Olive Beige Is A Good Color. Let’s Get A Moist Texture

When changing the hair color, the trend color is of concern. The recent attention is beige color. However, there are various types of beige colors. We will introduce olive beige, which can be used regardless of the season among beige colors.

Olive Beige Is a Good Color!

Olive beige is a good color that combines the naturalness of olives with the softness of beige. It has a mellow color that fits well on the skin, making it easy for beginners to try. It has a more moist texture than just brown, so it is also recommended when you want to change the atmosphere.

Olive beige if you want less redness and transparency!

Olive beige is a color based on the olive that counteracts the redness of hair. It is gaining popularity as an elegant color that gives a firm sense of transparency even with dark hair. The color is not too dull, so it is recommended for people who want to create an ennui atmosphere. Olive beige with a favorable impression is excellent with other color menus such as highlights and inner colors.

What Happens When the Color Fades?

Olive beige becomes a beige color with a gentle atmosphere when it fades. The feature of olive beige is that you can enjoy the process of discoloration instead of just fading! Color fading can be enjoyed with or without bleach. We will introduce the colors according to the presence or absence of bleach.

Olive beige with bleach

If you bleach and add color, the color will be good, and the hair will be vivid. The olive beige, which suppresses redness and orange, is bleached and then added to bring out the beige, giving a bright and healthy impression. In addition, the color is easy to enter, so the hair color lasts a long time.

Olive beige without bleach

The good thing about olive beige is that it gives a beautiful color even without bleaching. You can produce a natural texture and hair color while suppressing the redness of the hair. Even people resistant to bleaching or who cannot make bright tones can enjoy their hair color.

The recommended style of bright x olive beige is this!

The point of olive beige is that it is dyed with elegant hair color, even if it is bright. First of all, I will introduce bright olive beige colors by length.

Adult cute mash short

A style that combines the matureness of a short and the cuteness of a bright olive color. You can also expect a chief effect by making a mash short with a short length. The point is that even bright colors give an elegant impression. 

Cute mini bob

Mini bob style with a cute soft roundness. Combined with a bright olive beige, it gives a lighter impression. 

Adult mash short

An adult style with a refreshing mash short and one-curl nuance perm for rough movement. Olive beige with transparency and softness goes well with shorts.


Highlight olive beige

Make a three-dimensional style by adding fine highlights to the uncut outer honey bob style. Olive beige and highlights go well together and don’t look too flashy, so it’s also recommended for those who want to try highlights.

Outside honey loose lob

Olive beige color without bleach. The transparency of olive beige and the lightness of the layer is also excellent. One curls the ends of the hair to the outside and sprinkles it with oil to create a style with a sense of shedding.

Airy Bob

Combine the transparent olive beige with the constricted airy bob cut. Make a constricted base with a 26mm trowel and wind it with an outside wave, and add a fine curl around your face to complete it. The point is to finish it wet with polish oil and create a feeling around the face.


Soft mix winding

A long style with an ennui olive beige and a soft impression. Wrap the mix from the middle to the tips of the hair, and let the oil spread throughout, and you’re done.

Trendy constricted hair

A combination of trendy constricted hair and olive beige. It gives a light impression by gently wrapping around the face and leaving the ends of the hair outside.

Straight long that does not become heavy.

Straight long hair that can appeal to your hair color. Even long hair, which tends to be heavy, has a soft impression with the transparency of olive beige. If you use a straight iron, you can easily style your morning.

Dark X Olive Beige’s Recommended Style Is This!

Even with dark hair olive beige, the transparency is perfect. It is perfect for people who want a dark tone but do not want to give a heavy impression. We will also introduce this by length, so please check it out.

Airy Short

Airy short that gives a soft and mellow impression even in dark tones. The transparency of olive beige and the lightness of the shorts make a refreshing impression. If you start moving with a perm, you can just style it with a mousse and squeeze it!

Uza Bang Short Bob

Short bob style that doesn’t become too boyish. The roughness that is not made too much with fringe curls is attractive. The balance will be better if you add the sex appeal of adults with a bang.

Small face effect with straight bob

A style that incorporates olive beige into a straight bob. With the dark tone and length covering the area around the face, you can expect a small face effect. 

Medium omission

Medium style with plenty of transparent feeling. By combining it with thin bangs, you can achieve a casual style even in dark tones.

Foreign-style wave midi

Olive beige with the redness completely removed makes it a foreigner style. Use a thin trowel to make the tips of the hair outside, and wrap the hair on the surface with a fine mix from the top of the bee to create a style with light movement. The moist texture makes the back look cute.

Honey bob outside the texture

A style that enhances the moist texture with olive beige and outside splashes. A beige color that is not too dull will give an elegant impression. If you want to get rid of the redness, you can ask the beautician to add a little green.

The Trendy Olive Beige Is Recommended for the First Color!

Olive beige is a trendy color that has a natural and mellow feel. The soft color makes it familiar to the face, so it is recommended for the first coloring. Even with the same olive beige, there are small hopes, such as wanting to suppress green and to give a firm sense of transparency. If you consult with a beautician, they will adjust the color composition. Find a catalog with the atmosphere you want to be in and have it dyed beautifully at the salon.

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