50 Best Short Haircuts For Teenage Girls

Girls begin to independently monitor their appearance with exceptional care at such a reasonably young age. They no longer depend on the mother’s preferences but begin to choose their style for themselves. When choosing a haircut for teenage girls, it is necessary to consider their suggestions and comments.

Teenage girls at all times had the desire to stand out from the crowd, as they have not yet formed certain principles and a certain level of emotions that are a hallmark of an adult. Their eyes are burning, and they want to go on an experiment. They want to become different from everyone, under any circumstances, and at any cost. It is very commendable because, in life, there are a vast number of such moments when you have to adapt to the circumstances.

That is why, among older girls, we will not see such bold hairstyles (as a rule, these are various haircuts with torn strands), which also have a very aggressive and bright color. Perhaps any high school is full of such colorful heads today!

In addition, the choice of haircut option is more dependent on what kind of lifestyle a teenager leads. If this is a sport, then a short haircut is likely suitable. Teenage girl hairstyles fall into three main groups, no matter how strange they may seem. These groups are based on fashion trends. The majority of girls prefer haircuts for long hair. It happens because they believe that femininity depends precisely on the length of the hair. A haircut with an even cut of hair is perfect for a neat feminine girl.

What Are the Best Short Haircuts for a Teenage Girl?

There are many options for short haircuts for teenage girls. Some popular options include the long pixie, sleek layered hair, haircuts with bangs, a modern bob, curly wolf cut, shaggy styles, and textured cuts. It’s also important to choose a style that suits your face shape, hair texture, and personal style. Here you can find inspiration and ideas on various hairstyles.

Bob Cut

Bob’s haircut is versatile. She visually has features similar to karen. As a result, it is appropriate for young women with face shapes or cosmetic flaws that preclude karen.

Lob Cut

A lob is a shoulder-length haircut between a bob and long hair. It’s a trendy cut for all hair types. With or without bangs, it suits straight, curly, or wavy hair.


It is excellent haircut for teenage girls on those days when you oversleep or don’t feel like it. A short ponytail can change the usual image of a tail.

Torn Cut

Today it is the most fashionable bangs. It is simple, elegant, gives a slight carelessness to the haircut. Depending on the depth of thinning, the image turns out to be soft, feminine or, on the contrary, bold.

Side Bun

The side bun is one of the classic hairstyles for girls is the little side bun because it is easy to do and looks good on anyone. Some girls may find this hairstyle too dull. They can add a messy braid and layering to lift the hairstyle and make it look more chaotic.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is when the hair is shaved or cut close to the scalp. This hairstyle is great for teen girls who are always on the go. Also, it sends a strong message.

Pixie Cut

Fashionable short haircuts for teenage girls include a hairstyle option called a fairy. It is a voluminous haircut created from strands of various lengths. Suitable for active girls who prefer to always be on the move.

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is made by cutting wet hair into short, rough layers. Most people with this style have a middle part and curtain bangs.

Shag Cut

A shag cut is a layered haircut with messy, textured waves. This adaptable style can accommodate any face shape, hair type, or length. Curtain bangs and a middle part are popular hairstyles.


A Mohawk is a style of hair in which a strip of hair is shaved from the front of the head to the back. In this style, the hair on top can be long or short, depending on what the person wants.


Cornrows tightly braid hair into a series of small, parallel rows close to the scalp, creating a traditional African hairstyle. This style often incorporates decorative elements such as beads.

Twist Out

To make a twist-out, you twist wet hair. Hair dryers or letting your hair dry naturally can speed up the process. The twists are taken out once the hair is dry, leaving beautiful curly or wavy hair. This haircut is great for teen girls who want to show off the natural texture of their hair and look fun.

Karen Hair

It is truly a universal hairstyle suitable for everyone, from small to large. Hair cut in this way will always be in fashion, and a teenager can safely experiment with hairstyles.

Curly Pixie

For owners of curly hair, new ideas are born! They parted on the other side, and you are a different person. In adolescence, you want to experiment, but cutting the curls too short is risky. A curly pixie is just the case when the risk is justified. This hairstyle suits everyone.

Messy Bun

A messy bun is a loose bun on top or back of the head. Hand-pulling the hair back and securing it with a hair tie creates the look. It’s a great hairstyle for busy days or casual events.

Thin Braids

Those with thin and short and long hair can use this option when creating a hairstyle to make the hair look thicker. Braids around the face add texture while making the hair appear fuller. If it turns out that your bun is not as big as you wanted, try adding braid ends inside to give the bun the perfect donut shape.

Side Quiff

The hair on one side of the head is combed or brushed back to create a side quiff, which hangs over the forehead. Pomade or other styling products create this look. It’s often faded or undercut around the head.

Mullet Cut

The most stylish solution for young fashionistas is the mullet haircut. It combines the main trends of the season—layering and length differences—and looks incredibly bold and bright. And also, it is easy to adapt to the texture of straight and curly hair, thick and thin.

Side Braids

A side braid is a popular hairstyle that braids one side and leaves the other loose. A side braid is created by braiding hair into a single braid and placing it along the head. One or more braids can create this look for any hair length.

Garcon Cut

The haircut is as short as possible. In order to save time styling and combing their hair, people who want a “boy-like” hairstyle option for it.

Layered Cut

Teenagers love to look at pictures in fashion magazines, which means they know that layered haircuts always look advantageous. It helps to add volume to your hair and emphasize the shape of the head. With the help of such a hairstyle, it is easy to make your image memorable.

Short Bangs

Such bangs are considered the trend of the current year. It makes naughty and gives a teenage girl torn ends eccentricity originality.

Straight Cut

The classic model is back in trend. Traditionally, it descends to the level of the eyebrows or slightly below. The bangs have a clear, even cut.

Choppy Bob

The short, choppy bob is great for teens who want movement and volume but want to commit to something other than a longer hairstyle. Layers of choppy hair give a messy, fun look.

Wavy Bangs

If your girl has bangs, it is a must to try wavy locks. The waves add dimension to the face, and the wavy fringes make the hairstyle look completely different.

Short Braids

Short braids are scalp-close cornrows that end just above the ears. They give short hair texture and interest with or without extensions. Short-haired or low-maintenance people wear this style.

Kinky Twists

For protective kinky twists, you can twist synthetic hair extensions into your hair. This cut is perfect for teenage girls who want a hairstyle that doesn’t require much upkeep and lasts for a few weeks.

Half-up Style

Half-up hairstyles involve parting the hair down the middle, pulling half back, and pinning it. This style works with straight or curly hair for any occasion. It can be styled in a half-up bun or braid for formal or informal occasions.

Layered Bob

The layered bob is a classic hairstyle for teenage girls who want to look simple and stylish. Hair is cut in layers to give it more volume and movement.

Messy Braids

Messy braids give short hair volume. Shorter hair works for French braids. Messy braids are versatile. Messy braids work in formal and informal settings due to their untidy appearance.

Oblique Bangs

The diagonal model goes with square, rectangular types of oval, looks good on straight, slightly wavy curls. But it does not suit lush curls at all. It makes sharp features softer.

Graduated Bob

A different angle of inclination can give soft femininity to the look. Or, on the contrary, make it creative.

Razor Cut Pixie

A shaved pixie elevates short hair. Razor Cut Pixie is an edgy, trendy short haircut. Razor-cutting hair at an angle creates this textured and layered haircut. It’s a daring, low-maintenance look.

Short Curly Cut

A short curly cut is chin-length hair with natural curls. It’s great for naturally curly hair and can be styled as a wash-and-go or curly pixie cut. Air-drying or curl-enhancing products create this low-maintenance look.

Short Loose Curls

Romantic and carefree teenage girls should curl their hair loosely and keep it short. A curling iron creates loose, springy curls. Layers are cut into the hair.

Half French Braid

Teenage girls with style wear the Half-French Braid. One side of a half-up, half-down hairstyle has a French braid, and the other has loose curls or waves.

Trendy Grey Pixie

Women are increasingly wearing gray pixies. Shaggy, spiky, edgy, and asymmetrical cuts can achieve this look. Gray hair is also popular for this cut.

Blunt With a Bang

Instead of having shoulder-length or short hair, cut it chin-length. Chin-length hair contours and highlights the jawline nicely, shaping the frame of the face.

Asymmetrical Cut

The peculiarity of the execution is that the haircut involves the creation of strands of different lengths. It has long bangs, and the hair is styled to one side. When choosing this option, you need to consider that they can climb into the eyes with this method of hair arrangement.

Sleek Layered Hair

Flat irons smooth and layer hair. This sleek and sophisticated appearance suits any hair or face shape. It curls or straightens.

Twisted Pixie Braids

Your pixie-haired girl can still wear braids. Twisted pixie braids are shorter box braids. Twisting two hair strands into little sections creates this hairdo.

Short Choppy Bangs

The fringe is short and rough, with jagged layers. Jagged layers are cut at different lengths and clipped perpendicular to the forehead. This style is ideal for those with square faces.

Short Pixie Undercut

The haircuts vary in length, texture, and style. Straight, sleek, and sloppy hairstyles are available. Overall, the image depicts a range of stylish and trendy short haircuts that girls can choose from.

Brushed Back Haircut

A “brushed-back haircut,” involves cutting the hair in layers that get shorter from the forehead and then brushing it back. Teens look stylish with this easy-to-maintain hairstyle.

Bob With Long Fringes

The bold hairstyle is intended for girls who want to stand out. Low maintenance, this hairstyle is perfect for flaunting.

Long Side-swept Bangs

Often, fringes swept to the side of the face are trimmed at an angle. Wear a long side-swept fringe straight down or to the side. This hairstyle looks well on those with long or oval faces.

Jagged Crop Short Haircut

This short, edgy hairstyle features chopped and jagged layers that add movement and texture. The hair is cut above the shoulders and styled to appear unkempt. This pixie cut is ideal for young women who don’t mind standing out.

Pixie Cut With Long Bangs

The short, sassy pixie cut is great for teens who aren’t afraid to stand out. The back and sides are cut short, but the top is kept longer. The face look more feminine with long bangs.

Long Bob With Round Edges

Long bobs are shoulder-length styles that fall between short and medium-length bobs. You can style your hair in a straight line around the head with curves at the ends. It looks best on round or oval faces.

Tousled Bob With Side Fringes

A tousled bob with an off-center parting and head-covering fringes gives a sophisticated look too young girls.

Who Suits Short Haircuts?

A short haircut for a girl is selected for a women, but taking into account the peculiarities of age. After all, children’s hairstyles are a repetition of adult models. Here Are Some Face Shapes:

Round Face Shape

Any variations with asymmetrical strands volume in the crown area will do. For example, garish, bean, garcon. Or a fairy, an elongated bob. High school girls can decorate their hair with a shaved temple. Haircuts will complement the diagonal bangs laid on one side.

Oval Face Shape

Suitable for almost any hairstyle.

Diamond Face Shape

A haircut that has volume at the temples and crown looks good. These are multilayer models – cascade, aurora, ladder.

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