20 Most Suitable Shag Haircut For Short Hair

20 Most Suitable Shag Haircut For Short Hair

The shaggy haircut has been known to hairdressers for women, but nothing is old-fashioned. In contrast, this hairstyle looks very modern and is gaining more and more popularity every year. We tell and show what a shaggy haircut is and how (and most importantly, to whom) to wear it.

If you know English, you can understand what a shaggy haircut looks like, even without a photo – by one name. After all, the word shaggy is translated as “shaggy.” This haircut is just that – careless, flying, multi-level, and very stylish.

Do not think that shaggy is about carelessness. On the contrary, this hairstyle can look very elegant – it all depends on the surroundings. In English, the haircut is called not shaggy, but shag so as not to be confused with the singer Shaggy. To achieve an elegant and careless effect, the strands are cut randomly, and most of the hair is heavily milled, which helps lighten the hair’s mass and makes the hairstyle airy.

The shaggy haircut is a natural universal. It isn’t easy to find a girl/woman/grandmother who does not like this style. Shaggy looks excellent on young fashionistas and will adorn elegant ladies. Adds volume to thin hair and makes too thick hair airy. Visually stretch a round or square face and make a narrow one more proportional. Hair color doesn’t matter either – shaggy suits everyone. However, the haircut may not look as attractive as on hair with light highlights with monochromatic coloring.


A charming haircut that publicly declares your self-confidence and, at first glance, resembles an exclusively masculine one. Nevertheless, it can look feminine.

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It is one of the few hairstyles with a straight bang to half her forehead.


Its instead, is not some particular haircut here. The correct styling comes to the fore.

Short bob

This option is more elegant than a pixie haircut. It looks harmonious and gently frames the face.

Shaggy retro

It is a kind of “chaos” of two haircuts – square and shaggy. In this example, fashion women use straight and even bangs, and the rest of the hair is randomly styled or milled.

Shag spike

The short hair in this trimmed shag provides a crisp appearance. Teaser for wild women’s hairstyles.

Curly or straight

Shaggy looks excellent on curly and straight hair and is slightly wavy. In the case of curly hair, the master uses a unique haircut technique so that even with curls, the hair looks trendy sloppy, and not untidy.

With bangs

With bangs

The bangs fit perfectly into the shaggy haircut. It is better than long enough bangs and decorated in the same slightly chaotic style.

With short bangs

Short bangs are not suitable for every face type for their unstable properties. It pairs best with ripped shaggy and suits an oval and thin face.

With oblique bangs

Slanting bangs in a shaggy haircut are always fun. It seems to rejuvenate the face, allowing older women to choose the option. Oblique bangs usually fit on the side where the hair itself works better.

Shaggy bean hairstyle

Bob’s haircut is one of the variations of the caret. The difference is that the strands at the face are more extended than at the back of the head.

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Shaggy on short strands

Such a bow consists of a neat thinning, which the master created in several stages. The only pity is that this hairstyle is impossible to overgrow – having decided on a “short shaggy,” you will have to visit the hairdresser every month.

Shag for Thin Hair

When the body is played up on top of a shag haircut for thin hair, it can create the illusion of more significant locks.

Shaggy haircut for short hair

For short hair, a shaggy haircut is a win-win option. The main thing is that the hairdresser avoids sharp lines and performs thinning very carefully.

Shaggy haircut for medium length hair

The shaggy haircut is ideal for medium-length hair – shoulder or slightly longer. The hairstyle looks livelier and much more fashionable than a haircut along the line.

Shag with a choppy texture

Check out how the bangs strands have been given a jagged appearance to create an edgy framing on the forehead.

Shaggy haircut for long hair

Real shaggy on long hair is difficult to perform. The fact is that this haircut requires severe thinning of the strands – thin long hair can look untidy. And if you make a light thinning, you will not get a reasonable volume.

Shag Haircut with Long Center Parted

A long layered shag haircut with a center part looks easy and attractive.

Curtain Bangs on a Shag Cut

Shag hairstyles with curtain bangs are usually a winning combination for adding volume.

Shag Haircut with Long Chops

A long shag haircut has the magical ability to outline your face while also adding a dash of disarray to your look. If you’re a rebel at heart, go for this choppy cut.

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