Also, Pay Attention! Inner Color Catalog For Long Hair

Also, Pay Attention! Inner Color Catalog For Long Hair

Inner colour that is popular these days. It is a fashionable style that changes the atmosphere dramatically depending on the position and colour of the item. Keep an eye on such inner colours! We will focus on long hair and introduce various model inner colour catalogues.

Long X Inner Colour Is Fashionable.

  • The inner colour is a hair colour that dyes only the inside of the hair. It is a nice colour style.
  • Even those who can not enjoy hair colouring at school or the office or are resistant to high tone hair colouring can challenge.
  • In the case of Mr Long, it is fashionable and attractive to glimpse from his long hair.
  • Depending on how you take it in, the appearance of the hair when it moves or when you arrange it will give you a very different impression.
  • So this time, I would like to introduce some of the most recommended styles of inner colours for long hair.
  • Let’s start with a wide variety of colours.

Inner Colour Catalogue for Long Hair 1: for Black Hair

This item will introduce an inner colour catalogue that we would like Mr Long, whose base is black hair. Long black hair with a neat image. You can add a little spice to your fashion by adding an inner colour to it. For beginners, choosing a familiar colour for the skin is recommended. For those who want to take a step further, it is also recommended to choose a colour with strong contrast.

Inner beige that is familiar to the skin

Beige colour is said to be familiar to the skin. For black hair, which tends to give a dark and heavy impression, bring a beige colour near the face to give a bright impression. This style boldly puts in the bangs and ears and makes the contrast between black hair and beige look fashionable.

Inner greige that gives a good impression

Greige with good grey and beige. Beige alone is perfect for your skin, but combining it with grey, which is similar in colour to black, makes it look more natural and mature.

Calm inner pink with cute dullness

The pink colour is popular among inner colour styles. This one uses a calm pale pink that is not too flashy and goes well with black hair! Although it is pink, it is a little dull, so it doesn’t look too cute.

Deep inner blue that improves transparency

This cool style combines a blue-black base colour with a blue inner colour. By putting it around the ears and on the entire inside, the colour is made to stand out. The deep blue is combined with the blue-black colour of the base, and it seems to lead to further improvement of the transparency of the hair!

Good quality inner purple

Purple inner colour style with an elegant image. At first glance, the colour looks flashy, but it also fits well with black hair. Purple colour can suppress the redness of hair, so even if you take it as a point, it will improve the transparency. Let’s get used to it fashionably while adjusting the range to put in. 

Inner Colour Catalogue for Long Hair 2: for Dark Colours

Next, we will introduce an inner colour catalogue for those with darker base hair in this item. When it comes to dark hair, the base colour is different from black hair. Therefore, there is a wide range of ways to match the colour of the inner colour. Here, we will introduce the recommendations while roughly dividing the inner colour into warm and cool colours.

Energetic and cute dark inner pink

Dark pink, a combination of multiple pinks such as pink and beige pink, is a very cute style. It gives a pop and energetic impression. It may take some courage to make it a high tone colour overall, but it should be easy to challenge with an inner colour.

Soft and gentle inner mauve pink

The slightly dull mauve pink has a delicate and feminine atmosphere. Like this style, if you casually put it in the earring colour, it will be more girly. When setting, mix the hair in the inner colour part and the hair in the base part to see the movement of the hair and make it more fashionable.

Individual! A glimpse of fashionable inner green

The green inner colour that you can glimpse every time your hair moves is attractive. The unique colour will prevent it from becoming flashy by making it an earring colour. It is also useful to hide the inner colour part depending on the scene. 

Excellent sheer feeling! Inner light blue

A style that gives a refreshing impression with a transparent light blue. It is cooler than the dark blue, and you can feel the cuteness. Recommended for those who want a cool colour and a cute atmosphere.

Inner white grey that fits naturally

White grey with a tone close to that of the base hair. Although it is an inner colour with a strong presence, it naturally blends in by matching a colour close to the base hair colour.

Inner Colour Catalogue for Long Hair 3: for Bright Colours

Lastly, I would like to introduce an inner colour catalogue for those based on bright hair colour. High-tone long hair is a style that stands out by itself, so it is recommended to incorporate an inner colour to leave an impact. Also, it is fashionable to dare to add a dark inner colour to make the high tone stand out!

Milky and pale baby pink

Based on the high-tone silver colour, baby pink for a very sweet girl style. These two colours that look whitish are a perfect match. It is recommended to style it with oil to make it glossy, as it will increase the brilliance of the colour.

A bluish pink that is perfect for an accent

A fashionable inner colour style with a bluish pink can be seen from the side of the hair. The overall tone is bright, but I’m glad that you can enjoy it without being too flashy by adding soft beige colour to the base.

Inner black for a handsome look

A fresh style with a high-tone colour base and a dark inner colour. Such a colour combination is called a reverse inner colour. The visible range is greatly improved by cutting the inner hair longer and adding an inner colour.

Warm inner brown

This reverse inner colour also puts a dark tone colour inside. Bringing a natural brown colour to the inner colour gives a warm and casual impression. It is a unique style that makes a difference from the surroundings.

Enjoy More Fashion With the Inner Colour.

We have introduced several model inner colour catalogues for long hair this time. Did you find the style you want to try? Incorporate inner colour and enjoy long hair more like you.

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