20 Coolest Pixie Haircuts for Summer to Enhance Your Look

Pixie Haircuts for Summer

With the trendy short Pixie hairstyle, you can’t get lost in the crowd. It’s gorgeous, a little eccentric, and has a lot of variations. An option with long strands around the cheekbones is suitable for a square face, for an oval face, an asymmetric haircut with long bangs, for a round face, styling with high strands on the crown.

Last summer, three-step short monophonic haircuts, multi-colored layers, pixies with longer strands at the temples, short pixie elf hairstyles with an open forehead or flat side bangs, blond with shaved temples and the back of the head, long strands laid back, a fairy that were in vogue with medium hair length, short oblique ragged bangs, as well as numerous styling variations from previous seasons.

Today, the trend is two-tone options and a solid, completely shaved head, an emphasis on swept bangs of various lengths with torn strands and significant asymmetric elongation on one side, as well as a pixie hat and styling based on a pixie haircut with a completely open forehead. All of the above will certainly give your summer look an additional touch of relevance and youth because there is nothing more daring than this contrasting hair length in different areas of the head, haircut!

See the photo gallery of the most fashionable Pixie haircuts for the summer of 2022 and choose the hairstyle that suits you. And don’t forget to zoom in to get a good look at every strand of hair in this stunning short hairstyle!

Pixie haircut: trends-2022

Platinum blonde + asymmetry in the haircut

Long oblique bangs, almost shaved nape and styling to one side. In the photo, we see an example of a combination of successful hair coloring and an asymmetrical pixie haircut pattern. Actress Michelle Williams seems even younger and more tender.

Dark Roots + Smooth Pixie Style

Gorgeous elongated color and very graphic styling make the perky pixie haircut quite classic and strict. Appear with this in the office and shine on the red carpet! Still a little bit, and before us, there was a photo of a pixie-bob haircut – you need to add volume and grow the hair on the right.

Pixie with ragged ends + sloppy styling

Pixie haircut gave the face of actress Jennifer Hudson freshness and femininity. The unevenly cut strands seemed to be disheveled by the wind: bright, bold, and very cheerful. This short pixie haircut has a boyish touch, but that doesn’t stop her from being feminine and attractive.

Voluminous haircut + retro style

Open forehead and volume from the roots – a pixie haircut gives a beautiful and bully look. Who can look more confident than a woman in a tuxedo? Just a woman with a pixie haircut and masculine styling. Give your hair volume from the roots, be inspired by Elvis – it’s super fashionable!

Very short haircut + no styling

Ultra-short pixie haircuts open up the face as much as possible and at the same time simplify life in terms of styling. Ideal for those sorry to spend at least three minutes on styling: washed, dried, gone! And we do not mind at all if the oval of the face and expressive features, coupled with delicate accents in the makeup, allow.

Layered pixie haircut + light curling

Cutting in layers on curly hair allows you to make a pixie cut for short hair romantic and feminine – it is clear from the photo that some women do not need to consider other options. They found their perfect look!

Pixie of equal length + casual styling

A pixie haircut with bangs creates a youthful and gentle look – styling is done in 5 minutes. An interesting option for a pixie haircut with short bangs when she has grown a little. Remaining a feminine rebel, you can easily cope with such styling. Apply styling mousse, shake the strands with your hands and distribute in an even layer. Air bow and timeless style.

Pixie with side bangs + simple styling

A stylish and well-groomed look gives a pixie haircut for women. The bangs, lengthening from the parting to the temple, visually very slim the face. To fix such a simple yet sophisticated pixie-style hairstyle, you need to sprinkle the hair with a little hairspray.

Backcomb + asymmetrical shape

The effect of wet strands comes in handy in this pixie haircut for very short hair. The Wet Look Styler will accentuate the varying lengths of the ends and make your hairstyle effortless and stylish. You will enter the trends of 2022 with a calm and soft look without flashy tones. And we immediately noted that a pixie haircut, elongated or ultra-short, will never go out of style.

Pixie with strong asymmetry + styling to one side

The shape and regular features of the face allow you to wear a pixie haircut with long bangs on one side. Opening one ear, fixing in a smooth side parting, and leaving the hair tousled on the other side for a very elegant pixie hairstyle that won’t go unnoticed. Perhaps next time you want to add a little romantic wave – this is especially true in the upcoming season.

Short pixie bob short bangs

If you want to get the most out of your face, you can go for a short pixie bob with blunt bangs, which are more often presented with a beveled option. This haircut idea works best for women with oval faces who are not afraid to experiment with their looks.

Short pixie bob with long bangs

Add charm, attractiveness, and, at the same time, certain mischief to your image by applying to a short pixie bob with an elongated bang. This option is suitable for any type, regardless of the shape of the woman’s face and even her age.

Short pixie bob with side bangs

An intriguing part of a pixie bob haircut can be oblique bangs, which work great on chubby and women with a square face. For the look to play, do not forget to dilute the hairstyle with stylish coloring, ombre, balayage, and soft ombre at the peak of popularity.

Short pixie bob with asymmetrical bangs

Another lovely quick pixie bob embellishment is this asymmetrical bang that looks great on any face shape. This option is also suitable for older ladies who want to make their image more stylish.

Short pixie bob with ripped bangs

We can obtain a rebellious and daring bow by turning to a pixie bob with torn bangs. Thus, you get a somewhat chaotic haircut but incredibly creative and fashionable.

Sharp pixie bob for fine hair

There is something so relaxing and relaxing about a lovely chop. This is for those who are always on the move but still find time to relax.

Shaggy pixie bob cut

It also works well for a long layered bob as short as it is. Show off your hair color and texture while maintaining a fresh look.

Pixie bob for thick hair

A pixie bob cut for thick hair will give more options for cutting and styling. Of course, kept the length, having a relatively short haircut.

Long side bob

Now you won’t sacrifice length for a shorter haircut! Loose strands on the face can create a softening effect and balance the sharp edges of the pixie bob.

Short and messy hairstyle

This shaggy apple bean is textured for the gods! A little sea salt and a tantalizing action will make this a magnificent creation.

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