Learn How To Make Braids! Explains Arrangement Styles

A braid that divides a bundle of hair into three and knits them alternately. It’s easy to think of a young child, but the current braids are slightly different! There are plenty of arrangements that can be cute and mature. If you’re tired of your usual hair arrangements, you may be able to update your style with braids. I will introduce the basics of such braid arrangements and recommended style variations.

There Are Different Types of Braid Arrangements.

  • Braids are often used for hair arrangements.
  • It is an arrangement that divides the hair into three bundles and knits the middle bundle alternately from the left and right.
  • In the past, it was an arrangement that tended to avoid the image of a young child, but recently it has been actively incorporated into the arrangement.
  • Did you know that all such braids look the same and have different types of braids?
  • If the knitting method is different, the atmosphere of the arrangement will change slightly.
  • I’ve tried various arrangements so far, but it’s a bit of a rut … That’s why it’s best to learn the types of braidS.

Make Your Hair Arrangement More Fashionable! If You Want to Add Braids, This Style

  • It’s a cute braid in itself, but it has an accent effect when combined with other arrangements.
  • After learning the basics of braids, we will introduce variations of hair arrangements that incorporate such braids.
  • We have picked up the recommended styles from the three arrangements that attracted much attention.

Ponytail X Braid

A combination of royal road arrangement and royal road arrangement!

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After tying, braid the pony part to make a more impressive one knot. It will be a modern arrangement if you dare to incorporate it while breaking the stitches.

Fashionable pony woven with a scarf

An arrangement of making a ponytail and braiding a scarf with the hair. It is recommended to wrap a scarf around the base of the knot and then tie it to prevent it from collapsing. It is a cute hair arrangement for both front and back knitting.

Softly broken knitted pony

A style in which braided hair is divided into three equal parts and arranged to bring out the stitches. You can create a round shape and transform it into a cute and fluffy look by deliberately breaking it down.

Side Tail Arrangement X Braid

  • Arranged with braids on the side tails that tie one on the side of the hair.
  • It is often used to shed hair, giving it a feminine impression.
  • It is also recommended to tie it in a large bundle.

Side tail arrangement with a rough braid

A style that is roughly braided from the top to the tips of the hair. By greatly pulling out the upper part, you can balance the whole head. If you wrap the ends and trailing hair, you can make a cute arrangement!

Braid side tail arrangement incorporating hair accessories

A style in which a scarf is woven together when the side tails are braided. If you wrap it around a bundle of hair and knit the scarf like a part of the hair, you can knit it without messing up.

Twin Tail Arrangement X Braid

If you want a cute arrangement, make sure to braid the twin-tail arrangement. Don’t forget to untie the knot, knit it with accessories such as ribbons, and make it look like it is now so that you don’t get young pigtails!

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Knitted twin-tail arrangement

Arranged by knitting, the hair is divided into two from the surface. You will get a modern finish if you make the stitches bigger and break them. On the contrary, it is OK even if it is a tight arrangement!

It’s a braid style! Screw twin arrangement

This style is a braid “wind”! It’s a simple arrangement that twists a hair bundle to make it look like a braid. Of course, you can combine it with braids.

Hair Length Doesn’t Matter! Recommended Arrangement Atalogue by Length

Don’t you think that braids are arranged only for long people? Because it can be used in various combinations, it can be arranged regardless of length! Here are some recommended braid arrangements for Bob-Long people.

Braid Arrangement for Bob Hair

Half-up with braids

Bob Hair has a length that makes it difficult to tie the entire hair. Therefore, it is recommended to arrange a part of the hair by braiding it, such as half-up. The large side braids have an elegant finish.

Bold Pompa Braid Half Up

This is a half-up with bangs and top hair combined to make it look like a pompadour. Furthermore, it is a triple combo arrangement with the hair tied as a pompadour braided. It’s good to knit the back tightly so that the braid part doesn’t insist too much!

Braid Arrangement for Medium Hair

Braid pony with ribbon accents

Hair arrangement with orthodox ponytail hair tips braided. If you are a medium person, you may not be long enough, so it is a good idea to wrap a ribbon or other accessories around the ends of your hair to balance the whole hair.

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Loosely braided down

We also recommend loose braids like this one for medium hair that isn’t that long. If you knit it firmly once and then pull out the root part to allow room, it will not collapse unexpectedly! The hair is originally highlighted, so it has a three-dimensional effect and is fashionable.

Braid Arrangement for Long Hair

A fluffy braid

This style is also a combination of braids. After wrapping the hair below the ears, knit the rest of the hair on the back to complete. You can create a looser texture by loosening the top and knitting.

If you look closely, it’s a twin tail! ?? Braid arrangement

A unique arrangement in which one hair bundle is divided into two, a thin braid is made from it. The base of the base also intersects, making it a hair arrangement that feels particular about it. The occipital region, which easily collapses, can be fashionably fastened with a pin.

Fashionable Updates to Braids With a Combination of Arrangements

  • Simple braids can be updated like now by combining with other arrangements!
  • Regardless of length or hair colour, you can transform into a fashionable style.
  • Those who are tired of the usual arrangements or want to try new arrangements.
  • Please take this opportunity to pay attention to braids.
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