Latest Inner Hair Color In 2022: Explains Collection & Range, Combination

Latest Inner Hair Color In 2022 Explains Collection & Range, Combination

Inner color is a hair color that dyes only the inside of the hair. You can find your favorite style because the impression changes depending on the inner, such as the range and place to put it and the combination with the base color. This time, we will introduce how to choose an inner color and recommend styles by long, medium, and short lengths. Find the style you want to be in and give it a try!

Inner Color Is Recommended!

Inner Color Is Recommended

The inner color is recommended if you want to enjoy a different fashion than usual. The inner color is a color that changes only the inner hair color without changing the outer hair color. It is easier to challenge than dyeing all the hair, and it can be hidden depending on where you put it, so the point is that it is easy for children with severe hair color to take in at the office or school.

In addition, the impression changes depending on the color and range you put in, so you can enjoy the style without a rut! Why don’t you try “inner color” this season and take a step forward from the surroundings?

How Do You Choose the Color of the Inner Color?

How Do You Choose the Color of the Inner Color

An inner color allows you to challenge your favorite color because it is a color you can put inside. But because there are so many types, you wonder how many colors to choose from. So first, let’s check how to choose a color.

How to choose 1: Black hair, brown: (Choose by base hair color)

The inner color can create a different atmosphere depending on the overall hair color that is the base. Here are some typical examples of black and light hair, so let’s compare them.

Black hair that shines in color inside × Inner

The original color is calm for black and dark hair, so the inner color will be easier to shine. It will be more noticeable if you add a bright color, but if you want to make it moderately natural, it is recommended to add a slightly dull color.

The brown color that creates movement x inner color

The feature of bright hair is that the inner color is easier to get used to than black hair. Incorporating particularly similar colors creates a gradation-like effect and creates movement in the hairstyle. 

How to choose 2: Choose a color that is hard to eliminate at school or the office.

The inner color can make the impression subtle depending on the color tone and the place to put it. If you choose a natural color that will not stand out in your school or office, it will be less likely to come out. For example, if you choose an inner color similar to the original hair as shown in the image. For black hair, make it a darker cool color to make it less noticeable. Let’s show it boldly by styling and arranging when you want to show it.

These Three Colors Are Recommended for 2022!

We will introduce the inner colors attracting attention in 2022 in detail from here!

Cute Pink

Cute Pink

Pink-brown inner color that is easy to get used to

The brown-colored loose fluffy long is an iron plate style that enhances femininity. The inner color around the ears is pink-brown, which matches perfectly with the base color. If you are worried that it will stand out, it will be natural if you put it together in similar colors.

Pink face-framing x Korean winding for a modern style

A style that darkens the entire hair and adds inner pink as a face-framing color. The whole hair is dark, so the bright inner color is shining and cute.

Add elegance with straight pink.

Pink inner color x natural straight style. Pink inner color that makes it easy to give a unique impression. Combining such an inner color with a straight will be a casual and elegant style. 

Beige x inner pink for a soft impression

The soft beige color gives it a great sense of omission! A cute adult style with a pink inner color inside. The calm lavender-pink gives an adult-like impression.

Refreshing Blue

Refreshing Blue

Aqua blue hair color

Blue is also popular as the inner color! If you want to make it stand out, why not try a bright blue color? It is also recommended to add a layer and color so you can see it.

Bob x bright blue for a refreshing look

Bob wave x bright blue inner color style. This bright blue has the impression that it tends to be cool, but you can create a loose girlishness by combining it with Bob.

Loosely long wave x denim color casually.

Hair arrangement with a dark tone blue Inner in a long, loose wave style. It is a casual inner color recommended for those who do not dare to challenge the vivid blue.

Cool with wolf cut x blue inner

Imadoki style with long wolf cut and blue inner layer. A cool impression by adding a unique blue inner to the trendy wolf cut.

Cool Gray

Cool Gray

Bob x gray Inner adds transparency.

A style with a gray inner color on the cute royal road, Bob. If you leave the roundness on the ends of the hair, it will be a higher-grade mote style.

The contrast is fashionable! White gray

If you want to show the inner color coolly, use the gray color. Putting it in the dark will give you a natural atmosphere, and if you put it in a strong white like this, it will give you a fashionable style with beautiful contrast!

Chocolat brown x greige for a feeling of omission

A style that adds a greige inner to a calm chocolate brown. By using Greige, also called a transparent color, as a point, you can get a better feeling of omission.

Accented with black and Greige

The whole is unified to a darker color, and the inner color is a style that adds whitishness. The contrast between the inner and overall colors makes it a very cute accent.

(by Length) Nowadays, Inner Color Catalog

by Length Nowadays Inner Color Catalog

Once you find the color you are interested in, let’s decide what to do next.

Here, we introduce inner color styles by the length of “short, medium, and long.”

Short puts it in the “under the ears and hem”!

By adding color to the hem (the tip of the hair), Mr. Short will have a satisfying finish if you have the image of putting the inner color around the ear.

Wolf Bob x Point Inner is cute!

A style in which only the front of the ear is bleached and the earring color is added. The cool impression of the wolf is also a gentle and cute impression with the outer winding bob x bright inner color.

Save sweetness with a high tone color.

After bleaching all the heads once, turn on cassis pink with the inner color. Beige without redness for fashionable hair like a foreigner. Save the sweetness of pink by combining it with a high-tone color!

Turn on the inner color for the bangs.

A style with an inner color around the face and bangs. The orange inner color is familiar to the skin and makes the area around the face look bright. It is a recommended color because it is easy to match with any base color.

Two-dimensional “green” is hot!

Accented with green, which has good coloring. Black hair and green are a perfect combination. If you don’t want to wear it with other people, why not try using the inner color to show your individuality?

Gray inner color that looks fashionable and sure

The gray inner color is fashionable and reliable. Also, it doesn’t stand out too much, so it’s perfect for those new to inner color.

Bob and Medium are on “beside the ears”!

The ideal style for the medium length is to make it look flickering when you put your hair on your ears. Add color to the back of your ears for Bob and just above the center of your back for Medium!

Orange is an inner color that is not too flashy.

The orange inner color doesn’t look too flashy! It is attractive that it is easy to get used to the brown color. Increasing the saturation of orange will give you a lively impression.

Appeal the inner color with curly hair

Curly hair improves the conspicuity of the inner color! Lightly wrap the ends of the hair and then break it with oil or wax. The combination of base and inner color makes it easy to create a dynamic style.

Half dumplings

Boldly change the impression with half-up and ponytail. If it’s a red color, it’s casual and cute! The point is that the inner color looks fashionable even if it is loosely put together.

Bleach to make the inner color transparent!

“Piercing color” with different colors only for the sideburns. The lighter color can be made transparent by bleaching! Show your presence with large accessories and ear hooks.

Loosely level up the down pony.

Down ponies, which tend to give a heavy impression, can be made into a fresh hairstyle by adding an inner color. Don’t forget to make a casual appeal by giving out lagging hair and tactile sensation.

Long enters from “Temple”!

If you add a large color, it will look three-dimensional! Be careful not to put it too high. The inner color makes it possible to get rid of dirt! The bright inner color will give you a clean finish for dark hair, which tends to look heavy! If you want to give it softness, the beige inner. After gently wrapping the whole, finish with oil.

Long black hair x lavender shines.

It is crazy to show the lavender color from the tip of long black hair! Wave the whole to make it trendy curly hair. The lavender color keeps the cuteness even if the color fades.

Easy to challenge high-tone colors!

Colors that are difficult to challenge on their own are easy to challenge with inner colors! The high-tone beige color is recommended because it is easy to get used to with brown hair. Add a large inner color to give a nice impression.

Pink is both popular and fashionable.

Milk Tea beige topped with baby pink inner color. It is popular to put the inner in modestly and show it casually! Let’s decide fashionably with casual curls.

“Light blue” is recommended for casual wear.

The light blue inner you can see every time you move is fashionable. Blue, bleached to reduce the color, goes well with ash hair color. The casual impression is perfect for rough outfits! Knit so that the inner looks good. A style with green on the inner. It is not too flashy by aligning the surface with the inner color in olive color! Knit it so that the inner color can be seen.

Simple Question Q & an of the Inner Color

Here are some simple questions about inner colors before going to the beauty salon, bleach, where to put it, etc. Let’s solve the question you care about!

Q: Can the inner color be used without bleaching?

A: There are many high-tone colors, so bleaching is essential.

The inner color has a narrower range than dyeing the whole, so damage is less! If you are worried about damage, take care with treatment.

Q: Can I do the inner color by myself?

A: You can! However, be careful of the procedure and damage to your hair!

Maybe many children want to try inner color by themselves during their home time. Of course, you can make your inner color using commercially available colorants and color butter. However, if you mistake applying the bleaching agent or blocking the hair, the color may not come in as expected. If you are clumsy and anxious, you can ask at the salon.

Q: How to make the inner color look more fashionable?

A: Try sticking to your hair arrangement.

It is a fashionable inner color style, but you can make it look more conspicuous by arranging the hair. Recommended hair arrangements vary depending on where you put them, such as bangs, innerwear, and earring colors.

Secretly Fashionable, Dignified Fashionable. Inner Colors That Both Come True

Just add the inner color to expand the range of fashion! Show off with down hair, boldly appeal with up hair. Enjoy fashion according to your mood. If you want the perfect inner color, go to a beauty salon. Make your hair look crazy and get likes from your friends.

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