Basics And Model Style Of How To Cut And Make See-through Bangs.

Basics And Model Style Of How To Cut And Make See-through Bangs.

To give a trendy look to your hairstyle, it is best to use a see-through bang that has a cute bunch. If you want to take it in immediately, cut it yourself and trim your bangs. In this article, we will thoroughly explain all the things you care about, from the procedure of how to cut the see-through bang, which is a trend, to the points you want to be careful about.

If Your Bangs Get Longer, You Have a Chance to Transform Into a Trend Bang!

Bangs that grow immediately even if you cut it.

  • It is troublesome and expensive to go to the salon every time it grows, so many people should cut it by themselves when it gets longer.
  • However, some people may find it difficult to finish the self-cut as expected.
  • I would like you to challenge the see-through bang, which has a trend of thinness with a sense of omission!
  • It’s easy to think that it’s not easy at first glance, but you’ll be satisfied with yourself if you keep the points.

Three Important Points When Cutting Bangs

First, I will explain three points of bang cutting that you should be careful about when self-cutting.

Point 1: Correct your Posture and Cut

  • The most important thing in cutting bangs is to cut them in an upright position with a correct posture.
  • Doing so makes it easier to insert scissors parallel and prevents the length from becoming jerky.
  • If you are not conscious of it, your face will be slightly tilted. Some people, so it is recommended to check if it is straight before cutting!

Point 2: Keep your Hair Dry and Free

  • If you cut it with wet hair, it will be shorter than you expected when it was dry.
  • Wet it with water and then dry it with an iron or dryer to make it straight and straight.

Point 3: Block and cut little by little

  • When self-cutting, I tend to think that I should cut it all at once because it is a small amount, and I tend to skip blocking the bangs.
  • However, unlike straight bangs, blocking is especially important for see-through bangs.
  • Block at the right end, the center part between the black eyes, and the left end, cut carefully.

3 Items Needed to Cut Bangs

The following four items are required to cut the bangs.

Scissors (for cutting)

  • It is best to use small cutting scissors or eyebrow cutting scissors for bangs cutting.
  • Try to use sharp scissors.

Thinned Scissors

  • To make a see-through bang with a small amount of hair. It is better to use thinned scissors that can adjust the amount in addition to the scissors for cutting. Will do. Since it makes it easier to get a see-through feeling, it can be used not only for cutting but also for styling.
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Hair clip

  • To keep the hair in place when blocking, it is a must to prepare a hair clip. It is also acceptable, but it is recommended to use a clip that does not easily leave behind.

Bangs Cut, Check Examples That Trend to Fail

Bangs cut that you want to do carefully. It is important to keep the common mistakes as a point to cut them well. Let’s finish it so as not to fail!

Failure Example 1: The Bangs are too Long and Give a Heavy Impression.

  • Just because a long bang is mainstream, it is NG to cut it to a length that covers your eyes.
  • If you prefer a longer length, adjust the balance, such as by reducing the amount, so it does not give a heavy impression.

What is the solution to this failure?

  • Let’s check for yourself how much you like the rolled bangs.
  • If you like bangs with firm curls or sink bangs, leave them a little longer.

Failure Example 2: The Amount is too Much, and it Becomes Squishy.

  • Even though it’s see-through, it will give you a dull impression if you like it too much and it becomes scary.
  • You can also use oil and comb to create a feeling of the bunch when styling, so try not to use more than necessary.

What is the solution to this failure?

Let’s comb it when cutting and see what kind of styling it will be. Beginners are relieved to complete it without using thinned scissors as much as possible. There are times when the image does not swell if you leave it blocked, so it is recommended to look at the balance at the end!

Failure Example 3: The Width of the Bangs is too Wide

  • The biggest point of the see-through bang is to narrow the bangs’ width.
  • If you make the width too wide, you will not get the ideal see-through bang.
  • Try to keep the width around 1 to 2 cm so that it does not cover your forehead and gives a sense of sheerness.

What is the solution to this failure?

  • It is important to keep an eye on the width when blocking.
  • If you like a little heavier bangs, we recommend adjusting the amount of scooping!

How to Cut a See-Through Bang Made by Yourself

From here, I will explain how to cut the see-through bang! Prepare what you need above, and let’s challenge together!

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Procedure For Cutting the Bangs as a Base

  1. Use a comb to untangle the bangs.
  2. Divide as much hair as you need to cut, like making a small triangle with your hair
  3. Comb the remaining hair and divide it into three
  4. Pinch the middle hair with your fingers and cut it straight while checking the position with a mirror
  5. * The point is to gently pinch the hair while putting your fingers on the forehead without pulling it. !!
  6. Mix the right bangs with the middle bangs and check the length of the
  7. Cut diagonally so that it looks like your eyes. Cut the left side in the same way to complete

See-Through Bang Styling Method

After cutting the see-through bang, I will introduce the styling method every morning. If you keep the knack down, you can quickly set it up!

Step (1)

  • Warm with a trowel Heat with iron and adjust the shape to your liking. It will be easier to keep the shape when it cools.
  • Since it is easy to make fine adjustments, using a mini iron for light repair Is recommended.
  • Slide it parallel if you want to style it like a straight bang.

Step (2)

  • Apply the styling agent to the ends of the hair.
  • Apply a styling agent such as oil or light wax to the ends of the hair.
  • If you use something too moist, the finish will be heavy, so choose a lighter one.
  • Baby oil can be used as a substitute.
  • If you use the rest of your back hair for your bangs, you can prevent it from becoming too sticky!

Step (3)

  • Through the comb again, it’s completed
  • Let’s put the comb through and shape it to the ideal shape while giving many feelings.

If you Want to Cut the Salon! Recommended see-Through Bang Style

It’s a hassle to go to the salon every time I grow up, and many people cut their bangs by themselves. However, many people have failed because it has become too short or the silhouette has become heavy. See-through bangs are difficult to volume and prone to failure with self-cutting, so it is better to order at the salon. You can order only the bangs cut, or you can order it together with the whole cut, and let’s have the see-through bang that suits you cut it.

Order Points at the Salon

Point 1: Show a Photo of the Style you Want to be

To not fail in bangs cutting at the salon, it is to show a picture of the ideal bangs that you want to be. Show them the pictures, tell them about your skeleton and hair quality, and let them finish the style that suits you best.

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Point 2: Have the Scoop Amount Adjusted

Not only for the bangs but the entire cut, there should be many people who have had a bitter experience of being overwhelmed by telling them to “lighten.” Tell yourself the best weight and quantity and get your favorite see-through bang. It’s relatively easy to get your favorite hairstyle if you tell the hairdresser what you like most of the photos you first show to the hairdresser!

Point 3: Ask How to Style at Home

Even if styling in the salon is ideal, it doesn’t make sense if you can’t reproduce it at home. Ask about the type of styling product you use and the styling method. Many beauticians do the styling after the cut is finished, so it’s good to ask.

Recommended see-Through Bang Style

Rounded short hairstyle

For short rounded hair, a see-through bang adds a sense of shedding. By giving a feeling of the bunch with oil or balm, it will be finished as a see-through bang that looks like it is now.

Korean style layer see-through bang

The constricted midi with outstanding small face effect is combined with a Korean-style large and long layer see-through bang to add a sense of trend. Because the layer is in, it is a nice point that daily styling is easy.

See-through bang x Korean style of constricted

A Korean style with a long see-through bang and constricted hair in a large silhouette. The dark brown beige color adds a Korean touch to the cute adult impression.

A feeling of omission style combined with the uncut outer layer

Add a see-through bang to the uncut layer midi to create a calm impression with a sense of omission. If you style the hair tips on the outside and the top and bang softly and roughly, the overall balance of addition and pulling will be perfect.

The bangs that are about to be stretched are bangs

The long see-through bang has various arrangement methods, and it is attractive that it is easy to make an image change according to the TPO. If you finish it with a trowel, you will have a cute nowadays bang even if you stretch it out.

See-through Bangs Will Make You Feel Like You Are Now

If you want to get cute hair now, try incorporating see-through bangs right now. See-through bangs that you can cut yourself. If it’s difficult, try ordering from a beautician. Let’s get some clean hair at the turn of the season and stay uplifted!

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