Fade hairstyles for Black men have become popular in recent years due to their sleek, modern look and versatility. A fade gradually shortens hair from top to side and back for a clean, polished look. Different lengths, angles, and textures can customize the look from a low to a skin fade. Fade hairstyles work well with buzz cuts, short curls, and other hairstyles. This versatile look is fashionable and professional for many Black men. No matter your style, a fade can be customized.

Black men can customize their hairstyles beyond the fade. Burst fades, unlike temple fades, have a subtle circular shape around the ear. A drop fade has a head-shaped cut, while a shadow fade blends gradually for a softer look. A faded hairstyle can be styled with many hair lengths, textures, and styles. A professional stylist can recommend the best fade for your hair type and facial features and offer maintenance and styling advice to keep your face looking fresh.

Black men can wear faded hairstyles because they can be customized to their hair, face, and preferences. A fade can be stylish and low-maintenance for men with thicker hair. Men can benefit from a fade because it adds thickness and volume. The style works for oval, square, and round faces. A good stylist can style a men’s look to his features. Fade hairstyles are great for Black men who want something modern, refined, and versatile.

How Do I Know Which Type of Fade Haircut Will Look Best on Me?

Your face shape, hair type, and style determine your faded haircut. Use these tips to choose a fade haircut:

Consider your face shape: Fade haircuts can balance and enhance your face’s contours. For example, a high or mid fade with longer hair on top can slim a round face. Longer hair on top makes your face appear longer. If you have a square face, a low fade and beard can round out your jawline and make it less prominent.

Think about your hair type:  Your fade haircut may depend on your hair’s texture and thickness. A low or mid fade with longer curls on top can give curly hair a modern look. A high-fade haircut can make it appear thicker if you have thin hair.

Consider your style: Your personality and lifestyle can determine the best fade haircut. With a low fade and short, the texturized top can give you a more traditional look. A high or mid fade with a longer, slicked-back top can be edgier or more modern.

Which Fade Hairstyles Are the Most Attractive for Black Men?

The most attractive fade hairstyles for Black men depend on individual preferences and personal style. However, here are some popular and stylish options that are often considered attractive:


A buzz cut is one of the most famous black men’s hairstyles. In this way, you don’t have to deal with your hair. It is a low-maintenance, high-performance haircut. This basic haircut attracts more attention to the face and eyes.

Crop Top

A crop top is a great haircut for older men because it looks classy and elegant with little upkeep. Usually worn with a short back and sides, you can embrace your edgy and bold side by going bald on top.

Box Fade

If you are looking for a black boy haircut, this is it. This classic haircut has a rectangular top and a short-length taper. The haircut structure depends on the style, but keeping the sides small and the top compact is advisable. It is also great for black men’s haircuts.

Mid Fade

Low- to mid-range fades start. “Universal” cut. Most of the time, they stand out more than other kinds of fading, making long and short hair look like it was cut in half. A line or shaved part with clear lines looks good with a medium gradient. The mohawk is updated with a mid fade.

Afro Fade

This afro fade is a great option that is simple and attractive. High and tight hairlines with fades, perfectly aligned hairlines, and thin beards help strengthen the structure of men’s bones. Black boys and men can confidently and aggressively rock this haircut.

Burst Fade

Fade edges are round. However, the “explosive fade” haircut looks like the hair is “bursting” out of the ear due to its different lines. Football player Odell Beckham Jr. is a Mohawk celebrity. Take a cue from him to try this bold and eye-catching style.

Drop Fade

Teardrop fading gives your hairstyle more personality by making a beautiful arc when seen from the side. The sharp, curved, and smooth transition line works well with curly hair of any length. But it looks more intimidating with an Afro or twists. For a new look, add a part or a look.

Faux Hawk

Faux hawks are modern Mohawks. The sides are shaved or short, while the top is long and styled upwards towards the center. Unlike the Mohawk, the side hair is left. It’s shorter and tapered. This edgy hairstyle works for both men and women.

Comb Back

The bouffant is a stylish and flexible hairstyle for older men who want a classic look that works for any event. Short hair on the sides and back will look good with a longer style on top, whether your hair is thick or thin. Whether you have a beard or not, a bouffant will make you look and feel good at work and home.

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Bald Fading

Skin aging, or baldness, is smooth. It requires more maintenance than other bleaching methods, so you must visit the hairdresser more often to maintain its appearance. It’s worth the effort. The bald head color is strong, clean, modern, masculine, and adaptable.

Messy Curls

Curly-haired people wear messy curls. Since this hairstyle is unstructured, natural curls can flow freely. The hair is long on top, short on the sides, and styled with a texturizing product for a messy, tousled look. This low-maintenance hairstyle suits carefree, laid-back people.

Temple Fade

Haircuts for black men today are not dull. This clean look is the perfect combination of retro and modern. In this style, do not put a back cut on the skin. Instead, leave it at a medium length for a hawk effect. Afro Fade is a style that always creates creativity.

Shadow Fade

Shadow fades give a more natural look. This style has a tapered back and sides. The hairdo is named for its smooth, shadow-like transition. Create a stylish, low-maintenance shadow fade with different top lengths and textures. This style fades gently.

Crew Cut Fade

The Crew Cut Fade is a classic men’s hairstyle that involves shaving the top and tapering or fading the sides and back. To add texture, the top hair is cut to one to two inches and styled with the product. This hairstyle looks good with formal and casual clothes.

Extended Fade

Probably the most popular this season. With this choice, short hair below the middle of the head smoothly turns into a “zero” haircut. Similar to undercut, but differs in the smoothness of the transition at the temples.

Faded Neckline

The Faded Neckline hairstyle fades the nape hair gradually. The hair at the neck is cut shorter than the hair above it to create a smooth transition from longer to shorter hair. This hairstyle often has a short back and sides cut for a clean look.

Wavy Low Fade

It is one of the best photos, with a quick fade and a perfect lineup. It shows exactly what all of this haircut is. Sharp and clean lines with only a few fade to keep things exciting Haircuts that require regular maintenance (and haircuts that believe in seeing hairdressers often) always look great. Produces a very masculine style that enhances self-confidence.

Curls With Fade

It is your best option if you’re thinking of black men’s haircuts. This haircut looks fantastic, with undercuts and fades, as some people have loose curls. It’s a good idea to grow your curls and create your unique look identity.

The Sharp Edge

The Sharp Edge is a modern hairstyle for men that sharpens the hairline. Draw a straight line across the forehead and sideburns with a razor or trimmer. The top hair is styled with a product to add texture and volume, while the sides and back are tapered or faded. This hairstyle looks chic and modern.

Short High Fade

A high fade is one of the best haircuts for black men. This cut requires very little daily maintenance, but you must go to the barber twice a month to keep the barber clean.

Wavy High Fade

If you’re looking for a haircut that makes people think you’re a pop star, ensure you have the perfect wave on the top and shave the hair on the back and sides. It is the added engraving line that makes this hair design successful.

Black Curly Fade

Fade is reliable when looking for a fresh haircut. This cool and clean style is very sharp. In addition, it can be easily removed. Some men look best with high fades, while others prefer to keep their fades low from the head. This high to medium fade is classic. When paired with a beard, you are golden.

Textured Haircut

Bring back the thick-bristled brush if you’re in your golden years and still have good hair. This hairstyle is smooth and textured, but it has a lot of body and lift, which gives the look movement and flow. For a bold and daring look, lay the brush back with smooth short sides or pointed edges.

Fade Pompadour

You don’t have to look anymore if you plan a black hairstyle. This pompadour rocks your world. Great for people with straight hair but great for hair with tight curls. It is very smooth and stunning.

40s Style Fade Cut

Its elegance and class have made this hairstyle last. It can be worn casually or formally with a side part or pulled back for a more polished look.

Smooth Taper Fade

Smooth Taper Fades gradually taper hair at the sides and back. Hair is cut shorter near the hairline. The top hair is left longer and styled with a product to add texture and volume.

Reddish-brown Curl

This gorgeous African red color is unpretentious and looks significant to men. Warm tones blend well with dark skin. Try only the tip of the hair of the male version of the dip dies.

Curly Top Skin Fade

This high-top fade looks even more fabulous with twisted hair and side-by-side fades that hang down toward the nape of the neck. The straight line at the top distinguishes between curly and shaved areas, emphasizing their contrast. These elements help add your spin to the basic mohawk fade.

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Black Faded Flat Top


The soft black flat top is a different haircut that suits all men. Please take advantage of using our natural textured hair. Maintaining and reusing for a more extended period is also much more accessible.

Short Black Mohawk

How can I get more creative with Temple fade? Stretch your long hair to the nape of your neck to make a great mohawk. It is an excellent style and is surprisingly easy to take off when your hair is short to medium.

Curly Top Drop Fade

The Curly-Top Drop Fade is a modern men’s hairstyle with curly hair on top and a drop fade on the sides and back. The sides and back are tapered or faded, while the top of the hair is left longer and styled with a product for texture and volume. This hairstyle is hip and young.

Men Bun With Beard

You can mix the two amazingly if you prefer long and facial hair. This handsome hairstyle combines long curls wrapped in a men bun with a heavy beard to match. Consider adding an undercut to shape the look.

Buzzcut With a Beard

It is how black men’s hair looks. For a manly look, this buzz haircut keeps the beard. The hair and beard look good together, so keep both. After looking at this long list of hairstyles, it’s easy to see that good hairstyles are all about the person. So, each haircut gives them a different look.

Kinky Top Taper Fade

This cute style might make you want to let your natural hair grow out. I don’t know what else will happen if this doesn’t get you excited. These curls will help you get the desired length, volume, and texture. All you have to do is keep your hair moist and twist it often.

Angled Front Flat Top

The zero fade-angled front flat top offers a precise angle over your head and a fade cut to highlight the difference. This Flat top fade hairstyle mixes in two types of haircuts to provide a perfect result.

Shaved Side Hairstyle

The mini faded flat top hairstyle uses completely shaved side parts and a top section that allows for a low cut. The mini flat top with fade hairstyle is still a whole style and is easy to maintain!

Haircut With Side Part

Black men’s haircuts are synonymous with shaved designs and shaved parts. The texture of black hair is suitable for creative designs and is concise. The most common are different lines. Side parts are always wearable, although some designed styles can be wild and crazy.

Curly Fade and Lineup

If the lineup is included, longer metamorphic curls will look neat to African-American men. Let’s make a nice frame while incorporating the texture of curly hair. Parts not connected to facial hairstyles are an additional feature that adds to the cool look and allows you to take your hairstyle to a whole new level instantly.

Retro With Taper Fade

For a gentle style, ask the hairdresser to smooth the overall shape of the haircut and create a low fade only on the back skin. The design of the mock side parts adds a fantastic element to the hairstyle and gives it a finish.

Stylish Mid-Fade Brush

This trendy hairstyle involves teasing and combing the hair to give it more texture and a lively look.

Hairstyle With High Top

Hairstyles from the ’80s and ’90s aren’t ready to use, which is a great repeat. This high top is even more complemented with a smooth reduction in length and short shaving lines.

High-top Mohawk Fade

This unique cut combines several styles, such as high fade, tapered mohawk, and lineup. If you want to try this, the easiest way to request a hairdresser is to bring a photo. If you like your hair disappearing in the middle of the sides and back and don’t want it to look like a mohawk, ask for a quick fade or a low-top fade.

Smooth and Wavy Fade

It is a diagonal fade that follows the line of the forehead hairline. It’s also updated with the 360 ​​Wave, which is very popular in the classic 360 forms, but now we’re adding new spins to blend with the fades.

Mohawk With Side Fade

Ask for a Mohawk fade reflected by your facial hairstyle for more than ordinary men’s fades. The nape-cut design is also unique because it is usually on the side.

Clean Low, Fade Haircut

For black-haired men, lowering the fade is a great option. The natural hair will be flattened when trimmed, and the sides will be clean. A low fade means it tapers near the eyebrows, not above the head. The carved lines give something special without riding on top.

Short Haircut With Fades

It is either the perfect black boy hairstyle or the black men hairstyle. The idea is that the hair is separated by a parts line that acts as a fashion sense, along with the shaved sides. It can be a standard haircut without a party line and a whole new level.

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Long Top With Short Sides

The burst fades mohawk has been trending strongly. This sweet trend of short sides and long hair on top allows men to choose between different fades (high, low, medium, bold) and determine if they want their mohawk to be comprehensive, thin, short, or medium.

Low Fade With a Short Top

Black men like short-top low fades. The sides and back of this hairstyle taper at the ears and nape and lengthen at the top: short sides and tall top contrast. Varying fade length, texture, and angle accommodates different hair types and preferences. Men can customize the low fade with a short top.

Low Fade With Shaved Sides

It is an example of a fade that gives the observer an illusion. It fades invisibly towards the ear line. It’s a perfect look for men who love the convenience and style of fades but want something else.

Fauxhawk With Tapered Fades

Need a style that suits pop stars? This fresh cut takes a typical fade to another level with a natural twist that adds a party to the rigor of an elegant lineup. To style, use a moisturizing or textured cream designed to twist your hair each time the blacks wash it.

Platinum Blonde Fade Undercut

This hairstyle is great for bold, attention-grabbing looks because it’s becoming more popular. Maintenance is needed to keep the platinum blonde color vibrant and the fade and undercut looking their best.

Degraded Cut With Shaved Hair

Its updated shortcut suits many facial shapes and hair textures. The top section can look messy, textured, or sleek and polished. The shaved section adds edginess. Regular haircuts are essential to maintaining the cut’s shape and design.

Natural Fake Hawk With a Lineup

The beard blends seamlessly into the haircut, making it ideal for fading styles. By fading the hair in the temple and letting it flow from the sideburns to the beard, you can get a facial hairstyle that reflects the haircut coolly. A lineup is essential to maintain sharpness.

Long-Faded Cut With the Tousled Top Part

This hairstyle is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance, edgy look. It works best with naturally curly or wavy hair. Maintain your tousled look with a texturizing product like sea salt spray.

How Often Should a Black Men Get a Haircut?

Black men should get haircuts according to their hair type, style, and growth rate. Black men should get haircuts every 4-6 weeks to maintain style and hair health.

Regular haircuts prevent split ends, keep hair neat, and promote healthy growth. The style also affects haircut frequency. For instance, shorter hair or fades require more frequent haircuts.

Find a skilled and experienced hairstylist who understands Black hair and can recommend how often to get a haircut based on individual needs and preferences. Moisturizing products and avoiding harsh chemicals and heat styling can extend the time between haircuts.

The 5 Best Hair Salons to Get Perfect Haircut

I don’t have any preferences, but these are some of the best hair salons near boulder, co, in the USA based on testimonials, awards, and reputation:

1. Clippers Hair Shop

2. The Barber Joint

A lot of people agree that it’s the best barbershop in Boulder. This place is “on the hill” in the beautiful city of Boulder, Colorado.

3. Floyd’s 99 Barbershop

Floyd’s 99 Barbershop on Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado, offers straight-razor shaves, deep shoulder massages, beard trims, haircuts, hair coloring, and professional styling products.

4. Northside Barbers

Men’s barbershop—short, medium, and long cuts, flat tops, high and tights, kids to whatever you want. Even when busy, they have six full-time barbers, so the line is never long. They take their time and help you get the cut you want.

5. Rollins Barbershop

All appointments are made at – trumanbarberco.com – A traditional barber shop offering the finest haircuts and straight razor shaves and owned and operated by licensed barbers.


What Type of Fade Should I Get?

The type of fade haircut that you should get depends on your style, face shape, and hair type. Here are some popular types of fade haircuts that you can consider: Low Fade, High Fade, Mid Fade, Skin Fade.

Can I Get a Fade Haircut if I Have Curly or Coarse Hair?

Curly or coarse hair can be faded. Fade haircuts are versatile and easy to maintain for Black men with naturally curly or coarse hair. Find a Black hair specialist for a faded haircut on curly or coarse hair. They can recommend a fade for your hair type and style. Curly hair can look more natural with a low or mid fade. Curly or coarse hair can look stylish and low-maintenance with a fade haircut. Consult a skilled barber or stylist who understands your hair type for the best results.

What Hair Products Should I Use to Maintain My Fade Haircut?

Use hair products to clean, condition, and style a faded haircut. Products to maintain a fade haircut:
Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair oil or serum, Styling gel or wax.