20 Best Natural Hair Color For Women Over 40

20 Best Natural Hair Color For Women Over 40

Hair colour after 40 years of any woman requires dyeing due to the large amount of grey hair, and if such hair is not dyed or at least tinted, it does not look aesthetically pleasing.

It should forget about oneself and one’s appearance at this age. At this age, more than ever, one wants to shine, be stylish and fit. Are essentially an empty flask that absorbs colour more strongly than pigmented hair, so when choosing paint, you should prefer lighter tones. Hair colour should match your appearance type and skin colour. In any case, if you want to give a hard look, you should choose shades a few tones lighter than your natural colour. Before dying, you should try some of the dye on hair strands from the back of the head, and this simple procedure will help avoid disappointment.

Greetings, dear readers! Let’s talk about beauty today. Our today’s “hero” is hair colour after 40 years. Or how a woman can paint herself to like herself and receive compliments from others. The favourite answer of stylists, experts and advisers about hair colour is that everything should be natural, not flashy, cute and feminine. Of course, it is correct and boring. In general, consider “rules” and their “violations” options. In my opinion, hair colour should be to the face and soul of their owner.


Gray is one of the trendy shades of 2022. Blonde with ashy undertones will signify your awareness of fashion colouring trends. Such artificial grey hair does not add age but makes the image sophisticated.

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If you like copper and red hair colour, then go ahead with new colouring. The copper colour is very suitable for women in adulthood. Just play with shades to find your perfect match.


This technique involves stretching the colour from roots to ends. As a rule, the shade is the darkest at the roots and the ends – the lightest, but there is also a “reverse” ombre. Ombre looks great on light brown hair transitioning from dark blond to blond.


Shades of chestnut, milk or dark chocolate promise to be relevant all year and beyond. These are, without a doubt, win-win colours for colouring in one tone.

Bronze chocolate

When looking for the best hair colour for a 40-year-old woman, the ideal shade is the one you feel most comfortable with. You may decide that you want to go back to your original hair colour, but this choice will be difficult to maintain for brunettes. This bronze shade will flatter your complexion.

Caramel colour

It is appropriate for those who do not want to change their dark hair colour drastically to blonde. In this case, the transition will be softer and more natural. This colour looks especially advantageous on girls with dark eyes and swarthy skin.


It is the most popular type of hair colouring. It is not a new word in staining technique. However, with it, the strands acquire a natural shade of hair.

Jet black

Jet black or even blue-black strands look “expensive” in the light. Even many celebrities right now move for this colour. Achieving smoothness and shine is easy with the help of styling with an iron.

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Mocha shade

It is considered universal from the blond palette. We can combine it with both light and dark skin. It will give the hair a pleasant colour, reminiscent of coffee with milk. And it will help to brighten up the age.

Pink blonde

With caution, you should choose Pink blonde. Going too far, you risk turning into a cheap doll. The colour is suitable for women with fair skin. It is also worth considering that the pink tint will emphasize all the imperfections of your dermis.

Honey blonde

It can be safely chosen by women who have crossed the 40-year milestone. It perfectly copes with age-related changes gives youth and freshness. However, it is worth considering that it is suitable for warm skin tones. It does not go well with the cold type.

Dark blonde

It harmonizes well with olive skin and light eyes. A noble shade that will make you look younger and give a special charm to mature young ladies.

Pearl blonde

White hair, as well as cold, pearl or mother-of-pearl blond, will be fashionable this year. Achieving this shade is not easy, and maintaining it is even more difficult. But it looks very impressive.

Natural blonde

Natural light brown shades are a current and practical trend. If you get them with colouring, the most delicate types of highlighting are still in fashion.

Strawberry blonde and red

Red is always ready to spice up your look. Warm honey and amber shades of red are likely to remain relevant this year and next. Fortunately, they are easy to achieve. You can even try natural dyes. There is a rich palette from strawberry blond to copper or even rich burgundy at your service.

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Bright white pixie bob

You may have found your perfect haircut through trial and error, but never underestimate the power of hair colour. Colour ideas for women over 40 are full of attractive options that will let you wear grey or change it to many modern shades like metallic blonde.

Ash and silver shades

Another fashionable subspecies of cold blond. The icy silver shade of hair is a real hit, especially for those who have accepted their grey hair and want to shade it a little.

A wheat shade of the blond

Women who want to refresh their complexion and smooth out its features are recommended to look at the wheat shade of the blond. This colour is as close to natural as possible. And it gives the impression of the naturalness of your hair colour. It goes well with fair skin and expressive eyes.

Maroon and gold shades based on cocoa

Combining your natural colour with unusual shades can create a new extraordinary style.

Voluminous grey pixie with lavender accent

Adding a pastel or neon shade to your hair can be the perfect way to show off your uniqueness. Let it even be one strand. This relatively new approach will make your hairstyle trendy and bold.

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