If You Go To The Sea, Wear This Hairstyle! A Collection Hairstyle For Summer

If You Go To The Sea, Wear This Hairstyle! A Collection Hairstyle For Summer

A clean hair arrangement is perfect for leisure activities such as sea dates and barbecues. How about incorporating a refreshing and active hairstyle to match the casual fashion that shines on the beach? This time, I collected cute hairstyles for each of the three arrangements.

Check Out the Cute Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Sea Fashion.

Casual and refreshing fashion is perfect for sea events. In such a case, we recommend a clean and tidy hairstyle. Let’s create a relaxed atmosphere that is different from usual with “ponytail” and “dumpling” that can move actively and a little girly “braid.”

Simple & Refreshing Ponytail

Clean with a tightly finished low pony

A clean low ponytail that tightens the entire hair tightly. The fashionable point is to wrap your hair around the knot to hide the rubber.

Accent with accessories

An arrangement that incorporates accents with Alice’s band on a roughly hand-combed ponytail. It is also a point to create a lagging hair around the neck and face to give a feeling of mellowness.

Conspicuous hair in a turban

If it’s a sea event, it’s recommended to add an impact with a turban. You can keep your hair tidy, so you don’t have to worry if you move actively.

Casual fashionable ponytail

A rough ponytail. The styling and rough texture that leave a sense of a bunch are perfect for leisure in the relaxing sea.

Incorporating accents to improve fashion

Arrange style with a scarf in the low ponytail. Summer fashion tends to be simple. The ponytail doesn’t look good! In such a case, you can instantly become a fashionable school gang leader just by wrapping a scarf with a unique color around your hair.

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Fashionable and Casual Dumplings

Casual and cute with top dumplings

Recommended dumpling half-up for short hair. Create a bright image with a casual and fashionable hairstyle.

Fashionable dumplings mixed with strong curls

You can make a simple and stylish arrangement by creating a rough feeling of looseness and a strong curl around the face and the bun part on the long bob hair.

Dumpling with plenty of lagging hair

The biggest point of the dumpling that attracts looseness is the back hair. By putting out a little loose hair, you can create an atmosphere that you can feel at once.

For a fluffy dumpling with dark hair and a preeminent feeling of falling out

It’s dark hair, but it’s a fluffy dumpling style that gives you a feeling of falling out. The form is fluffy, leaving behind hair around the face and neckline for a soft impression that is not too tight.

Dumplings x half-up

A different arrangement of dumplings. I want to get my hair down, but I’m worried it’s hot! This half-up hair arrangement is also recommended for those who say. Making the dumplings low and loose is the point of omission.

Girly & Innocent Braids

Braid arrangement that even Bob can do

Braiding tightly at a low position even if the hair is short is a hairstyle that is perfect for summer and does not collapse even if you move actively. If you are worried about the collapse a little, you can use a color pin to accentuate it, and it will be cute.

Kururinpa x braided mix arrangement

It is an arrangement style in which fashionable braided hair. The top is slightly pulled out not to give too much volume, and the braid is loose. The result is a mature and cute impression.

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Fluffy knitting style

A style in which the entire hair is loosely wrapped and then knitted. The fashionable point is that it is neither too tight nor too loose. When loosening, pull out the hair while looking at the overall balance and GOOD. 

Cute grated style

A braided arrangement that creates a girlish atmosphere. The point is not to make it too much but to give it a smooth finish.

Avoid Hair Damage From the Sea With Hair Arrangements.

  • It’s a fun event at the sea or waterside, but it’s a scene where hair damage is likely to occur.
  • It is because salty seawater and pool water containing disinfectants can damage your hair.
  • Also, if the events outside continue, the damage from the sun will increase.
  • When visiting the sea or the waterside, incorporate hair arrangements and hats to minimize hair damage.
  • In the following two articles, we will introduce a cool arrangement using a hat and how to care for hair damage.

Make the Event at Sea More Fun With Hairstyles and Fashion.

For beach events, try incorporating a clean and refreshing hairstyle to create a chic atmosphere that matches the ocean better. It is also recommended to apply a soft perm. With a hairstyle that suits the beach, let’s fully enjoy the event at sea this summer.

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