Top 10 Outdoor Survival Gears You Should Have

The worst day can come to your life anytime. You can only get rid of the situation if you have proper survival skill and the right tools with you. Not only this if you are in woods for hiking or backpacking trip Mother Nature can surprise you any time. For that, it’s better to be prepared rather than going out with an empty hand. There are plenty of survival gears you may find online but not all of them are good enough. In such situations to help you out, we have created a list of best survival gears. That can save your life from anything that comes in your way.

Titan Emergency Sleeping Bags

Titan emergency sleeping bags designed for people with adventurous minds. When you have an adventurous mind you know that you will always need to be prepared for anything. You never know where you are going to spend your night that is why Titan emergency sleeping bag is a must needed a survival kit for you. It is 47% thicker than other competitive brands designed mainly for NASA. If you can use it properly 90 percent of your body heat will turn back to you to keep you warmer.

Each bag easily fits one single adult. This emergency sleeping bag is tear resistant, reusable and can be rolled and stowed in the included olive drab nylon drawstring bag. You will need this bag for any adventure strips from planned camping, hiking and boating trips to unplanned emergency situations. You can get this bag from Amazon. This sleeping bag has earned great ratings and reviews there.

Uco Stormproof Match

Uco Stormproof match is a unique featured match. It comes very handily in such situations when you need to light stuff or make a fire to cook general warmth or make signals fires to survival in not-so-friendly conditions. Usually, it lights and burns up to 15 seconds even in the strongest winds. Stormproof matches can even survive being dropped in a puddle or dirt while burning and will relight as long as there is phosphorous remaining. So you won’t need to stop your adventure in harsh conditions while you have this waterproof and reliable matches with you. The Uco stormproof match is available on Amazon you should check it’s extremely good users ratings and reviews there.

Katadyn Be Free 3L

Katadyn Be free is designed to keep you hydrated all the time with pure water while you are on long backpacking. It’s easy to use a portable water purifier. Its wide mouth opening makes it easy for filling it from any lake, river, stream or faucet. It has been handled and carries a loop that makes it easy to carry. It’s 0.1 microns microfilter is tested to protect against harmful organisms removing protozoa and bacteria. Capable of filtering 2 liters of water per minute in order to clean the filter. The cap over the drinking nozzle keeps the dirt out. You can find it available on Amazon going by the reviews and rating in Amazon. It seems pretty popular among the users especially among the travelers.

Off Grid-Tools Survival Axe

Off-grid tools survival Axe features 30 unique tools built to take control of any situation. You might run into a hammerhead and claw, will help you to mount your tent. It serves the purpose of nail Pooler, primer, hex wrenches, soft exhale bottle and can opener glass breaker strap cutter and so many other necessary tools. To give an edge during a survival situation. Off-grid tools survival Axe is built with a thousand 55 carbon steel holding sharp axe. While being strong enough for serious demolition. It’s available on Amazon on Amazon it has earned good ratings and reviews.

Zune Lotto Shovel

That is the alternate gear for any emergency survival situation. It is made of casting craft and all-in-one mold from heat-treated high-quality solid carbon steel. And there is no weak part. Our weld part which makes it almost unbreakable. The shovel has a 10-millimeter joint perk that makes the shovel head treat champ stronger than the regular one. And can bear a load up to 480 cages. Zune Lotto shovel head can be adjustable to six angles by one button. And can be locked or unlocked quickly in a second helping you save labor in different situations.

This camping shovel comes with more than 23 survival tools like a tactical knife. Can easily feed the foldable entrenching tool in your backpack or the trunk of your vehicle. You can use this shovel to get your car tires out of snow, mud. Or even use the shovel head as a glass breaker in any emergency situations. It is the perfect gear for any military personal backpacker camper survivalist and in disaster Missoula to f3 is available on Amazon.

Leatherman Surge

The Leatherman Surge is a survival multi-tool built to perform tough chops. If wild outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and trekking attract you then this one is the perfect tool to carry for surviving in unwanted situations for you. It comes with an easy-to-use lock. The Leatherman surge features a unique blade exchanger replaceable premium wire cutters for outside opening blades – pliers standard wire cutters electrical crimper wire stripper knives saw spring action scissors thread loop ruler can opener bottle opener and other most needed tools. To give you quick access to the tools you use most. When you are packing for going outdoor Leatherman search should be a go-to EDC tool for you.


Combar is a heavy-duty multi-tool built to make you ready for whatever comes on your way in wild outers. It is a bundle of hammer eggs and a spade. There is a room in the handle to keep a magazine knife and saw. This lightweight tool is just 3.2 pounds never going to overburden you. Combar is built based on American military standards and put through lots of tests before being ready. The main body of this tool is built with aircraft-grade aluminum. The hammer is made with stainless steel and the steak is made with titanium DX is forged with both titanium and stainless steel. Combar is a perfect outdoor module to do whatever you need to do with it.


The Adventure 3.0 by MRF multitools is an EDC credit card-sized survival kit. Containing eggs knife, Arrowhead wrenches, bottle opener, cord cutter, and other forty-plus essential tools. It easily fits any wallet when you are traveling or camping in the woods. You will always need to stay prepared for any unexpected incidents. This multi-tool can be a life-saving kit in this kind of situation. With a cord cutter and knife, camping becomes much easier. If you attach a handle to this tool you can use it like an axe. That will help you to cut boots and make shelters.

You will also get two fishing hooks with those, you can catch fishes and survive the hunger. If you need to keep yourself warm in extremely cold weather you will find a fire starter in it and make fire with it. Adventure 3.0 by an MRF Multitools Credit card module also comes with a wrench screwdriver, B driver, wire bender, can opener, box opener, scrapper, sketch tool and every other tool that will make you prepared for survival.

Fogo Adventure

Fogo is an all-in-one survival gear built for outdoors. We’ll guide you on your way with its built-in GPS and 1000 lumen flashlight, with its walkie-talkie. You will always keep connected with the built-in GPS. You can use it as a fitness tracker, the flashlight has intelligent lighting to navigate you on your way. It also comes with a text messaging feature to improve connectivity. It’s waterproof and built extremely durable so you won’t have to worry about dropping or damaging. You can also track your family and friends with it. Fogo also functions like the USB battery charger to juice up your devices. It has a motion sensor to detect motion so that you can find it easily in darkness. This handy survival gear can be a life-saving tool for camper, hiker, backpacker or rider while they are on exploring and other outdoor activities.

Companion Emergency Survival System

Companion emergency survival system comes in a full package of 40 life-saving products to save your lives in critical situations. It features the toughest waterproof and fire resistant materials. Contents the radio and phone chargers to keep you connected all the time. It also contains heat reflective goggles and n95 mask to give you visibility and breathability in gas or smoke. The survival gear will also equip you with a sturdy multi-tool 550 paracords along with a sharp blade. That works as a fire starter as well during the extreme life-threatening situation.

Companion emergency survival system will keep you hydrated with tablets sachets and boiling. It also comes with first-aid kits that you might need in tough situations in an extremely cold environment. You will get a tent, raincoat, and blanket to keep yourself protected and hand gloves and hand warmers to keep you warm. It will also power you on in the darkness for the flashlight, headlamp, glow sticks and storm proof matches. When you get hungry this survival gear will feed you with USA Coast guard approved food ratios. You can never predict the situation coming ahead of a ready companion emergency arrival system will keep you ready in time and anywhere.