Latte nail is a design with the motif of latte drinks such as latte. It is a hot topic now that the marble-shaped design, a mixture of latte drink, milk, and base drink, will upgrade the fashion. This article will introduce the design features and recommended designs for Late Nail. You will surely find a lathe nail that you will want to challenge.

What Kind of Design Is Late Nail?

A cute and modern latte nail that is reminiscent of a fashionable latte drink. Latte nail is a general term for designs that express latte-type drinks, such as latte drinks. In general, it often refers to a design that is marbled so that the milk of the latte and the base drink is mixed. 

Differences from latte color nails with similar names

It has a similar name to latte nails, and there is also a latte color nail. As the name suggests, latte color nails are latte-like color nails. Specifically, it refers to light brown or beige-colored nails that look like a mixture of coffee and milk. Therefore, the design is different from the marble-based lathe nail.

Order a Lathe Nail With a Delicate Design at the Salon!

Latenail is a very delicate design with a very delicate color mixture and distribution. It is possible to take on the challenge by yourself, but you need to have a technique of painting to finish it beautifully. Therefore, to achieve the ideal lathe nail, it is recommended to order at the salon.

It Feels Like a Cafe! Latte Nail Design Catalog to Choose by Drink

The color of latte nails is not limited to the image of the latte. There are many designs with the name of cafe drinks, such as coffee nails with a lot of brown and matcha lathe nails with green. Here, we will introduce recommended lathe nails for each drink!

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Cafe latte (cafe au lait) nails

Latte nail with a mixture of colors like a real latte

A cute latte nail with a mixture of colors that looks like a real latte. In addition, it is also fashionable to add a surrounding nail as an accent. To reproduce the exquisite color, and it is recommended to show the finished image at the salon.

The combination of latte and nuance is fashionable

A stylish design with a combination of latte and nuance. By unifying the overall tone, even nails with high design will not be squeaky. It’s a lot of white, so it’s cute to have a latte-like atmosphere with plenty of milk.

French x asymmetric, nowadays cafe latte nail

The combination with French asymmetrical design is a trendy design now. Combine with cafe latte nails for a favorable impression. If you combine white, it will make you look more like a latte. 

The sophisticated design of cafe latte nails

A latte nail with a sophisticated design that is both simple and fashionable. To get a glossy texture that you can see for a long time, it is better to have it finished at the salon. 

Coffee nails

Coffee nails that create an adult-like atmosphere

Coffee nails have a higher proportion of black and brown than cafe latte nails, giving them a mature atmosphere. Rather than making all the marbles the same ratio, changing the balance of each one will give you a feeling of mellowness. 

Coffee nails are also gorgeous with stones.

It’s a coffee nail that goes well with casual tastes, but if you treat it with stones, it will give you a stunning impression at once. By deliberately making the part where the stone is attached, it will be elegant. The point of finishing this nail is to give it a glossy texture.

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A simple coffee nail for a beautiful hand

Simple coffee nails look neat so that you can create a beautiful hand. By making the one-color part white, the overall atmosphere looks bright. It is also recommended to add some parts as an accent.

Enjoy various designs with asymmetric nails.

Asymmetric nails are nails that can incorporate various tastes and designs at the same time. If you combine the color tones or make the design a little linked on the left and right, you will get a sense of unity. If you want to enjoy not only coffee nails but also different designs, why not give it a try? 

Enjoy Fashionable Fingertips That Are One Step Ahead With Latina

How was it? Latenail has a design with various drinks as a motif, so it’s nice to be able to create any atmosphere. By all means, refer to the designs introduced in this article, and let’s enjoy fashionable fingertips with lathe nails!