Top 10 Must Download iPhone Apps For 2019

Here is some best iPhone app for your phone. Let’s discuss them one by one. Check out “Top 10 Must-Download iPhone Apps For 2019”.


The camera on the iPhone is amongst the best yet we don’t have the manual camera mode by default. So this app basically allows you to manually control your camera. And also take RAW images as you can see. You get to control your ISO shutter speed, white balance and also enable tools like grid leveler histogram, etc. Another good thing is this app allows you to take RAW images. Meaning you get more details in the picture for color correction or post-processing. So if you are looking for a manual camera app this is the one to get okay. Once you have good-looking pictures you need to process it to further enhance it right for that. We have after light do you need to purchase this app.

But it’s worth the money for the number of tools it offers. This has been my favorite photo editing app of recent times. From basic assessment tools and color tools to detailed RGB curve adjustments. You have it all to get any particular look you desire. Plus the addition of touch tools takes the editing. Further, you can choose the tools and apply them to any particular area of the picture. For example, if I want to sharpen the text on this lens I will choose to sharpen and start highlighting the area where I want to sharpen. If you want to enhance the saturation brightness, darkness or even blur any particular area. You can do that apart from this you also get lots of filters to choose from with effects like chroma double exposure and more perfect for normal users as well as professionals.


It’s an account of an app with some cool integrations. You can share your countdowns publicly within this app and also you can see posts from other people. I’ll come back to it so to create any countdown you can choose a picture from your gallery for the background image. You can add your title, date, time and location. Then you can choose from different themes and once that’s done you can share your countdown to social media. Or add it as a widget to keep yourself aware of the countdown. And from the app, you can view other people events follow events. And also you get to add friends which makes a lot of sense as you can let everyone know about your important events. So if there’s something important coming up this is a great countdown app.

Story Art

This app offers tons of templates for your Instagram stories. If you run a business page or even a personal page with this app you can make your Instagram stories a lot more interesting and attractive. You get templates categorized into different sections some are free to use. And some do not just browse through the templates and choose the one you like. And then you can add your images, text, change its font. See what suits the best for your Instagram and then you can upload it. So for all the Instagram users especially regarding fashion designs food codes and even Dec, this is an amazing app.


It is really frustrating to have multiple screenshots for things like documents, chat conversations and other similar things. It would be great if we could attach screenshots like on Android. So with this app you can stitch screenshots and have it as a single image file this app also auto detects the continuous screenshots and stitches it.

Hoot Suite

The main feature of this app is that you can schedule posts for your social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can simply give in your social media details create a post and then schedule. It adds simply that the UI is very intuitive and it’s very handy. If you are managing business pages or if you are going out for a holiday and want to keep your social media active.

Uni Chair

There are times when you need extra symbols to create presentation notes or reports. The default keyboard does not provide you with all the symbols which you get with this app. As you can see you get various symbols categorized into different sections from scientific symbols to pictographs to other cool symbols. you get it all. Choose the one you like and then copy paste it on to your notes, documents or even social media. To make things more interesting and understandable this is not something you need regularly but it’s quite good to have such apps.

Phone Drive

Since you cannot access the iPhone storage apart from photos this app comes in handy. As it allows you to use your phone storage as external storage. You can basically transfer files from the computer to your phone and vice versa. Using the same Wi-Fi network also you can share files between devices having the same app. Shared files can be previewed from the app itself and this app supports PDFs, text files, music files, photos and videos within the app. You can also create text files, folders, playlists, etc to make your files even more managed and organized. It’s very convenient at times especially with iPhones as you don’t need a cable or proprietary software to share files.

Weather Widget

The default weather app and widget it’s simple and minimal just to add up a little spice to the looks this app is really worth a try. This weather app is accurate and provides all the weather details for the day with details like sunrise wind ozone etc. As said earlier the main highlight is the widget you get a variety of cool-looking weather widgets that adds up to your widget base. Furthermore, you can also change the units as per your preference from the settings menu.

Big Bang AR

As we all know what the Big Bang Theory is not the TV series but the actual theory. And this app narrates the entire theory with AR integration. Making it very interesting, fun and relaxing so right at the start you are guided by things. You need to do like a plug in the earphones, to enhance your experience turn on subtitles so you don’t miss a thing, etc. Not only you can learn about different things with regards to stars and the universe. You can also interact with the user interface according to the narration and also choose from different chapters the AR integration, the animations, the soundtrack, and the
presentation is beautiful. So this is something you need to experience yourself to see how good it so definitely gives it a try.

Wallpapers For iPhone

Last but not least is wallpapers for iPhone. There are only a few good wallpaper apps for iPhone and this app is amongst the best. The wallpapers are high-res and fantastic. Plus you get lots and lots of categories to explore from. As you can see here some of them are very unique. The UI is very intuitive and easy to navigate. While browsing the wallpaper you also get the preview which is quite good. And while setting up the wallpaper you can choose to blur it. Add any code to it which is really cool give it a shot.