Korean Hair Without Bangs Style That You Want To Imitate Right Now

Recently, the Korean style has taken root. All styles are 360-degree cute Korean hair, but I think many people want to finish it in a mature style next time. I will introduce a Korean style that you can do without bangs this time. There is also a style that you can challenge, even with short bangs, to imitate right away.

If You Want to Be a Mature Korean Girl, We Recommend Having No Bangs!

When you look at an actress who appears in a Korean drama, you look like an adult, longing for it. If you want to be such an adult-like Korean girl, it is recommended to have a hairstyle that does not make her bangs! I will introduce a Korean style that does not make bangs. Let’s aim for a fashionable style different from cute Korean girls!

The Part Should Decide on the Korean Style Without Bangs!

For Korean hairstyles that do not make bangs, how to make a part is the most important thing! There are many things to be aware of, such as creating volume and changing the outskirts look. Here, we will introduce the most popular styles without bangs by part.

[Recommended bang 1] A fluffy bang made

The fluffy kakiage bang is a royal road without bangs. Although it is a cool style, the fluffy kakiage gives a gentle impression to the face. When making a scraped bang, it is important to wet the bangs from the root and apply a hairdryer from multiple directions to raise the part’s root firmly. Styling the ends of the hair so that it naturally flows out. Check out the article below for how to make a scraped bang style and a special feature on the style!

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[Recommended bang 2] Center division of any length

The center part style with the bangs divided in the middle also attracts attention. The appeal of the center division is that you can challenge even if the bangs are short or long. It is highly recommended because you can fashionably style your bangs. After wetting the bangs from the root, apply the pad of your finger to the root and dry it like shaking. Apply a hairdryer from the bottom to raise the root, move your finger in a zigzag manner, and if you divide it in the middle.

If You Want to Match the Short Bob Style

Transparent beige

Bob with Korean trend and center part bangs. The transparent beige gives a soft impression. Let’s curl the ends of the hair to create a girly atmosphere.

Small face center part bob

A small-faced bob with a cute diamond-shaped silhouette. The point is that It should gently raise the bangs of the center part at the base, and the tips should be wrapped so that they can be pulled out. Finish it naturally with organic colors.

Beloved by the outside and in style

It is a style with the tips of the hair roughly removed. It will give you a cute impression. It is also important to make the entire hair a rhombus silhouette to give it a Korean feel.

Ear hook short bob

A short bob with a layer wrapped in Yoshinori. Divide the bangs at the center, raise the roots, and then curl the ends of the hair from the outside to the back so that it blends in with the back hair. The small face effect will be outstanding if you put the hair around your ears lightly on your ears.

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Blonde color with a strong presence

It is a style that combines Korean style bob and blonde color with bleach. Your presence will increase by making a step difference from the surroundings with a hairstyle like a Korean idol. Combining high tone color and Bob can also create a cool atmosphere.

If You Want to Match the Medium Style

It is Midi

Midi style with cute bangs that are naturally centered. Even with the length of the bangs, if you raise the root firmly and blend it with the back hair, it will give a natural impression.

Loose hair

Loose midi style with a cute airy feeling. It will be easier to blend with the softly raised bangs if you add a layer. Smoky beige adds transparency.

Fringe Wave Midi

Nuance midi with one of the bangs divided at the center firmly raised. Wrap around the face to look like an outside splash, and apply a wave to the ends of the hair to make a small face. It goes well with deep cocoa brown.

Royal road Midi

The royal road Ulzzang midi style with sexy bangs flowing from the bangs that have been firmly raised to the side of the face. The hair behind her is wrapped to give it a natural volume. Add beige highlights to add luster.

Uza Bang

Uzabang is a desirable midi style that launched the root of the Uzabang. Produce a fluffy feeling by making the top division. If you have a straight bob with a long see-through bang cut, you can easily and fashionably style it.

If You Want to Match the Long Style

Add movement and make it elegant.

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It is a long hair that incorporates a layer cut into the bangs naturally divided at about. You can add movement to the entire hair by wrapping. Combined with the glossiness of long hair, you can give an elegant impression.

Rose beige hair

Long hair in the center part. The tip of the hair is one curl, and the hair around the face is wrapped so that a large wave comes next to the face to make a face look smaller. Rose beige with a strong pink color adds cuteness.

Girly long style

Super long hair with cute bangs. The bangs divided at the center are curled so that the roots stand up lightly and the tips of the hair flow backward. She brings out the matureness with a calm olive beige.

Korean style center part

Center part style that can be done with short bangs. The correct answer is that the bangs separated after the roots are firmly raised are curled out.

Korean style layer long.

Ulzzang hair with a loose Yoshinori role that brings out the feeling of an adult’s omission. By putting a layer only around the face, cutting it lightly, and cutting the ends of the hair because it is heavy, the overall balance is balanced, and an emo style is created. The dark color creates an elegant and alluring look.

For a Nice Woman Without Bangs

There are many Korean-style bangles styles that you can challenge even if your bangs are short or stretched out! If you make a small number of bangs in advance or cut it so that they can be easily washed away, your usual styling will be easier.