Selena Gomez Hairstyles: The Best Hairstyles That Glam Your Look

Selena Gomez Hairstyles

Selena Gomez is a gorgeous girl who first became famous after the appearance of the television series and then her work. Many strive to look like her. Whatever image a celebrity chooses, it is always flawless. Selena Gomez’s haircut changes often, but she always competently complements her image. Selena Gomez’s hairstyles are very popular, and very often, in salons and hairdressing salons, clients ask them to do one of the star’s hairstyles.

Selena Gomez decided to radically change her hairstyle in the new year, changing her haircut and hair color. Now she is blonde. Selena now has a new bob-bob hairstyle. The stylists only slightly changed the previous bob haircut, but at the same time, they radically changed the color of the celebrity’s hair. The star now has a blonde color combined with darkened roots. In this way, she shone in Los Angeles on the red carpet.

Now Selena Gomez, whose new hairstyle has drawn even more attention to the girl, is at the top of the fashion ladder.

Selena Gomez’s new haircut has attracted the attention of a large number of people. Many people want to do the same hairstyle for themselves.

People are interested in all the details of the image, the haircut’s name, and the method of coloring and even makeup that a star creates for such a style.

Selena Gomez changed her style dramatically and radically from a burning brunette and dark color to a sexy blonde. Moving away from the classic square’s last haircut, Selena began to style her hair in a side parting and created a little hooligan and messy curls. Despite the changes, the hairstyle was done the same way as the previous one for medium hair.

The important point of this image is precisely the staining. Selena’s hairdresser says that creating this color is very time-consuming and costly. According to her, nine hours were spent and a lot of materials to create this coloring. Each strand was wrapped in foil, and this was done twice.

It is also necessary to remember that the transition from a dark color to a light color harms the hair, and you need to do everything necessary to minimize this harm.

Selena Gomez is a promising young star in the American show business and film industry who conquered the world with her artistic and singing talents. They have been highly regarded by America’s most influential and successful producers, but the singer’s appearance should not be disregarded. And she is extraordinary because her parents’ Italian and Mexican blood mingled in the most successful proportion – in general, the prophetic words of Bulgakov’s Woland: “The deck is fancifully shuffled” can be safely attributed to the bright and catchy beauty of the singer.

In addition, Selena Gomez has an amazing, intuitive sense of style. Hence, she always attracts attention with her non-trivial looks, looking attractive in a luxurious haute couture evening dress, sports shorts, and a T-shirt.

It is not surprising that the singer is always in the paparazzi’s lens because, for millions of young girls worldwide, Selena has become an example of determination and a real “style icon.”

Selena Gomez’s haircuts are created by hairdressers taking into account her luxurious natural hair in a pleasant dark shade. The modifications made by stylists to basic haircuts emphasize the singer’s individuality, charm, and sexuality.

Selena appeared in public with voluminous, shiny, healthy natural shine curls, which surprisingly went to the young star, who at that time took part in the filming of two Hollywood films – “Spy Kids 3” and “Hana Montana.” Then Selena Gomez’s haircuts changed as stylists offered her hairstyles based on straight, clear lines: classic long strands and styling in the style of Thresh.

The collected hairstyles of Selena Gomez

Thick long bangs

Thick long bangs

Remember the haircut of the star of 2008. Then the actress had very dark hair of medium length and thick long bangs.

Layered haircut

In 2007, the multi-layered “ragged” haircut was relevant, and Selena, of course, kept up with the trends. With such a hairstyle, the star looked like a naughty teenager and this image, no doubt, was very much to the face of Selena. True, now, we think, she is unlikely to dare to have such a haircut.

Low asymmetric beam

In 2008, the singer appeared on the ALMA Awards red carpet in a romantic dress with an asymmetrical shoulder and complimented her outfit with an equally romantic hairstyle: a low bun laid to one side.


Probably the cutest Selena hairstyle is a bob. She appeared at a charity carnival in Los Angeles with a haircut and surprised everyone by cutting off long curls. Although, we would be much more surprised if Selena made herself a fashionable pixie haircut.

Waves on a square of medium length

When the hair is a little branch, the bob is transformed into a bob of medium length. This haircut looks especially beautiful when laid in waves, as Selena did.

Braid to one side

In 2010, Selena decided to wear long hair again, but instead of the usual waves, she appeared on the red carpet of Nickelodeon’s 23rd Annual Kids’ Choice Awards with a funny braided to the side. This hairstyle, by the way, is now very relevant.

Perfectly straight hair

Perfectly smooth long hair, even this season, gives way to light wild waves but remains in trend. Selena Gomez loves this hairstyle very much. In 2010, for example, the actress loved to straighten her hair and do styling on one side.

Hollywood curls

At the 2011 American Music Awards, Selena wore retro Hollywood curls. Such styling most often gives age, but the hairstyle fits perfectly into her image since the singer is a young enough girl. We want Gomez to do this kind of styling more often. She suits her very much!

Low tail

At the recent Teen Choice Awards ceremony, Selena captivated everyone with her stern look in a pantsuit. The singer chose the appropriate hairstyle – she parted perfectly straight hair and gathered it in a low ponytail.

Diverse tails – stylish simplicity

It would seem, what can be special about a simple tail? In the tail of Selena Gomez, absolutely everything will be special!

On the red carpet, the girl appeared with various options for this styling. It had a high ponytail, hair tied to the side, and a beautiful ponytail. It can be complemented with bangs or loose strands at the temples.

Straight styling

The young diva loves to change images. After a while, curls and waves were replaced by perfectly straight, graduated hair smoothed with an iron. Selena went either with bangs or without, but in all her looks, and she looked very sweet and divinely beautiful.

Short haircut

But the popular beauty did not stop there! The next bold experiment was an elongated bob with tips twisted inward and thick straight bangs covering the eyebrows. Do you want the same? Make sure this haircut is right for you, and head to the beauty salon!

Selena’s medium haircuts

Selena Gomez’s medium haircut looks no less stylish. The actress trimmed the regrown square with a ladder, emphasizing the perfect face. The youth idol twisted the ends inward and outward, straightened them with an iron, or curled them along the entire length.

Voluminous curls

This is one of the young American singer’s most popular and recognizable styles. Lush curls along the entire length give Selena’s appearance a special charm and romantic sensitivity, emphasizing beautiful features and velvety skin. We are sure they will also suit you. Try right now to repeat this versatile hairstyle, which is suitable not only for every day but also for special occasions.


Curls are one of the main styles of the singer. She uses curls of different sizes and textures, but they are perfect for her without exception. They compliment her feminine image and add romance and tenderness to the style.

High styling

It was possible to observe a celebrity with lush, high-laid strands more than once. At the same time, the face becomes more open and lighter, and the neckline is also lengthened.

Short styling

Selena did not cut her hair short for a long time, but at the same time, she could be seen with sharp styling when her chic head of hair was styled.


For a fair amount of time, Selena Gomez wore a cascade haircut, in which the front strands were shorter than the back ones. This image was very suitable for the singer, and she looked angelic. At the same time, a change in the hairstyle could be observed. Either a bang appeared, then it was not, and the length also changed in every possible way, albeit not for a long distance.


Then Selena decided to make the length shorter and went to the classic square with tucked ends. At the same time, the bangs also had different shapes, then it was straight, then oblique, then long, then short, and sometimes it was not at all.

Short-haired Selena Gomez also looked great and looked even more formal and personable.

After the square grew, the singer decided to change it to a ladder, which looked cute and funny. At the same time, the ends of the strands were periodically twisted in different directions or straightened.


This is practically the last haircut of a celebrity. Looks especially good on wavy hair. The highlight of the hairstyle is the side parting, sophisticated coloring, and trendy flat-wave styling.

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