30 Haircut Ideas Of Cristiano Ronaldo For Your Inspiration

The haircut of Cristiano Ronaldo, like the football player himself, is one of the most popular men’s hairstyles globally. While other famous athletes change their haircut and style every year, Ronaldo’s hairstyle remains fairly flat. The CR7 haircut is combed with fading or side trimming. However, given the versatility of long hair on the crown, we can easily transform Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairstyle into slicked back or spiky hair.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairstyles are usually called an impressive series of haircuts and different styling, which the Portuguese footballer chose during significant periods of his football career. The footballer has shown his fans a commitment to experimentation with bold and stylish haircuts over the years.

We all know that every famous athlete tries to look perfect in public and not deviate from stylish stars and musicians. Hairstyles are essential for attending events and for fans to show interest and see the player as something memorable. The athlete is most often in shape, so Ronaldo’s hairstyle speaks of his fashionable image. The famous footballer is the dream of many women, and he tries to pay special attention to his hair even when he is on the field. The need to comply with the dress code does not make drastic changes. However, Cristiano Ronaldo tries to modify his image periodically.

We will demonstrate all the types of Ronaldo’s hairstyles here.

Long semi-box

The famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo observes fashion trends and, among the many hairstyles, chooses the one that best suits the face. For example, the first haircut was elongated, and the strands were streaked. His creative mess on his head delivered a certain charm. Sometimes his hair was styled into a hedgehog’s hairstyle.

The first years of his career were dominated by boxing and semi-boxing hairstyles, and they were taken as the basis for additional images.

Spectacular canadian

This hairstyle of Cristiano Ronaldo was very suitable, and it brought something democratic and stylish. The benefits of a haircut have been appreciated. With the help of the Canadian, it was possible to create various images, and it is immediately clear from the person that he is creative. It is the Canadian who, even when not laid, looks flawless. The image was elegant and allowed him to often be at social events. Ronaldo’s haircut at this time was known as glamorous and even criticized. The Canadian allowed others to understand that a man pays a lot of attention to his hair. He is not afraid to experiment with his hairstyle.

Interesting patterns and shaved whiskey

After the Canadian, a variety of patterns followed, this procedure is simple, which allowed everyone to do a hairstyle like Ronaldo’s. Fans and idols of the football player were waiting for him to appear with a new pattern to make himself the same. These patterns on his hair made it possible to understand his state of mind, and for example, a zigzag became an imitation of the scar of a young boy from Spain who had undergone a complex brain operation. A confident man could easily shave letters on his head to personify victory.

Undercut stylistics

After Cristiano Ronaldo began to do hairstyles with shaving, it took time to create a new model, so the Canadian switched to a more brutal undercut style. The haircut looks more impressive, and the football player dilutes it with a shaved parting.

Preppy extravagance

Ronaldo was often seen in elegant suits, where strictness was observed, narrowed trousers and a shirt. After all, this image is complemented by the preppy haircut. Ronaldinho’s beautiful, radiant and cheerful look matches this hairstyle perfectly.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairstyle has changed over the years but has always remained shorter. Here, your favourite soccer player swings a shaved undercut with a sharp comb on the sides.

Textured comb

Allowing the cut to grow, Ronaldo opts for short, tapered hair and a medium-length textured styling on top. His clean-shaven face and raised eyebrows complete this sleek look.


Ronaldo maintains a chunky, messy top and creates a zig-zag cut at the sides.


Returning to the tapered comb, Ronaldo adds design and intricate detail. The hair on top looks like a set of gel.

High fading + side slicked hair

For a simpler look, Ronaldo opts for a haircut with strong fading. The hair at the top is cut shorter and slicked back, especially in the front.

Spiked comb

This hairstyle shows a more dramatic look with the undercut turned off. CR7 completes the look with a pointed comb.

Pattern trim

Notice the inverted “Z” type pattern of the trimmed hair area. Well, that’s the uniqueness of this particular hairstyle. Unlike Christiano, you can also trim other patterns very well, such as name initials or place your favourite team logo. That said, you need to visit a professional hairstyler to get the job done right and accurately.

Medium wave with strong curl

CR has curly hair naturally, but we see wavy hair with this hairstyle. Natural tight curls appear on the edges of the hair on the head, especially on the back edge of the head.

Fake hawk

Not a Mohawk, but a fake hawk. This hairstyle features moderately trimmed hair and regular spiked hair.

The top

This Cristiano Ronaldo haircut is perfect for men with curly hair who don’t enjoy flaunting. Curly hair is difficult to manage, and this cut wonders why it stays subdued. Section the hair short and leave some of it before using some hair gel to form the top.

Wild curls

Tired of curls getting in your way, thinking they’re impossible to manage? Ask Ronaldo for advice. This haircut is perfect for curly hair as it keeps everything up where it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, except maybe some hair gel.

Geometric mohawk

The more hair you shave, the easier it will be to play soccer or do anything else. Don’t want your hair to get on your face? Shave it off. Leave a little on top to create a mohawk and have some designs on the sides if you want. This amazing mohawk will likely become your favourite hairstyle.

Comb over the undercut

The undercut is one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s favourite hairstyles as it is almost maintenance-free. The trick to a stylish undercut is to play around with the top. This haircut leaves the top part long enough to make a nice comb.

Playful mess

There is another popular Cristiano Ronaldo haircut that caused quite a stir. Keeping the hair neat on top is pretty complicated when it’s long. So Ronaldo came up with a messy haircut that stays in place even when he’s running like the wind. All you have to do is add hair gel and create a mess on your head. Make sure you use good quality gel to keep the mess in place.


Ronaldo values ​​wet looks very much and experiments with them a lot. This hairstyle requires a lot of hair gel and imagination to keep the comb clean. Wet looks are ideal for men with an active lifestyle.

Separate hairstyle

This unconnected Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle looks great on men with any hair. Suppose your curly hair is slightly subdued by shaving the sides and leaving about 2 inches on top. When your hair is straight, it is even easier to keep it neat.


Some men may think that colouring hair is not a man’s job. Well, I suppose you might be wrong. Check out what great highlights look like at Cristiano Ronaldo. In no way do they make him feel less macho. Try out highlights!

Asymmetrical look

A gorgeous Ronaldo hairstyle that we love. Asymmetrical cuts are very popular these days. They are easy to care for because they don’t need to be looked after. No matter how you style them or not, they will always look like they should be.

Creative designs

Shaved sides always allow for the most creative designs. You can move on from small lines to flowers or cards. It all depends on how creative and professional your stylist is. If you don’t want anything too flashy, choose a thick line as shown in the photo.

Wind-blown style

It is our favourite Cristiano haircut. We can style the top part of the undercut to look blown away in the wind. It was a perfect Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle as it only takes a little bit of hair gel to look your best all day. Give this wind-blown undercut a try, and you may never come back.

Barbed fringes

In this look, Ronaldo decided to spice up his fringes. You can copy its look with a little hold gel. All you have to do is slide the gel through your fingers, then pull the front section of your hair up in your desired style.

Soft tips

A very soft central parting in the hair is a super simple style, but it suits Ronaldo. Run a little product through your hair, then run your hands from the outside of your head towards the centre.

Crescent fringe

To create crescent-shaped bangs, you will need a small amount of styling gel on your fingers. Bring your hand in from the side, not the front. Using your fingers in your hair, move your wrist backwards to create backwards-facing crescents.

Painted tips

Colour the ends of your hair into a complementary colour that will help keep your hair looking sun-kissed. Once your tips are coloured, pin up your hair with a little bit of styling gel.

Spiky hair

We can style Cristiano Ronaldo haircut in a variety of ways. He went with messy spikes or an almost lazy hawk effect for this formal event.

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