Top Hairstyles For Men To Look Cool In Summer

Summer Hairstyles for Men

Top Hairstyles For Men To Look Cool In Summer. Realizing that summer is the perfect time to experiment, stylists are increasingly offering extravagant hairstyles and making trends as vibrant as possible. The Mohawk is still the king of trends, but our regular readers already know everything about it. Therefore, we will focus on more complex and curious fashion trends.

Summer men’s haircuts in 2022 are presented in vivid images. In particular, many stylists offer to create amazing haircuts with long sideburns and haircuts with side parting and hairstyles, Kotor simulating the vivid image in an undercut style. And today we would like to sum up the fashion collections and to show in the brightest. An uncertain summer outlook should inspire a change in appearance. You don’t have to change your wardrobe to change your style completely.

Suppose haircuts for the spring-summer 2022 season for men do not differ in special creative solutions and incredible variations. In that case, fashionable men’s hairstyles will delight their owners with originality and style diversity. 

We offer you the most popular haircuts and hairstyles for men this summer.

Top 20 trends in men’s haircuts this summer

Classic british

The hairstyle comes from Foggy Albion with an interesting history of origin: when the fashion revolution took place in the 50s of the last century, people began to get rid of excessive severity, and the British haircut was born – as a symbol of rejection of overvalued values.

The main emphasis of the hairstyle is on the bangs and the raised back of the head. The temples are shaved or shortened as much as possible.

Crew cut

Russia has a simpler name, “hedgehog”. Moreover, there are two types of haircuts – short and elongated.

Crew Cut has been in fashion for a long time, and this year is no different. And its trick is that it suits almost all face types. Although in some cases, stylists do not recommend it to skinny guys.


Another universal haircut has a graduated character: the back of the head is almost completely shaved, and the hair becomes longer towards the crown. But the hair on the bangs can be up to three centimetres.


Unlike the boxing hairstyle, the edging at the back of the head goes lower. That is, the shaved area is less here.

Classic square

The square in the classic version has an even cut, and the curl extension here is zero. It goes to the floor. This is the most common and versatile haircut for medium hair lengths.

You can slightly diversify the square with the help of a special pomade or hair paste, and it will help make the curls more structured. The main thing here is not to overdo it. Otherwise, you will get an unnaturally motionless mane. For long hair, you can use Redken paste with the self-explanatory name Work Hard, and it gives a natural texture and flexible styling.

Square with graduation

In contrast to the classic one, the hair extension is vertical or perpendicular to the head in a graduated square. As a result, the hairstyle is noticeably airier. It works well for both coarse and soft hair.

Male bob

A voluminous and expressive unisex hairstyle, which gained popularity among women at the beginning of the last century, and by the 60s, captured the world of men’s fashion. It is distinguished by the bangs shortening to the temples and a spherical volume over the head.

During the existence of the hairstyle, many variations have appeared. This summer, an elongated bob with textured curls will be especially relevant.

Slick cut

Another haircut that was gaining popularity in the middle of last year has become relevant again. Its peculiarity is in the shaved temples, combined with relatively long hair in the area of ​​the crown and bangs.


A hairstyle similar to Slick Cut with the only difference – the curls in the bangs are left longer. Undercut has been in trend for several seasons, but it will remain relevant this summer.


Grunge implies thinning the temporal and occipital parts with the effect of regrown and thinned hair. Curls are left up to three centimetres in the parietal zone, while there are practically no bangs.


Along with grunge and undercut, there is another retro cut option. Visually, it resembles the famous Elvis Presley pompadour, but the bangs are less long, and the curls at the temples and the back of the head are evenly shortened downward.

Textured curls

They can also be called surfers curls when the saltwater makes their hair coarser and takes on a unique texture. It was the exact result of stylists, now trying to achieve on the hair of residents of megalopolises.


This hairstyle includes an even haircut without a cascading technique. This is ideal for those who want to lengthen the features and visually make a face more harmonious.


The shape includes all variations of asymmetry in a long hairstyle: hair of different lengths, side parting, graduated haircut or styling to the side.

Buzzcut with a long beard

There is a difference between having less hair and no hair at all, and thus, the hairstyle is of great fashion. The hair is cut into a semi-shaped style that replicates the shape of the skull and comes down as one line till the beard. However, the particular hairstyle goes too well with the long beard style, which looks stylish and can give any layman out there the perfect fashion hippie look without putting much effort into it.

Torn bangs

This style won back the leading positions, which were created by cutting hair using techniques of different lengths. She makes facial features more aggressive and expressive and likes men so much.

As for extended bangs, it has become especially popular with the advent of the trend for the effect of wet hair. Such bangs are laid back and create the same retro style.

Sure, long bangs look cool, but they are not always comfortable and suit all face types. For example, men with rounded features should wear short bangs, especially since it is with them that stylists make the most relevant haircuts.


The pompadour assumes long bangs and shaved whiskey. To make the hairstyle practical, keep the bangs shorter – 5-6 centimetres. It looks stylish too but is less hassle-free to set up and maintain.


This hairstyle comes in two variations: with and without a smooth transition. But in the summer of 2022, a softer transition will be especially relevant.

Fine line up

You will get a blurry finish on the back of your head with this hairstyle. It will keep you cool and fresh in the summer heat. You can line up your hairstyle on the front side in a perfect geometrical shape. These defined lines give this hairstyle a clean appearance. You will surely rush your barber to try this hairstyle this summer.


It is considered a classic haircut for men, as it is the most versatile. It means small bangs and short hair at the back of the head and temples with a smooth transition to longer curls in the parietal region.

The main advantage is the ease of installation and maintenance. Well suited for square and oval facial features, as well as wavy hair.

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