20 Short Layered Bob Haircuts For Women

20 Short Layered Bob Haircuts For Women

Bob’s haircut can rightly be called a trendsetter. Light, neat, feminine, and practical – this will appeal to a vast number of women with short or medium-length hair. Over time, the haircut itself also changed its shape. One of its modifications is a multi-layered bob, which came into fashion in the early last century and has not lost relevance for many seasons.

The very name of the haircut already speaks for itself. Graduation is the main element of this hairstyle. Hair is cut unevenly in layers – they should eventually have different lengths. The haircut combines the classic bob and the well-known “ladder” or “cascade.” The hairstyle is structured multi-stage.

The ladder can have a different length number of steps and start anywhere. The strands do not lie in one line but have several different directions and outlines. It allows you to create several images based on one haircut. An experienced master will correctly choose the shape that will become a natural decoration, help correct possible flaws in the face and the hair itself, and create the desired image.

Bob is not a simple haircut, and it is a trend that has not lost its relevance for over a hundred years. Of course, depending on fashion trends, hairdressers constantly bring their nuances to the technique of its execution to complement the haircut with new accents, depending on the shape of the client’s face or wishes.


Such a haircut combines long strands framing the face and a short length at the back. What does it give? The neck opens femininely, beautiful curls near the face attract the eye.


Remember Mireille Mathieu? What a haircut looks like. The bangs then gently transition to the front strands, creating smooth lines. Short enough, this haircut rounds the shape of the head, which is excellent for owners of an elongated face.

Chic curls

If you have curly or wavy hair, inverted bob with a voluminous nape will look great!

Beach waves

The inverted bob with stylish beach waves looks chic and modern.

Long bob

The length of such hairstyles is up to the shoulders. They are suitable for both lovers of medium length and those girls who grow their hair. And the owners of beautiful, lush hair should not neglect long haircuts.

Pixie bob

The pixie bob is also quite versatile. The bangs themselves can be thick, milled, oblique, or elongated.

Shaggy bob

Light negligence is at the peak of popularity today. This haircut option will successfully hide wrinkles, a broad forehead, and cheekbones. However, owners of a round face should consult with a hairdresser if the shaggy bob will make a face even fuller.

Ragged bob

Ragged bob (shaggy) goes well with thin and naughty hair. The hairstyle does not require much attention, and it is easy to bring it into a neat look. Thinning helps the tips lie down quite magnificently.

Layered bob

Two more famous names for this haircut are ladder and cascade. In this case, the hair is not cut to a strictly specified length but is formed in various layers.

Straight bob

This strict hairstyle is done on straight (straightened) smooth hair. A straight bob will not suit everyone, so before you decide on a radical change in the image in favor of a straight bob haircut, you need to consult a hairdresser or stylist.

Graduated bob

Perfect for both wavy and straight hair. All strands here have different lengths, which gives the hairstyle lightness and unusualness.

Asymmetrical bob

This original and hidden imperfections haircut came into fashion recently but still does not lose its relevance. The different lengths of the curls make the image playful, refresh it, become a real eye-catcher.

Inverted short bob

The main thing is to choose the right hairstyle that suits your face shape hair texture and, of course, reveals your individual and unique style.

Golden pink tones

Rose gold-tone hair paired with purple streaks looks unique on this gorgeous angled bob.

Short bob in blonde

It is an excellent example of a voluminous nape, and the pink ends of the facial hair strands add tenderness and uniqueness to the hairstyle.

Bob with bangs

The shape of the bangs can be any: oblique, straight, long, short. The main thing is the absolute integrity of the image. Smooth bangs will harmonize with straight hair.

Bob with retro style

Bob in retro style looks incredibly extravagant. It is distinguished by sharp corners, straight lines, and the obligatory presence of bangs. The image looks especially clear, impressive, stately, and attractive.

Bob with grunge style

The grunge bob provides for the purposeful creation of chaos. You can express it both in shaggy curls and in a pile in the back of the head. Small details make the image more lively and relaxed.

Bob with long strands

This haircut made a splash among her people. A very feminine bow. This haircut looks smooth, straight hair and with “steps.”

Bob with shaved temple

Bob with a shaved temple allows you to create a spectacular and extraordinary image. This hairstyle is suitable only for girls with strong and impulsive characters.

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