How Much Do You Know about Hair Color? Special Feature And Recommended Styles?

How Much Do You Know about Hair Color Special Feature And Recommended Styles

The highlight color adds a bright color to the hair to give it a three-dimensional effect. The impression changes considerably depending on how and how much you put in, the brightness of the base, the presence or absence of bleaching, etc., so many women may be worried that they will fail. So this time, I will introduce how to ask for highlight colors that will not fail and recommend hairstyles by atmosphere and length!

Fashionable Girls’ Attention Hair Color, What is the Highlight Color?

  • The highlight color is a style that gives a three-dimensional effect to the hair by adding a bright color at the points instead of the entire hair.
  • It is perfect when you want to add movement to your hairstyle or when you want to give your hair a transparent finish.
  • However, depending on how you put it in, it may be more flashy than you think, or the highlights you put in may not be noticeable, and it is also an advanced color that requires attention.

Highlight Color, 3 Points you Should Know Before Ordering

Trend-style highlights have been featured in many magazines and on the Internet. I want to avoid things like, “I went to a beauty salon, but the finish is a little different from what I expected.” So, let’s know three points to keep in mind when ordering at a beauty salon.

Point 1: Let’s know the Difference Between Highlights with and without Bleach

  • The highlight color is a style in which some hair is finely bleached linearly, and the color is applied on top of it.
  • The bleached part of the hair develops a beautiful color, contrasting with the other parts, giving the hair a three-dimensional appearance and movement.
  • Make a good contrast and give your hair a three-dimensional effect.
  • Of course, there are some highlights that you don’t have to bleach.
  • Like bleaching, it is a method of putting a bright color in a line first and then layering the color on top of it.
  • It will create bright and dark areas throughout the hair.
  • It is difficult to understand in a dark place, but it is characterized by a natural three-dimensional effect when exposed to light.
  • It’s an excellent point that you don’t have to worry about discoloration without bleaching!

Point 2: Let’s Talk about Color Balance and Quantity

  • The finish of the highlight color changes mainly depending on the three points of the color difference from the base color, the thickness of the highlight, and the amount of the highlight.
  • If the base hair color is dark, add a bright highlight color to make the difference clearer and make the highlights more noticeable.
  • Also, the highlight color is thick, and if you add a lot, it will be lighter. One thing to note is the discoloration!
  • If you add too much highlight, it will give a striking impression when the color fades.
  • It’s a good idea to consult with a beautician when you’ve just dyed it and when it’s been a while.
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Point 3: Let’s Decide the Color after Highlighting

  • The highlight color with bleaching lasts for 1-2 weeks.
  • Without bleach, it’s longer than that, and you can keep fashionable colors over time.
  • When the highlight color fades and looks flashy.
  • When the root pudding is worrisome.
  • If you want to continue the highlight color style, you can put it on top of the missing part.
  • The highlighted part will be visible by stacking, and the finish will be more three-dimensional.
  • If you want to make the most of the highlights before you, we recommend incorporating low lights.
  • Low light is the opposite of highlight and is a style that puts a linear and dark color on a bright base.
  • By avoiding the initially highlighted parts and adding low lights, they are coordinated with each other, resulting in a three-dimensional style.
  • If you are worried about discoloration by adding a lot of highlights, or if you want to make the original base color bright and calm! It is perfect for those who say.

Check with Style! How to Order Highlights

I understand the points, but what should I say when ordering? We will introduce specific ways to ask at a beauty salon, using two styles with different atmospheres as examples! Please refer to it.

The Point is the Casualness. How to Order a Natural Highlight Style?

  • “I want to highlight, but I don’t want to be too flashy!”
  • Natural highlights are recommended for those who like that.
  • By giving it a natural three-dimensional effect, you can create a silhouette that feels like it’s just dried, making it easy to prepare every morning.
  • Of course, you can expect the effect of curly hair and blow to enhance the atmosphere, so everyday styling further will be more fun!
  • When ordering, it is better to ask for the base and highlight colors to be finished in close tones.
  • It is better to say that the amount is small.
  • Also, if you order not to be too flashy so that you can work, it will be easy to tell the beautician!

Plenty of Transparency! How to Order Overseas Style Highlight style

  • It is also popular to incorporate highlights that stand out in the highlight color, like overseas women.
  • Not only can you create a three-dimensional look for your hairstyle, but you can also create a unique sense of omission and mellowness.
  • When ordering, be aware of calm.
  • Colors, whether it is dark tones or high tones.
  • Depending on how much you want the highlights to stand out, try to make the “contrast” more substantial and weaker.
  • The thickness of the highlight is also an important point.
  • Please clearly state your hope if you want to emphasize the line firmly.

Recommended Highlight Styles by Length

It is convenient to have a reference hair catalog when ordering highlights at a beauty salon. Therefore, we will introduce the highlight color style catalog from various points of view. First of all, pick up by length, such as short and medium! Find your favorite style and get your ideal hair.

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Short X Highlight

Compact short with plenty of omissions

Even with a simple short style, the hair color is cute at once. You can create an exquisite sense of omission by adding yellow highlights to the brown base color. The brown hair color is recommended to suit any fashion!

Add a fashionable look to a cool shorts without bangs

The short style with the bangs in the center tends to fall into an excellent image with black hair. Add bright base colors and highlights for a more stylish look. It is also attractive that the expression of color changes every time the hair shakes.

Bob X Highlight

The heavy bob style is highlighted and light.

Bob, who tends to have a heavy impression, combines highlights to create a lighter impression. Gray highlights on a black hair base are also a popular Korean style. The point is to add a lot of highlights. 

Give the compact bob a three-dimensional effect.

It is a cohesive compact short bob. By turning on the highlights with plenty of transparency, you can give Bob a three-dimensional effect. If you highlight a color close to the base, it will not stand out.

Bob x is highlighting and looking fabulous.

A style that combines highlights with an uncut bob with rough-cut lines. You can create a relaxed atmosphere by increasing the contrast between the highlight and the base color. It is to style with oil, etc., so it does not look dry.

Medium X Highlight

Give a sense of transparency with the highlights of Ash Greige

It is a style that uses dark hair as the base color and highlights it with a thin ash greige. The natural wave adds a three-dimensional effect, creating a trendy finish. This color is also recommended for beginners.

The casual low light is the key to the three-dimensional effect.

This hairstyle has a cute dull marron beige color. The low light on the surface is the key to casually creating a three-dimensional effect. As for the styling, the outside honey bob looks like it is now.

Natural highlight wolf that conveys this feeling

Neo-wolf style with a rounded silhouette and a cute nape outside. It is a style that incorporates highlight color to make the hair flow look three-dimensional. Incorporating the highlights naturally makes it hard to float even in schools and offices, and you can get a feeling of mellowness.

Long X Highlight

Highlight color that goes well with straight hair

The highlight color hairstyle, which has a strong impression of matching curly hair, goes well with straight hair. She can have an adult-like and sophisticated atmosphere. When ordering, the point is not to put the highlight too thick on the surface but thin. 

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For a Korean-style beauty with black hair and highlights and plenty of gloss

By adding three-dimensional highlights to black hair, a hairstyle full of luster and transparency. Make the whole hair larger and wrap it around the face to make it a Korean beauty. It’s a hairstyle that can be both mature and modern.

Elegantly brown x pink beige

This hairstyle is based on brown and is combined with a desaturated pink beige Balayage. You can combine elegance and adult-like cuteness. The color is easy to challenge, so it is perfect for those new to Balayage. 

Recommended Highlight Styles by Color

Following the length, we will introduce the recommended styles for each highlight color. Highlights that have different atmospheres depending on the colors that are layered. Let’s check the style you want to try while looking at the compatibility with the base color.

Beige Color

Light beige short bob

A style that gives a three-dimensional effect by adding plenty of highlights to short bob hair. The whole is thin, and some parts are slightly thicker to make the form stand out. Since the beige color is turned on, the point is that it is not too flashy and has a light and soft impression.

Sweet highlight hair with milk tea beige

It is a highlight style with milk tea beige, famous for its cute colors. Among the beige color highlights, it has a sweet impression.

Greige Color

With a transparent greige, for hair with a feeling of shedding

Layer style with excellent and transparent Greige color. The movement of the layer-cut hair is further enhanced by the highlights, giving you an incredible feeling of looseness.

Greige hair with heavy highlighting

It is also a long style that incorporates a calm Greige color. With plenty of thin highlights, Imechen firmly while avoiding vivid impressions! It will be gorgeous hair, perfect for particular scenes if you arrange it with a thick curl.

Pink Color

Pink highlighting and gradation for black hair

Balayage style with pink highlighting and gradation on black hair. If you tie or scrape your hair, it will emphasize pink, and you will change your mood. The high contrast of black and pink brings out the highlights.

Natural highlight with delicate pink beige

By subtly adding sweet pink, the impression around her face becomes girly. There is no doubt that you will get a peaceful atmosphere. She also has girlish transparency by adding layers to lighten her entire hair.

Let’s Suppress the Highlighting Method and get Nice Hair!

The highlight color gives a three-dimensional effect and creates lightness and transparency, which helps to solve various hair problems—recommended for cat hair and bristles that tend to be heavy! Let’s master how to order highlight colors that will not fail, and let’s make a higher-grade fashionable hair at the next beauty salon.

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