20 Best Short Hair with Highlights For Women

20 Best Short Hair with Highlights For Women

Ask your stylist about this treatment if you want to seem younger and change. In hair coloringhighlights for short hair are the most popular. However, there are differences in the technology of lightening the strand. Consider the most relevant areas.

Highlighting for short hair

Undoubtedly, highlighting refreshes and rejuvenates the face. However, it also has other advantages:

  • It is a delicate process in which all hair is not chemically attacked. If you provide the hair with proper care, the hair will remain healthy;
  • Many lightning techniques create the effect of splendor and volume. It is especially true for thin hair. In addition, light strands around the face allow you to correct appearance defects;
  • You can change the image and shades of paint every time you visit the salon. With monochromatic staining, this is not possible;
  • Highlighting is much cheaper than complete staining. If you see the salon monthly, the savings are pretty significant.


On the laid ends of the hair, with the help of foil, the composition is applied with rotational movements. Strands due to this technique look a little touched with a lighter color.


Owners of terse haircuts ombre will not work. However, for a bob or square, the option is outstanding.


The whole secret of this method is already revealed in its name. Strands are painted not in one but two adjacent tones. Due to this, the effect is more natural, and a short haircut instantly becomes more interesting.


Not suitable for very short lengths. The tone changes smoothly, with broad strokes. A convenient option: the master makes the color change almost imperceptible.

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One of the novelties of 2020. The technique combines the principles of balayage and classic highlighting. As a result, the hair looks naturally sun-bleached.


This procedure is usually done using a unique cap with tiny holes: thin strands are pulled through them, lightened, and then dyed. This technique can add extra volume to a short haircut.

Dark curls

Dark curls’ most suitable strand tones are slightly darker or lighter than the primary color. A varied palette of chestnut walnut shades will look great on dark hair.

Pink shade

Pink shade on blond hair does not lose ground. Just don’t make it too saturated. Light tinting with pigments is enough.

Golden light

Golden-haired beauties should prefer warm tones that beautifully emphasize the natural color.

Cold light hair

Girls with a cold light hair color should choose silver colors, bright shades of light, and cold light colors.

Platinum blonde

This blonde lover can rejoice as these shades will continue to be the number one color trend. However, some modifications will overtake them.

Diagonal highlights

Before dying, the hair is divided into diagonal partings. So then you can change the image, just laying the strands differently.

Contrast highlighting

If most techniques involve smooth transitions, then contrast highlighting is their opposite.

Color highlighting

Now there are so many pigments and dyes that you have any color in the world at your disposal. In pastels, shades of pink, purple and turquoise are popular.

Undercut with highlights

Why not combine popular creative coloring with an equally popular haircut. Feel free to choose contrasting or bright colors – and a stylish look for all occasions is ready.

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Highlights on the bob

The most frequent and common combination in this year. And the thing is that the smooth and rounded lines of the bean are wonderfully combined with the same staining technique.

Highlighting through a braid

Several strands are braided into braids, and a brightening composition is applied. These strands give beautiful chaotic highlights in the broad array of curly hair.

Classic highlights for short hair

The classic uniform highlighting is lost against the background of all the original author’s techniques. And on the other hand, a classic is a classic, to always be relevant, regardless of the changeable momentary trends.

Highlights for a pixie haircut

If you are afraid that your hair lacks volume for a fairy, highlighting will help create it visually.

Highlights for short hair with bangs

An exciting and unusual technique is coloring only bangs or several strands. Minimum damage, cost and time – and maximum pleasure. Also, you can often change the color without consequences.

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