Fashionable Style Feature That Makes Your Usual Bob Lighter

Fashionable Style Feature That Makes Your Usual Bob Lighter

Bob’s hair is both cute and easy. However, the atmosphere of Bob also changes greatly depending on the length and the presence or absence of perm. We will introduce a layer of straight bob with a light silhouette this time.

Straight Bob X Layer Cut

Straight bobs are cute, but they tend to be simple and sometimes look heavy. In such a case, combine layer cuts and devise! It creates movement in the hair and gives a light and fluffy impression. We will introduce seasonal styles with layers in this special feature, so please try to find your favorite style.

Small Face Effect With Layers! Rhombus Straight Bob

The diamond-shaped straight Bob has a fluffy volume on the side of the face. A style with an outstanding small face. He is a style that I would like people who are uneasy about trying because he is worried about the size of his face if he is a straight bob. You don’t have to worry about it becoming heavy because the layers create a soft and light volume.

Recommended rhombus straight bob style

Inwardly wound diamond-shaped Bob.

A diamond-shaped bob cut so that the tips of the hair naturally go inside. The point is that it fits well and is easy to handle. The bangs can be made into a long see-through bang to give a good feeling of pulling out.

Adult-like elegant Bob

An adult-like elegant diamond-shaped bob without bangs. The point is to dry it firmly from the root and make it fluffy. Apply balm or wax to create a glossy and well-balanced style.

Olive Greige Mini Bob

A diamond-shaped bob with volume around the ears. The small face effect is also outstanding by naturally cutting the hair to follow the chin. It is also a point that the impression changes drastically when you put it on your ears.

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Small face bunch feeling Bob

Straight Bob with a natural bunch and excellent small face effect. Dry it with a hand blow to raise the roots, and apply the treatment butter only to the tips of the hair. If you give a feeling of the bunch to both the bangs and the tips of the hair, it will look fashionable.

Rhombus bob with a clean neckline

We recommend the diamond-shaped Bob with a clean neckline if you get tired of ordinary bobs. The adult-like style that makes the profile look beautiful is attractive. If you make a bunch of bangs and let them flow naturally, it will give a rough and natural impression.

Raspberry pink bob

Straight Bob with a fashionable deep raspberry pink. The diamond-shaped silhouette cut so that the tips of the hair go inside under the chin is outstanding for a small face. The point is to cut the bangs under the eyebrows and create a feeling of the bunch.

Constricted Bob That Makes You Feel Like a Lady

If you want a fashionable style that is easy to care for, we recommend the constricted Bob. You can add plenty of layers to create a lady-like adult-like style for those who look childish. I will introduce the recommended style of straight x constricted Bob.

Constricted glossy Bob

Constricted Bob with a glossy texture. By adding plenty of layers and shaping it so that it can be constricted at the neck position, morning styling will be much easier.

Foggy beige bob

An adult-like calm tone, foggy beige bob style. By combining layer cuts, you can sense sheerness and movement for a stylish finish. If you add thin highlights, you will get a more three-dimensional effect and movement, which will be fashionable.

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White ash airy Bob

The combination of high-tone white ash color and Bob’s constricted silhouette is a natural style. The long bangs should be thin and see-through, and the face area should be cut so that it flows out naturally for a neat and fashionable impression.

Outer splash x constricted Bob.

A constricted bob with a soft layer made by putting a layer on the surface of the uncut outer honey bob. The gray color gives a deep impression and creates a chic and mature atmosphere.

Loose beige bob

A natural straight bob with a thick bang. By lightly adding layers based on the straight Bob cut, you can create a silhouette with natural movement. The point is to give a feeling of the bunch to the bangs.

Wolf Bob Approaches a Fashionable Expert.

If you want to make a little change from a normal bob, we recommend the wolf bob. The wolf bob with a layer on the surface and lightness on the neckline is a style that is easy to set, and you can easily enjoy fashion. Introducing the straight bob x wolf style that is easy to incorporate.

Wolf Bob x Face Layer

Wolf Bob is recommended for those who are tired of the usual Bob. Putting a layer firmly around the face and adding an accent gives a fashionable impression. It is also attractive to put it together just by drying it.

Beige x Wolf Bob

A cute wolf bob with a mellow beige color with plenty of transparency. The point is to finish the layer cut around the face finely and naturally. It is also recommended for beginners of wolf cuts and those who want to change the atmosphere slightly.

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Natural mash wolf

A wolf-cut bob that naturally connects from long bangs to side-to-back hair. The point is that the profile looks beautiful. Blow with a non-rinse type treatment and style with gloss wax to complete. 

Wolf Bob in natural mode

Wolf Bob with a balance of mode and naturalness. The key to success is to create a natural silhouette with fine layer cuts. The styling is completed just by letting the oil blend in.

Wide bang wolf around the eyes

A cute wolf bob with a side bang cut to the height of the eyebrows. The thin and fine see-through bang enhances the impression of the crisp eyes. The tight wolf bob adds a glossy feel.

Uncut face layer bob

Wolf Bob with a face layer based on the uncut Bob. The area around the face is light, so even when you put it on your ears, it will have a natural trailing hair and an attractive finish. It goes well with the calm pale beige.

With a Straight Bob X Layer, You Can Easily Enjoy Fashion.

Straight Bob can also change the atmosphere widely depending on layer cuts. It is a nice point that it is light and easy to style. Please decide the image you want to be and consult with a beautician! In the busy season, enjoy a fashionable style with ease.

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