20 Best Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

20 Best Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

If you choose the suitable haircuts for a round face, its proportions can be perfect. The main goal is to make the face thinner, to give it sharper features. Some hairdressers advise short haircuts, but this is not true. Any length suits you, and the main thing is to choose the right shape.

It is pretty easy for moon-faced young ladies to choose a hairstyle. The primary condition for a successful image is to try to smooth out lengthen the oval with the help of adequately styled hair.

Any haircut, even the most fashionable and progressive, depends not only on fashion trends, client preferences, or the hairdresser’s skill but also on some other factors. The most significant of them is the type of face.

If the haircut is made without taking this “indicator” into account, it often looks ridiculous and does not suit the client. People will undoubtedly be disappointed and will never revisit the master. However, before going to the hairdresser, the client himself would do well to study this issue in order not to give the master impossible tasks and direct his thoughts. Haircuts for a round face is probably the most challenging task, as it is worth considering a lot of features and following specific rules. Unfortunately, not all haircuts suit girls and women with this type of face, and for this reason, you need to know how to make the only right choice.


A classic, short bob that ends at the chin line will not work. He emphasizes the width. We need an extended version, asymmetrical, with elongated front strands.


Pixie is perfect for bold women who are not afraid of a fundamental transformation. The most fashionable pixie options are with long, noticeable bangs, ideal for all ladies with a round face shape.


The main feature of the aurora is multi-level layers. This shape with graduations at the crown is best suited. The shortest strands must start at the level of the temples or cheekbones.


The ” ladder ” will be an exciting option for a graduated haircut with bangs will be the “ladder.” This option is suitable for women who do not dare to cut their hair short immediately.


It is a voluminous, graduated, and shaggy hairstyle. That is how it is translated from English. The main feature of shaggy is no order. All you need is to wash your hair and dry it with a hairdryer without a comb.


This short haircut is an excellent option for women who crave a radical change. Garcon is ideal for fragile chubby girls with wavy hair.


A haircut with bangs is a real salvation for girls who cannot boast perfect skin and excellent facial relief. They look great on chubby girls and women, hairstyles such as a short tattered haircut.


Do not forget about the “cascade.” This tattered haircut looks terrific on medium-length hair. In addition, they are great for girls with wide cheekbones.


Unique weaving on long hair will not leave its owner without attention. Several types of braids in an exquisite pattern, thin curls out of hair, deliberate negligence – all this creates the image of a beautiful heroine from a fairy tale.


A casual hairstyle for long hair can be a tight ponytail tied at the back. But do not forget to lengthen the face with a combed front strand. Smoothly combed hairstyles are contraindicated for chubby girls.


A graduated bob is the best solution. Its fuzzy shape volume at the crown allows you to balance the proportions.


They smoothly fall from the forehead, taper towards the tip, and pass into the bulk of the hair.

A side-braided

There are a few strands as if accidentally knocked out, which will give the image a little innocence and defenselessness. Such a messy hairstyle is easy to build in just a minute.

Shaved temple

A shaved temple is a bold and stylish addition to any haircut, which, among other things, will help and correctly shape a round face.

Oblique bangs

Strands cut obliquely visually lengthen the face. Nevertheless, it would help if you did not make such a bang too lush not to block the face too much.

Smooth bangs

Chubby young ladies who like to walk with curled loose hair should remember that the curls should flow gently, and the wave should begin below the chin line.

Straight bangs

A clear, horizontal line in the forehead emphasizes the cheeks’ width and an inexpressive chin.

Cascading bangs

All textured and not having symmetrical lines go. You can choose a bangs curtain with a side parting.

Kare with bangs

It is best to choose a square with oblique bangs. All kinds of curvatures and asymmetries in the face area are recommended. French bangs curtain and long bob will look good.

Side bangs or curtain bangs

are a great way to harmonize a square or round face. This detail will hide round cheeks and broad forehead and make the oval visually more elongated.

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