Top 10 Shonen Anime With Breathtaking Animation.

Senen is one of the most popular genres with colorful battles, friendship, and pathos antagonists. Such works are different: some are catchy with the plot, others with colorful characters, and others with a visual component.

Below Are the Top Shonen Anime With Breathtaking Animations Worth Watching.


IMDB: 7.6/10

Not precisely an anime, but worth a mention. A Netflix series based on the manga Devilman, which has many adaptations. This adaptation adheres to the main plot but with some changes: something was removed, something was added, but the ending is entirely consistent with the original. During the viewing, you should be prepared for the exaggeration of scenes of violence.

Akiro Fuda is a schoolboy who cries for any reason and without. The guy learns that the demons have come out of centuries of hibernation and want to return to their former power. He understands that humanity is powerless and goes to the “coven,” where he becomes a demon man who gained powerful strength but retained his soul.


IMDB: 8.1/10

The adaptation of the Space Dandy manga is filled with humor, drama, horror, love, and adventure in space. Each episode brings new emotions, colorful aliens, and unique planets. When viewing, it is essential to pay attention to the details and philosophy of the world, as originality and confusion can be repulsive.

Dandy lives in a distant future in which aliens have become commonplace. The main character is very self-confident and charismatic. He is a hunter of unregistered aliens. In the company of his robot, he travels through the galaxies, exploring planets and new types of life.

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IMDB: 8.5/10

The manga adaptation of My Hero Academia quickly became popular. The theme of superheroes always remains relevant, and anime with a chic visual component will not leave anyone indifferent.

The plot takes place in a world where most of the population has superpowers, where the hero is a professional. At the center of the story is Izuku Midoriya, who was born without a quirk. Inspired by the strongest of heroes, he works hard to fulfill his dream of enrolling in an elite school and joining the ranks of professionals. One day he meets his idol, who changes his life.


IMDB: 8.6/10

It is another excellent title with its jokes and captivating animation, inaccessible to the cinema. Drawing can be repulsive at first, as it is as close to the manga as possible.

The story tells about Shigeo Kageyama’s ordinary high school student, whom everyone calls Mob. An outwardly restrained young man has the most potent psychic abilities. This power manifests when an emotion reaches 100% on the Mob scale. But even though the student holds them back because he is sure that his skills are not needed in ordinary life, abilities often break uncontrollably.


IMDB: 8.8/10

The Blade that cuts demons is a favorite not only of the audience but also of critics. The title’s success lies in the art and animation, which can be given a standing ovation.

Not in last place is the story about the young Tanjiro Kamado. Once the young man stayed in the city where he traded coal, and upon returning home, he found that his parents, brothers, and sisters had died at the hands of demons he had not previously believed. Only Nezuko survived, but her sister’s blood was mixed with demonic. She turned into a monster but still retained her mind. After this tragedy, the young man decided to become a demon hunter and find a way to return humanity to his sister.

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IMDB: 8.5/10

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is an outstanding work by author and illustrator Hirohiko Araki. Even those who have not watched this anime have seen the memes dedicated to it, which can be considered an achievement.

The story of the Jonathan Joestar family has several parts. Each has its main character, and all of them are united by family ties and a birthmark in the form of a star on the neck. Often, along with the transition from one part to another, the genre of the work also changes. This extraordinary storytelling and visual and audio content make this shonen unique.


IMDB: 8.8/10

Many anime series focuses on a particular sport, and Volleyball is no exception. He gets into this top due to complex tricks and effects in exciting matches that catch the eye on the screen until the last episode.

The story tells about a purposeful young man of short stature, Shoya Hinata, passionate about Volleyball. He assembled a team of inexperienced players who didn’t even know the rules and went to the tournament.


IMDB: 8.8/10

One Punch Man is when the hero destroys the villains with one blow, and his strength is emphasized by stunning animation, high-quality drawing, and musical accompaniment. One-Punch Man is a non-standard superhero story filled with humor and action.

The plot tells about the life of the most powerful man on earth, Saitama, and his internal conflict. Saitama is too strong and doesn’t enjoy defeating monsters, and it has become a chore. Taking the cyborg Genos as an apprentice, he opens the door to a new world of superheroes and decides to join the Hero Association. However, this does not help restore interest in battles.

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IMDB: 9.1/10

It attracts with its imperfect characters, monsters with childish expressions, unexpected twists, and a creepy story that does not let you relax for a minute.

Enormous Titans practically destroy humanity. For them, people are food. The only hope for salvation for the survivors was three high walls, behind which they felt safe. This hope was dashed along with the first wall when a massive Titan invaded their settlement, destroying the city and wiping out most of the population.


IMDB: 9.0/10

Although Hunter x Hunter is not as famous as Naruto, the title has won many hearts of true shonen lovers. A detailed world and colorful characters, about which almost 150 episodes tell in a colorful remake of 2011, will not leave anyone indifferent. Each episode is a masterpiece.

The protagonist Gon Freecss goes on a journey to pass the exam and become a hunter. They are pursuing the main goal – to find his father, who, as it turned out, is not only alive but also an outstanding hunter. Gon will make friends, meet dangerous criminals and find many adventures.