20 Best Hairstyles For Women With Straight Hair

20 Best Hairstyles For Women With Straight Hair

A haircut is what you need if you decide to change the image but are not ready for drastic changes. Moreover, the fashion trends allow for all sorts of variations of such hairstyles: haircuts for medium hair with bangs, haircuts for medium hair without bangs, with oblique false bangs, with asymmetry, with a torn edge, with a short nape. In general, in the case of an intermediate length, all the achievements of hairdressing are good, especially if you want to look original.

The main advantage of haircuts for medium hair is that they do not need long and complicated styling. Five to seven minutes with a blow dryer and a couple of finishing touches with a curling iron or styler.

Hollywood hairstyle is ready! And this is not an exaggeration – look at how American celebrities wear shoulder-length haircuts. Girls with curly hair rely on large curls or slightly tousled styling of the “surfer girlfriend” (to make it look as authentic as possible, do not forget the sea salt hair spray). Actresses who naturally have smooth, straight hair prefer long bob haircuts and asymmetrical or ragged haircuts for medium hair. You don’t need a styler for styling here: an iron, a flat brush with a metal base, good thermal protection – and you’re done.

Haircuts for medium-thin hair are almost different from the “basic” ones. The shorter the length, the more magnificent the hairstyle seems. So owners of soft curls should forget about collarbone hairstyles that completely cover the neck. The best choice is a layered ladder haircut, a classic bob, or a slightly elongated bob.

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Women’s Haircuts of Straight Hair – Fashion Options:


Pixies are short-cropped strands at the back, open ears, and an elongated temporal part complemented by bangs.


It is considered not the most popular lately, although it is very profitable. Can highlight even the finest hair.


A ponytail can save the day! The ponytail is easy to make, very comfortable to wear, and has many options.


It is a sports haircut performed with a typewriter or scissors if the density does not allow to cope without them. The choice in favor of such a hairstyle is made mainly by busy people who have no time to spend on complex styling.


Another original type of haircut cascade. The mullet (mullet shag) often involves an elongated bang, a temporary temples/crown, and a long nape. As well as careless styling or combed back hair.


Ordinary and prestigious spikelets we can put in inimitable knots. A beautiful braid wrapped around a secured tail.


This hairstyle is also comfortable and versatile. You can add various accessories to this hairstyle to make it look more feminine and elegant.


Women and girls prefer this haircut style to emphasize sexuality, restless energy, and freedom. Undercut a variation of the non-classical design of long hair. If you are ready for such a haircut – use unusual shapes of bangs.


Multi-level haircuts are well suited for men whose hair is characterized by increased rigidity. It allows you to use different ways and means of styling.

Long bob

The meaning of the elongated bean is that the length of the hair can be up to the shoulders or slightly lower. The hairstyle looks great on both thin straight hair and curly hair.

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Loose hair

These hairstyles are offered by youth street style. The fixation gel will add sharpness to fashionable careless strands. With the help of varnish, we will make the hair smoother.

Bow hair

Let’s create a festive styling of straight hair. In the beginning, you need to collect the tail before threading the strands into the elastic leave the loop without stretching the strands to the end.

Even length

This haircut is performed only with a straight cut. The conciseness of a smooth hairstyle can be complemented by bright accents: hairpins in delicate shades, metallic, or the form of actual chain links.

Side parting

You can do a straight or side parting to give a different mood to your look. A bob with a straight parting is more strict and restrained, and with a side parting, it is more relaxed and romantic.

Medium wolf

Medium wolf style with a heavy form and moderate tightness and movement by adding a layer to match the bangs while leaving the thickness of the back firmly.

Hollywood curls

Curls-waves are the dream of many of the fair sex. To create them, you need tongs. Their diameter should be 25 millimeters.

Hairstyles with bangs

Sometimes, there are problems with styling or creating hairstyles for owners of bangs. She is not suitable for everyone. Its main purpose is to frame the face and draw attention to the eyes. With bangs, a collected bun or braid looks good.

Short straight hair

Great, we have decided on the varieties of hairstyles, and, as you can see, the choice is very wide. However, the hair is also divided by stiffness and thickness of the hair.

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Voluminous short bob

It is one of the ways to harmoniously adjust the oval of the face and get a stylish haircut. These straight strands, softly framing the face, make it look a little narrower.

Creative short haircut

Bold and creative people are incredibly lucky – on thin and sparse hair, such haircuts look very beautiful. Unusual effects in asymmetric length or shaved temples will give you individuality.

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