisite nuance.

Beloved lob hair

A royal road mote lob made with soft, airy, soft waves and gradation colors. Rob is a long bob that is longer than Bob. There is the volume at the ends of the hair, so make a light decision with a see-through bang that makes you look like a forehead.

Super cute pink-brown squishy Bob

A bob style with a cute perm made from pink-brown. The diagonal bang on the eyebrows doubles the cuteness.

Let’s Decide to Bob Hair Lightly With Natural Brown Hair.

Bob’s hair should be natural brown, so let’s decide lightly. Even though it’s a brown hair bob, the length and color are infinite. Which style is your favorite brown-haired Bob? Next time, why don’t you transform yourself into a natural cute girl with an elegant brown-haired bob?

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