Pink Ash Color: A Collection That Loves And Approaches Girls 2022

Pink Ash Color A Collection That Loves And Approaches Girls 2022

Pink that shines in the bright season. Girls have an irresistible cuteness, don’t they? Pink ash, which is not too flashy and not too calm and has an exquisite atmosphere, is a color that even beginners can easily challenge. “But when I hear pink, I hesitate.” A must-see for girls! This time, we will answer questions from hairstyles that look good in pink to “with bleach? Without bleach?”

Pay Attention to the Pink Color, and Pink Ash That Are Not Too Flashy!

The recommended hair color for 2022 is pink, a hot topic for fashionable women! Pink color, such as cherry blossoms and peaches, is a hair color that makes you think of cute items. But when it comes to pink colors, do you have a striking image?

Therefore, I would like to recommend pink ash! Pink ash is a hair color that adds light ash to the pink color. Although it has a cute pink color, it has a moderately favorable impression, and even beginners in color can easily take on the challenge!

This time, we will explain about such a beloved color, pink ash, along with the catalog, how to incorporate it with and without bleaching, and the difference in color depending on the Tone!

The Difference in Impression of Pink Ash With or Without Bleach

You should be careful about bleaching when you want a strong hair color. You should be careful about bleaching! Maybe many girls have resistance? “Pink ash is cute, but I wonder if bleaching is necessary…” Pink ash can be bleached or not! You can choose according to your taste!

Pink ash with bleach is transparent.

The bleach that removes the pigment from the hair is characterized by the fact that the color added after that is bright. Pink ash with bleach has a strong pink color, so it’s clear and has a lot of individuality. Bleach can hurt your hair, so take care of it to keep it cute.

Pink ash without bleach is slightly pink.

The great thing about pink ash is that it’s cute without bleaching. The nuances add color, giving you a mature and natural feeling. The point is that the pink is slightly transparent when you hold it over the light! Even though it’s not flashy, you can become a fashionable girl who follows the trends.

(by Tone) Pink Ash Color Sample Catalog

One of the features of pink ash is that it has a wide range of colors.

Especially, the impression is easy to change depending on the Tone!

Here, we will introduce the difference in color between the bright tone pink ash and the dark tone pink ash in their respective catalogs.

Bright Tone

High tone x wave winding for individual girls

The pink ash, which is quite bright, looks orange and energetic. It is a hair with a lot of individuality, combined with a wavy bob that doesn’t stick to your shoulders! While leaving a fluffy girlishness, it looks like a personality. 

Pale pink ash that gives a soft impression

A pale tone that makes your hair a little whiter. The combination of pink ash and pale Tone enhances the original transparency of the hair and gives it a soft and cute impression. The simple outer honey medium bob also looks fashionable!

Pink ash long with plenty of gloss

It is a pink ash color bleached to create a strong luster. I want to make the color stand out, so the point is to wrap the hair loosely only at the ends of the hair.

Dark Tone

For a cute mash short with pink ash

A style that combines mash short with dark pink ash. Mash is a style that gives a boyish atmosphere, but if you incorporate a pink color like this, you can be pretty cute. With oil styling, the glossiness of the hair is improved, and it is very cute.

Pink ash without bleach for a soft textured bob

Pink ash adds luster to the natural hair without bleaching. I don’t dare to apply perm or wave, and I match it with Bob, who has made it straight and attractive. In a nice style that makes the gloss of the hair stand out and makes the hair look beautiful

Dark pink ash, long made with modest sweetness.

Pink ash style that looks faint on a dark base. The modest sweetness is perfect for girls who yearn for adults. Wrap the ends of the hair loosely and add cuteness to the cool impression.

(by Length) Pink Ash Catalog

Once you know the color difference, it’s your turn to take it in.

However, many people are curious about the matching style: “What kind of hair does pink ash suit?” Pink ash is a versatile color that brings out all short, medium, and long charms. Among them, we will introduce the most recommended hairstyles by Length!


Fluffy short hair that creates an ennui atmosphere

The bright pink ash and short hair go perfectly together. Applying a large wave adds a fluffy feel and creates an ennui atmosphere.

Pink ash mixed with beige makes Bob an adult, cute

Bob tends to give a young impression. However, if you have pink ash with a strong beige color, you can get cute and mature simultaneously.


Outer honey medium x pink ash with the outstanding trend

If you want to add pink ash to your medium hair, try using trendy outer hair. The cuteness of pink ash and the contemporary look of the outer hair. You can become a girl with shiny hair with plenty of mellowness.

Loose fluffy midi x glossy pink ash

Medium hair with layers along the neck is an engaging style for adults. The tips of the hair move and give a light impression, so even dark pink ash does not make it heavy.

Unique but cute! Pink ash x wolf hair

Unique medium wolf hair with a little play on the tips. If you add pink ash, you can make cute Rakuchin hair by adding movement to the ends of the hair.

Simple hair-wrapped midi x ash Strong pink ash

Simple medium hair with lightly wrapped hair tips. It is a style that adds light pink ash to it. The pink ash is a cute color with plenty of nuances, so even if the style is simple, it will look great.


A little naughty pink ash x long-wave

Pink ash color with high Tone and a little naughty atmosphere. It transforms into an adult-like style by suppressing the energy with a long wave.

Modest curly hair x no bleach pink ash

Long curly hair is slightly discreet by wrapping the ends and surface of the hair. Excellent compatibility with adult-like pink ash made without bleaching!

Elegant long made with mixed winding.

A long hairstyle that is mixed with a trowel. The gorgeous atmosphere and the color of pink ash add to the style that gives an impression of an older sister! Since this is made with bleach, the point is that you can enjoy the change in color fading.

Let’s Aim for Girls Who Pink Ash loves.

We have introduced pink ash that looks great in photos, but how was it? The biggest attraction of pink ash is that it is cute regardless of the Length, with or without bleaching. Update yourself cute with pink ash, which is the focus of this season! Let’s aim for girls who are loved abruptly.

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