Milk Tea Ash! For Cute Girls With Hair Color

Milk tea ash attracts the attention of fashionable girls. Nowadays, cute girls are the standard colours of milk tea! A soft and fluffy texture that is gentle and soft in high tones instantly makes your hair clean and mote. From the question “Should you bleach? Shouldn’t you?” This spring will also feature the trendy milk tea ash to the charm of each length! You can enjoy it with your current length or meet a new self with cuts and colours.

The Milk Tea Trend Continues This Year!

The Milk Tea Trend Continues This Year!

Milk tea colour that made fashionable girls crazy! Milk tea is a colour that has a dull feeling than beige, is softer than brown, and gives a cute girlish atmosphere. Milk tea ash is made by adding cool greyish ash to it. It features a gentle and soft foreign-style texture.

Why Is Milk Tea Ash So Popular?

Milk Tea Ash

① Outstanding Adult Cuteness Full of Transparency

  • Milk tea ash is based on light milk tea brown with cool ash added. Originally, ash was a colour that could create a sense of transparency.
  • Even without bleaching, you can enjoy both adultness and cuteness!

② Enjoy Discolouration

  • Also, the milk tea ash is very beautiful in discolouration with or without bleach! Even if the colour is lost, the transparency will continue depending on the care, so it can be said that the hair colour is delicious once and twice.
  • Milk tea ash is perfect for girls who want to enjoy hair and make-up and fashion.

Milk Tea Ash Catalogue

classic milk tea ash

First, we will introduce the classic milk tea ash of fashionable girls by tone! Bright milk tea ash requires bleach, but the texture that makes you want to touch it is irresistible. Dark milk tea ash has colours that can be made without bleach, so greedy girls say, “I do not want to hurt my hair, but I want to be cute!”.


Bright milk tea ash hair color

It is the royal road, high tone milk tea.

High tone milk tea ash that every girl wants to try at least once. Straight is good, but it will look cuter if you wrap the ends loosely.

An irresistible dull colour

A dull feeling is created by bleaching the colour firmly. I can’t wait for the milk tea ash with many greys to fade!

Gradation ash made with bleach

A natural gradation is created by dividing the number of bleaches, one bleach from the root to the middle and two bleaches from the middle to the tip. I don’t mind the darkening of the roots as the hair grows.

Bright milk tea x uncut bob

The uncut bob of Imadoki and the bright milk tea ash go perfectly together.


Dark milk tea ash hair color

I want to make it look light, even with dark milk tea!

Even with dark milk tea ash, it is possible to make it look heavy depending on the hairstyle. If you give sweetness and lightness with the layer and the tips of the hair that has been fluffed outside

Get mature elegance while keeping up with trends.

Dark milk tea ash is the best if you want to be mature. Add nuance waves to create a natural elegance!

Make the outside honey bob mature with dark milk tea

Outside honey bobs tend to give a lively impression. But with milk tea ash with plenty of brown, you can become an adult girl.

Add shea milk tea highlights.

Add shea milk tea highlights to the dark base to create a soft texture like a foreigner. It goes well with long waves.

Milk Tea Ash Catalog

Milk Tea Ash Catalog

Next, we will introduce milk tea ash in short, medium and long lengths! The atmosphere changes drastically just by changing the length and style, so you may try changing the hairstyle in addition to the colour.


Short milk tea ash hair color

For girls with thin highlights and a cool feeling

Add milk tea to the uncut bob for modern hair. If you want to be a cool girl, it is recommended to add thin highlights.

Softening handsome shorts

Handsome shorts tend to give a cool impression of a man. Add feminine softness with milk tea ash and GOOD in such a case.

I want to make Bob look like a foreigner, even with bangs!

Bob with bangs has a lot of feeling and a heavy impression. You can make a fluffy foreign-style bob with milk tea ash, even with heavy bangs!


Medium milk tea ash hair color

A fluffy lob will make a longing girl with a thin pigment come true. Get a light and transparent colour with care bleach while minimizing damage! The strongest tag of transparent milk tea x fluffy lob!

Even dark milk tea gives a gloss with ash.

Ash colour can give gloss to hair. Glossy dark milk tea Ash and medium hair make mote hair full of transparency!

Bright milk tea x outside honey for unique girls

Medium hair that sticks to your shoulders is more attractive if you use it outside. Why don’t you take in high-tone milk tea ash and make hair that does not cover the surroundings?


Long milk tea ash hair color

Foreign-style high-tone colour with an acute feeling of omission

High-tone milk tea ash is perfect for long hair. Completion of foreign-style hair with plenty of transparency and fluffy feeling.

I want to aim for the cuteness of a man!

The soft, gentle and cute milk tea ash is preeminent for men. Let’s gather boys’ eyes with long hair with fluffy hair tips!

Adult casual fluffy long

It is a milk tea colour that tends to be cute, but you can also create a casual mature look by adding ash.

It’s Decided to Be a Classic Milk Tea Ash for Fashionable Girls

It's Decided to Be a Classic Milk Tea Ash for Fashionable Girls.

We have introduced the attractive milk tea ash by tone and length this time. How was it? Milk tea ash is a trendy hair colour this year as well. If it is bright, you can get a lot of transparency, and even if it is dark, you can get gloss and elegance. Also, you can enjoy the process of discolouration. If you’re wondering about your next hair colour, why not try milk tea ash, which is a hot topic for fashionable women?

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