20 Trendiest Bob Haircuts With Bangs

20 Trendiest Bob Haircuts With Bangs

This haircut has not gone out of fashion for almost 100 years, but, despite such a good history, the bob haircut with bangs is still chosen by the most stylish fashionistas. The secret to the success of a haircut is simple – a classic and very feminine style has many options for its implementation.

France is considered the birthplace of bob hairstyles with bangs, and it was there that terse haircuts came into fashion with the light hand of cabaret dancers. The idea liked Coco Chanel, who made them part of her corporate identity.

A striking feature of such a haircut, which does not change over the years, is clear, well-defined contours and spectacular volumes. Thanks to their combination, the trendy hairstyle has fantastic versatility and is suitable for owners of any hair and face shape.

But it looks most impressive on straight or slightly wavy hair. The structure is perfectly emphasized by the very contour of the hairstyle and the complex spectacular volumes created in cutting on the occipital and crown areas.

Bob haircut with bangs never ceases to be a great success for many women. And the secret to the success of this haircut is simple – it is very feminine and has a particular magnetic, charming property.

According to one version, the legendary Coco Chanel invented something similar to a bean. And over time, it has undergone many modifications, presenting itself in the form in which we observe it today.

For decades, bob with bangs has been at the peak of popularity. And no wonder this hairstyle embodies the eternal classics, nobility, and elegance. However, the bob is very demanding on styling, so be prepared for the fact that you will be forced to constantly care for your haircut, even if you are tired and have no time at all.

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Straight bob

This species is characterized by smooth and smooth silhouettes, vaguely reminiscent of a bob haircut. This type of bob haircut will help give your hair an unusually soft volume.

Layered bob

With this haircut, you can give your hair a colossal volume. Moreover, this type is recommended for girls with weakened hair or too thin.

Elongated bob

In an extended version of the bob-car, the hair in front lies on the collarbones. An angle with a length difference is required.

Classic bob

A short bob made in the classic version forms a strict restraint and, at the same time, romanticism. A short, milled bang will perfectly complete such an attractive look.

Graduated bob

Graduation of this type of haircut is divided into several options: lightweight, which is used only at the ends of the hair, and complex, covering the entire length.

Shortened bob

In this case, the back strands at the crown are made ultra-short, as in a men’s crop haircut, and the front ones barely reach the cheekbones.

Multilayer bob

A voluptuous version of the bob haircut created using graduations is perfect for fine hair.

Natural wolf with bangs

The wolf cut, which has been attracting attention recently, can be challenged even with Bob’s shortness. Making a casual outer honey curl with a habit hairstyle will be outstandingly fashionable.

Asymmetrical bob with bangs

Asymmetric silhouettes allow you to get a genuinely exclusive hairstyle. Today they are at the peak of their popularity, but due to individual execution in each case, they look non-trivial and elegant.

Torn strands bob with bangs

If you combine graduated or “torn” side strands with thick, long “geometric” bangs, you get a very avant-garde bow.

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Messy bob with bangs

The messy inverted bob style is beautiful and looks completely different. Thick hair at the top and a very short tapered back. 

Sleek bob with bangs

This sleek short bob has been in vogue for the past few years and never goes out of style. It is a simple classic braided hairstyle loved by women of all ages.

Inverted bean with bangs

An inverted short bob with long hair in the front and short hair in the back. The layers are more visible at the back, while the front pieces have a slight curl at the ends.

Blunt bob with bangs

If you prefer a little less maintenance, the short bob with blunt bangs is low maintenance. Keep your bangs at least an inch above your eyebrows, and keep your hair straight.

Short weave bob with bangs

The braided bob can have as much detail as you want – this cropped bob has two colors that make it pop: light green for the bangs and platinum blonde for the rest of the hair.

Braids bob with bangs

Going on a date or a fashion event? The side braid is a soft touch of femininity and only takes a minute. Wear it tiny or opt for a thick braid.

Bob with bangs for thin hair

Give you are fine hair a charming short platinum cut. The hair is the same length around the entire perimeter, and the bangs are long, completely covering the eyebrows.

Undercut bob with bangs

Adding an undercut to a short bob is easy to get an edgy hairstyle. You can still be comfortable in the office but express your style, especially when wearing your hair in a bun or ponytail.

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Voluminous bob with bangs

If you don’t want to go for classic haircuts because you think they’re cliché, then these short bob hairstyles for women are made just for you.

Short blonde bob with bangs

The texture of the hair is not the only thing that will make it more stylish and sophisticated because you want a fuller look that manages to keep the dynamic layers and the blissful feeling of having lots of hair at once.

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