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30 Autumn Family Photo Shoot Ideas 2022 Guide

30 Autumn Family Photo Shoot

It isn’t easy to imagine a brighter season of the year than autumn. The natural palette was agreeable with its colorfulness and cozy mood. September and October are rich in warm, sunny days.

An autumn photoshoot can become one of the year’s most memorable events. It is essential to think over the wardrobe, location, and shooting details for everything to work out.

Many of us do not like autumn – after all, most of us associate this time of the year with rains, slush, sadness, and dreary gray days. Yes, the hot summer, full of vivid and impressions, has passed, but this is not a reason to get depressed! Autumn is not only drizzling rain but the sky covered with a blue canvas of clouds. And even if the sun is not so bright, and evenings are not so warm – each pore has its aces up its sleeve!

Only autumn can deftly and imperceptibly repaint the green foliage into a variegated palette of warm shades of yellow and red. Only autumn gives us rich harvests of gardens and fields. And what about Indian summer? And the subtle aroma of late flowers and drying grass? All this happens only in autumn, so it is simply impossible not to love this time of the year!

Therefore, if you could not update your family photo album for some reason in the summer, it is not necessary to postpone this task for the next year – you can have excellent photography in the fall. We prepared for you the material “Ideas for a family autumn photo shoot in nature.”

Autumn is not as dynamic as summer. Therefore, the photo session should take slowly, without haste and panic. Think it over, discuss it with the photographer, and start preparing without delay!

Autumn is a great time to create the most impressive and magical photos. Nature dresses up in the most luxurious outfits – yellow, orange, brown, and golden leaves, which fabulously shimmer under the rays of the autumn sun. Just imagine the photos taken during the autumn sunset, which bewitches with its mystery and charm. In autumn, photographs taken in nature will be the most stunning and original.

In this article, you know some exciting ideas for an autumn photo session, which may be helpful.

What to wear?

To get fabulous photos, it is essential to make the right wardrobe for shooting:

  • Dress for the weather if it’s cool outside. In no case torture yourself by wearing a thin pullover and light summer shoes.
  • Choose clothing that is comfortable and free of movement.
  • In autumn photos, knitted things look very stylish – cozy pullovers, cardigans, or light coats.
  • Try to keep everyone in the family dressed in a similar style. Agree. The pictures in which mom in a strict coat and hat, dad in a T-shirt and shorts, a son in a tracksuit, and a baby daughter in a fluffy tulle dress with a fur cape will look ridiculous. Choose one direction and stick to it – for example, urban style (jacket or parka, jeans, boots) or classics (coat, pants/skirt, shoes).
  • As for the colors, it is preferable to use “autumn” tones in clothes (red, orange, brown). Choose things with bright accents (contrasting belts, colorful scarf or scarf, embroidery or print) to not merge with the landscape. Shades of blue or green look beautiful against the background of autumn foliage. Well, and of course white – it is appropriate always and everywhere.
  • Don’t forget about hats – cute knitted hats, berets, scarves. They will not only protect you from the cold but also create a unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

When preparing for an autumn family photoshoot, you do not need to rush to the store and completely update your wardrobe – choose things that are dear to you, in which you feel confident.

Here are some ideas that you can follow:

On bicycles, rollers

In the fall, active sports have not been canceled! We take bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, scooters for all family members and run to the park! You can arrange a family relay race – so everyone will have an incentive to give 100%.


A light snack in nature is a great way to replenish your strength after active games in the fresh air! Make yourself comfortable on a warm blanket and treat yourself to the gifts of nature in autumn. Don’t forget to bring a thermos with your favorite hot drink!

Active games

What will help you keep warm during a walk in the fall? Of course, running, jumping, playing hide and seek, catching up, etc. Delight your children – play leapfrog, football, volleyball, or tennis with them. You will undoubtedly feel warmer, and the guys will be delighted with the resulting photos.

Under the tree

You can comfortably stay under a tree with the whole family. It is better to take children in your arms – sitting on the ground, and you can easily catch a cold. Another option is a photo on a tree. Usually, children are photographed this way, but if you have specific sports skills – why not?


To achieve moral peace, they say that a person needs at least 40 seconds of daily hugs. You can quickly fulfill and even overfulfill this plan during an autumn family photo session!

Jumping photo

For several years now, a jumping photo has not given up its position to rank the most popular ideas for a photo shoot. You can add throwing leaves up to the usual jump in the fall. Such photos always turn out to be very lively and emotional!

With animals

If you have any pets in your house, be sure to include him in a family photoshoot! Dog, cat, rabbit – any four-legged friend will look great in the frame!

With food

During a photoshoot, the feeling of hunger can catch you by surprise. Sit comfortably at a table in the park (don’t forget the tablecloth and dishes) or on a warm bedspread – and here’s another story for autumn photography is ready!

With umbrella

If suddenly the weather lets you down and instead of a sunny day slipped rain and slush, do not be discouraged! With bright umbrellas, you will save your day. And along with your photo session! But what is here?

With pumpkins

You don’t need a real pumpkin for doing this type of photography. Most likely, the photographer will find the necessary props – several dummies of ripe pumpkins. Such photos are especially relevant on the eve of Halloween and a holiday celebrated on October 31st.

With wreaths

You can weave wreaths in autumn from wildflowers (they bloom until late autumn) or from fallen leaves. As a rule, pictures with wreaths are hot and delicate, imbued with a “vintage” mood and grace.

With a book

It is precisely the case when a book is chosen by its cover. It should be decorated in similar colors and not too many designs. Better to take a thick volume for a photoshoot. You don’t have to hold the book in your hands: you can just put it next to it.

With a bouquet of leaves

Yes, yes, and this item made it to the list. Collect a beautiful selection of leaves of different colors in a bouquet. And so that the frame does not seem trivial, diversify it with exciting poses.

With framework

Unusual photos are obtained if you choose the right angle and capture the frame through artificially created structures. Fence gaps, windows, doorways, tree gaps, in short, anything that will help frame the model will do. The effect is excellent at focusing on what’s inside the frame.

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With mysterious fog

Fog is a beautiful natural decoration. For the sake of mysterious photographs, you will have to get up before dawn. And how many emotions and precious frames you can get if you catch crimson light! By the way, the thickest fog is near water and swampy lowlands.

With autumn sunset

The weather is changeable in autumn, so there are not many sunny days, but the sunset is gorgeous at this time of the year. The sun near the horizon emits a soft and pure light, and the beautiful scenery is pleasing to the eye. At the same time, the daylight keeps getting shorter in autumn, so you can shoot the sunset scene without having to wait for a long time. Please remember that the autumn sunset is an excellent time to take pictures that must not be missed.

Photoshoot on swing

Both adults and children love to ride on a swing. Who will ride and who will ride – decide for yourself. The photo must show sincere joy, love, and care!

Photoshoot on bench

Finding a free park bench is not difficult. Throw a blanket on her casually and make yourself comfortable, not forgetting to take your favorite book or a cup of aromatic coffee with you. Or sit, talk about your plans, remember the happy moments of your life together – all the rest of the work will be done by the photographer.

Picking mushrooms in the forest

It is an excellent idea for a family photoshoot with the participation of children and grandparents. Beautiful baskets, bright clothes, and a good atmosphere will help create very effective photos.

Photoshoot in the park

If you don’t want to travel far, you can always go for a walk in the nearby park. You can collect bouquets of leaves or make a photo session under a beautiful tree, complement everything with bright pillows, pumpkins, candlesticks, autumn flowers.

Photo session on city streets

Of course, everyone has a favorite place in the city, where you can always organize a stylish photo session. In addition, you can also go to your favorite cafe and thus create cozy romantic shots.

Photoshoot by the reservoir

You can always interestingly sit on the shore of a lake, river, or even the sea, wrap yourself in warm blankets and make high-quality shots.

An autumn photo session with the whole family will, in any case, help to get a lot of positive impressions. But it’s essential to be positive and follow the advice of an experienced photographer.

Picking apples together

It is not necessary to arrange the best autumn family portraits. Natural and creative is a good choice. For example, a family can pick apples together, and everyone’s face will reflect the joy of harvest. This shooting effect is the most natural. You can also take the apple home on the back left.

In the reflection of water

It’s great if you can get out to the reservoir. If not, then puddles after rain will help you with this.

In the center of the road in the park

It will create beautiful vertical photos. Take an asymmetric pose, play with your eyes (to the side, behind the camera, to the sky).

Shoot autumn portraits with your car as a prop

Use your car as a prop for autumn photography, and try to shoot creatively in the car. It is not difficult to take such pictures. All you need is a smiling face and beautiful golden leaves as a background.

Show your love

Family is a bond in which lots of love happens. Children have love with their toys and fruits. So feel free to express your love in photos. Then you will be pleased to remember the day of the photo session. The best way to express your love is by kissing.

Touch the high leaves with your dad’s hug

It’s funny how you reach out to the maple even if your dad hugs you. It’s a picture you can take because you were a kid who could hug you.

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Hold the autumn-colored leaves in your hand

It’s cute to have maple colored in a gradation of red and orange near your face. Each leaf in the autumn leaves has an autumn-like color, so why not use it as a prop.

Use blankets

The blanket is one of the commonly used props in outdoor photography. The blanket implies warmth, so shooting can make the picture more warm and romantic. These props will also make the character’s posture and expression more natural.

Here we explain that how you can edit your photos with this application.

Crop, adjust color and tone and apply presets to your photographs using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom on a mobile device anywhere you happen to be.

Apk Link –

Crop photos

  1. In the Edit panel, you can see the crop icon on the bottom of the screen.
  2. You can see many cropping options are displayed as tiles across the bottom of the window. Swipe left or right to see all tiles. Touch a tile to apply the corresponding option.
  3. Cropping photos in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for mobile devices (Android)

Do one of following option:

  • Tap the aspect ratio and select one of the crop aspect ratios.
  • Touch the Locked aspect tile to crop without any preset aspect ratio.
  • Touch the Straighten tile to straighten the photo automatically.
  • Touch the Rotate I tile to rotate the photo 90 degrees counterclockwise.
  • Touch the Rotate tile D to rotate the photo 90 degrees clockwise.
  • Touch the Flip H tile to flip the photo horizontally.
  • Touch the Flip V tile to flip the photo vertically.
  • Drag the crop guide edges and corners for changing the size or shape of photos.
  • Drag the cropping tool to crop the photo.
  • Touch inside crop guide and drag it to change its position.

To confirm the edits, touch the icon.

Adjust the tonal scale of a photo with a curve graph

Because of the tone graph, you can change the tonal on your photos.

In Loupe view, on the Edit panel menu, tap the Light accordion, and then tap CURVE.

Refine the color of your photo

In the Edit panel in Loupe view, the Color menu provides you some controls.

  • The photo based on the temperature of the light source. For example, the midday sun will provide a hot yellow color, while some bulbs will give the picture a cool blue tint.
  • Fine-tune your white balance with the Temperature and Tint controls. On the other hand, Hue establishes what level of green or magenta the image has.
  • Adjust the color saturation (intensity) using the Vibrance and Saturation controls. Vividness increases the intensity of dull colors, while Saturation increases the power of all colors in the photo.
  • Photographers’ favoUrite tools most use black and white edits to help people delve into detail in a photo. You can also convert your image tone with the Black and White option.

Adjusting the white balance and color saturation and converting to grayscale

  • Touch the Blend icon to change individual colors using the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance (HSL) sliders. Hue Adjusts the hue of each color, and Saturation adjusts the amount of grey to make it duller or brighter. Luminance helps adjust the amount of white to make it brighter or darker. Use the Target Adjustment tool to accommodate a specific color in a photo. Touch and drag the image to change the color range with your fingertip.

Apply noise reduction and sharpen your photo

In Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for mobile devices, you can sharpen your photos to sharpen edges and bring out details.

  1. In the Edit panel in Loupe view, tap the Details icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Focus and noise reduction control
  3. Only the noise and focus controls are available in the Detail menu when applying selective edits.


The First Foot Nail! Learn The Types And Methods And Enjoy Fashion At Your Feet

The First Foot Nail! Learn The Types And Methods And Enjoy Fashion At Your Feet

“I want to know the correct answer for fashion!” A project [First Beauty] series that solves such girls’ worries! The first is “First Foot Nail.” I often use nails at hand, but how do I do nails at my feet? Introducing a fashionable way to enjoy your feet even when the seasons change.

If You Want to Upgrade Your Nails, Try Your Feet!

  • The nails that decorate the tips of the nails are the grace of fashionable girls.
  • It’s enjoyed regardless of the season, including spring and summer, when many fashions put out parts.
  • If you want to improve your fashion, try foot nails!
  • By coloring your hands and your feet, you will be more motivated to dress up.
  • However, my first-foot nails are always anxious.
  • “I don’t know the difference between foot nails and types …”
  • “What should I do when I apply it myself?”
  • “How can I order at the salon?”

How Long Does a Foot Nail Last?

  • Foot nails are said to be better than hand nails.
  • Since I touch various things every day, it tends to come off due to impact or water work.
  • The foot part protected by shoes and socks will last for about a month and a half.
  • Since it has a long-lasting time, it is perfect for those who start foot nails in the season such as summer only!

What Kind of Foot Nails Are There?

Next, let’s look at the types of foot nails! There are two typical types, “pedicure” and “foot nail.”

Features and benefits of a pedicure

Pedicure is the same as nails at hand, using nail polish to add color. You can easily do it with nail polish remover, and you can try various designs in a short period because you can remove them with nail polish remover. Recommended for those who want to change the design a lot according to the event or schedule.

Features and benefits of gel nails

  • Gel nails are nails that have a special gel placed on the nails and hardened with LED lights.
  • It’s a nail pattern that is now as mainstream as a pedicure.
  • The merit of gel nails is durability.
  • Because it is solidified and designed, it lasts longer than a pedicure.
  • Another advantage is enjoying fashion other than color, such as putting stones on it.
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There Are Merits in Both Self-made Nails and Salon Nails!

  • When starting foot nails, the first thing to worry about is whether to use “self-nail” or “salon nails.”
  • Self-nail is a nail that you can add your color to.
  • The advantage is that you can create a design that you can do when you think of it.
  • Also, if you have the necessary tools, you can enjoy it without spending money.
  • On the other hand, salon nails go to the salon and have a nail technician perform the treatment.
  • You can make a difficult design to try by yourself and have a professional do it, so its holding and beauty are endorsed.
  • It costs a certain amount, but you can enjoy fashion for a long time.
  • Also, some salons offer foot care in addition to nails.
  • It is good to choose not only in terms of economy and time but also in terms of the design you want!

If You Want to Try It Right Away

Once you know the basics of foot nails, it’s time to put them into practice! If you want to try it out right away or want to be able to design it yourself, we recommend starting with a pedicure. The question then is, “What should I do to apply it neatly?” I will introduce how to apply a simple and clean self-pedicure this time!

What you need for a self-pedicure

  • Pedicure of your favorite color
  • Basecoat
  • Topcoat
  • Nail polish remover
  • Stick with cotton wrapped
  • Nail clippers
  • Nail file

Most of what you need is the same as hand nails! If you are a regular self-nail artist, you can get started.

Easy way to apply self-pedicure

(1) First, treat the cuticles of your nails with a stick with cotton.

It is also important to adjust the length of your nails and polish them with a file.

(2) Wipe off oil and dirt on your nails with cotton soaked in nail polish remover. It will be a long-lasting point for Pedicure.

(3) Insert the separator for the toes and apply the base coat.

At this time, if you apply in the order of nail edge → surface, the polish will be beautifully applied.

(4) When the base coat dries, it’s time to apply polish!

The point here is to apply in the order from the edge to the surface.

(5) When painting the nail’s surface, apply in the order shown in the image number. After applying all the nails once, the point is to dry them once and reapply them a second time from the top.

(6) After applying it a second time and drying it, apply a topcoat, and it’s done! If it sticks out while applying it, gently wipe it off with a cotton stick soaked in nail polish remover.

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Precautions when receiving a pedicure at the salon!

You can take Pedicures as well as at the salon. However, it would be best to be careful about “shoes” when you receive them at the salon. The polish used in Pedicure takes some time to dry. If you wear normal shoes and the polish isn’t dry, your Pedicure will be ruined. Therefore, it is good to choose shoes with open toes, such as sandals, for going back and forth.

If You Want to Make It Last Longer

“It’s hard to fix each time, so it’s better to last a long time!” If you think like this, it is recommended to try gel nails. You can try it yourself, but it requires a certain skill, so it’s best to go to the salon and place an order.

What kind of menu do you have?

You will choose what you want to do from many menus at the nail salon.

There are many types, and I get lost, but the main axes I choose are design and materials. When asking, ensure you know which one you want, one-color or design nails, the color-rich para gel, the light, thin call, and the durable, long-lasting bagel.

Q & a What Do You Want to Know Before Going to the Salon

“I decided to ask for gel nails at the salon!” But when it comes to salon nails for the first time, you may be wondering if you need to prepare and how long it will take. So, this time, I will introduce two points that you should know before going to the salon, especially in the form of Q & A, from the common questions about salon nails.

Q: Do you have anything to prepare before going to the salon?

A: Yes! Most importantly, cleanliness between your feet and fingers. Whether it’s a pedicure or a gel, you need to prepare before getting your nails done at the salon.

B: The most important thing is to keep your feet and fingers clean. A place where you wear shoes and your feet get dirty than your hands. It is easy to get stuffy with socks and bacteria, so it is important to keep it clean to visiting the salon. Nail lengths are the same. A manicurist will cut it to the appropriate length at the salon. If you do it yourself, you may hurt your nails, so keep it.

How long does a foot nail take?

A: It depends on the design, but a guide is about 1 to 2.5 hours. There are four steps!

The salon’s time for foot nails is about 1 to 2.5 hours. If you are concerned about the time, please check with the salon before making a reservation, as it will vary depending on what kind of design you want to make and whether you will have foot care.

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The procedure is mainly in the following four steps.

(1) Footbath

First, clean your feet by using the vibration function.

Soaking your feet in warm water has a blood circulation-promoting effect and a relaxing effect.

(2) Clean the cuticles & shape the nails to clean the surface and remove the cuticles softened by his foot bath. Also, shape it and polish the surface to make the base of the nail.

(3) Apply gel or nail polish. Apply color based on the design you choose. After applying the color, cure it if it is a gel. For finishing, put a top gel and a top coat on it to make it last longer.

(4) (Option) Foot massage and keratin care

Options menu to make the whole foot look beautiful. By cleaning the nails and the entire foot, the nails, when wearing sandals, will look better.

A Collection of Recommended Designs That Look Great at Your Feet

We will introduce recommended nail designs for pedicure and gel nails.

Pedicure edition

Orange is one color that jumps into your eyes.

One-color of vitamin orange that will give you energy from your feet. By incorporating small parts here and there, you can easily transform yourself into a fashionable step!

Adult casual blue nails

A little marine style with silver and blue lame polish. Adult casual foot nails.

Beige nails that are familiar to the skin

Beige color that is familiar to the skin gives an adult-like favorable impression. This is a foot nail with gold color and stone accents on the points. Even those who are not good at crisp colors should be able to take on the challenge!

Gel nail edition

Adorable pressed flower foot nail

Pressed flowers, popular even with hand nails, can be used as feet! With the transparency unique to gel, the goodness of pressed flowers is fully utilized. The modern design with florets is fashionable.

Shell-like nails with a beautiful gradation

Nail with pink or purple gel shining like a shell. The color changes depending on the angle is like making a gradation!

I Want to Show My Toes Too! Good Mood With Cute Foot Nails

Did you find a foot nail that colors your feet, something you would like to try? Even if the seasons have passed, you will feel better if your feet look fashionable. Try to hold down the basics that you can’t hear now, and try your first foot nail! Let’s raise your fashion motivation from your feet.

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Introducing A New Item From The Icon Bag: Summer Outing Bag

This time, from the icon bag, a new design perfect for summer style has appeared. In this article, I will introduce the bags released. If you are looking for the perfect bag for your summer outfit, please refer to this article.

Icon Bag “Myea” Is Now Available in Summer Style.

  • This time, a new summer item appeared from that icon bag MyEA from “Emporio Armani.”
  • The standard model MyEA has a simple design and is a popular bag for work. Still, the newly introduced MyEA has the same simple and functional design and is a bag that can be used even on holidays with a resort atmosphere.
  • In this article, I will introduce the charm of MyEA, newly released from “Emporio Armani.”
  • If you are looking for a summer bag, please refer to it.

Enjoy Summer Outfits With “My Ea” That Suits Your Summer Style.

  • The MyEA released by Emporio Armani this time is a casual design bag that uses raffia-like materials and is perfect for this summer’s bag.
  • There are two colors and sizes available, both of which are easy to match and use, so you can choose your favorite color and size that suits you.
  • The fringe design makes this bag more casual and resort-friendly, perfect for midsummer fashion.

MyEA Shopper Crochet Straw (Large)

  • MyEA (Large), which has a resort-like atmosphere and is the protagonist of summer outfits, is a bag that has not only a high design but also has outstanding functionality that makes girls happy.
  • Inside is a removable pouch that can also be used as a single clutch bag.
  • It’s also safe for your wallet or mobile phone storage space, and you can use the bag neatly without having to say, “I can’t find anything in the bag!”, Which is a nice point for adult girls.
  • It also comes with a removable shoulder strap to use as a handbag or a shoulder bag.
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MyEA Shopper Crochet Straw (Middle)

  • MyEA (medium) is a compact size bag that is smaller than MyEA (large).
  • The design remains the same, and there is also a removable pouch inside, so small items are less likely to be scattered inside the bag, making it a compact size bag, but there is no problem with storage space.
  • It also comes with a removable shoulder strap to use as a handbag or a shoulder bag.

“Emporio Armani” Luxury Resort-style Bag Myea

  • We introduced the newly released MyEA bag from “Emporio Armani,” which is perfect for midsummer.
  • The new year is a bag that combines the fringe design and the resort-like simple design of raffia-like materials with the high functionality of the conventional MyEA, and it seems to be a bag that can be reused this summer.
  • If you are looking for a bag for this summer, why not enjoy the resort-like summer style at My EA of “Emporio Armani”?
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Seven Selections Of Spiritual Meanings During Difficult Times.

Seven Selections Of Spiritual Meanings During Difficult Times.

There may come a painful time when all the spiritually painful things happen. It is a necessary test in life, and it is a time when the soul overcomes the test and becomes like its own practice from pain and hardship. It’s a tough time, but you can reach a higher stage beyond this turning point.

7 Spiritual Meanings of Hard Times in Life

(1) A sign that a turning point will come

It may be a sign that it doesn’t work. As a sign of a life-changing turning point, “only hard things” and “hard times no matter what you do” may come. It may be a big turning point if you’ve been having a hard time lately and everything doesn’t go well.

(2) If drowsiness continues, there is a great possibility before the turning point of life.

Drowsiness is an easy sign of a turning point. If you feel sleepy, look back at yourself. Sleeping may rest you, and your soul may be making unconscious spiritual contacts.

(3) Time for “tried” training

Spiritual sees your subconscious mind as to whether you can overcome the challenges or face them. When it’s all about pain, you may be trying spiritually.

(4) The higher the spiritual level, the harder the hard times

The hard times before the turning point will be the last-minute test that you can overcome. The higher your spiritual level, the greater the hardships and sufferings. It’s a milestone in your life, so please think of it as training.

(5) The flow of life changes suddenly

Beyond the turning point, it can also attract great happiness. As you raise your spiritual level, what you draw will change. Overcoming a difficult time is a sign of a turning point, and then going beyond that makes life feel like something else.

(6) Time for rest and self-confirmation training

Hard times have two meanings. One is rest. It may be a sign from the spirit that you should take what you have done, look back on yourself, and take your time. And the other is the meaning of training to review oneself at the same time.

(7) It is important to ask “why.”

How you overcome this period will affect your future growth. Always make a habit of thinking, “Why did this happen?” For the event. It can be so painful that you can be desperate or neglect your life. Then there is no point in training.

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Be aware of the turning point and think about how you can do it yourself. It happens in everyone’s life, only the difference between noticing and noticing. There are times in life that are at a turning point, often spiritually painful. Please read this article and know it.

6 Spiritual Ways to Overcome the Hard Times of Life

(1) I believe that there will be no challenges that cannot be overcome

It’s a shame to lose the test. Believe that if you overcome only the painful things, it will be easier to overcome the turning point. This time is a time of training and trials in life, no matter how hard it may be.

(2) Prepare for the coming turning point

At the turning point, there are many sudden misfortunes and dramatic events. Think of it as training time and prepare for the next turning point in your daily life. It’s easy to notice the pain now, but a big turning point will likely come after this.

(3) Think about the reason for what happened

The important thing is to think calmly, “Why did this happen?” That raises the stage of the soul. Don’t be impatient or blame others for whatever happens. Accept the test yourself. The hard times before the turning point are the times of training and trials in life.

(4) Don’t overdo it because it’s all painful

Please do not overdo it for the turning point and nourish your mind. All you need to strengthen your mind is mental nutrition. When you train your body, it provides important nutrients to your body. Even if you exercise, your body will not be strong if you do not have enough nutrition. It’s the same. It’s time for life’s trials and training.

(5) Spend your feet firmly on the ground

Please live a life with your feet on the ground so that it will be a good time for training during this time. It’s not about the trial itself but about “why it happened.” Looking at the “trials” themselves can be too painful to endure. But even if there is more escapism than necessary, that is a problem.

(6) After a difficult time is important to life

The important thing is to grow here and overcome the challenges to gain a higher level of self. It is important to spend the rest of your life more personally and with a higher soul level. It’s not just about getting over this time. The turning point and the time of its precursors are only the trials before that.

Be prepared to receive the spiritual sign of timing. It happens that you meet someone who can make a big difference in your life at a surprising time. Timing is a big part of the spiritual sign, including the turning point.

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Is a Hard Time of Life a Spiritual Turning Point?

A turning point where all the painful things that come to everyone

Each person has a difficult time, but as soon as the turning point is exceeded, it is clear that there is now because of the time for training. It’s so hard at this time of year. You may be mentally cornered. A turning point that comes to everyone in life. Before that, the trials and hardships of life will increase.

Let’s endure the trials by dividing the time of training.

The worst choice is to lose the test and run away. Don’t run away and take the event with your own heart. The important thing is how to behave and deal with the challenges. Even during the sign of a turning point, the pain will gradually increase. We are heading for a turning point.

If you get over it, you can become more like yourself.

What you get after a turning point may be a good house, a good job, or a good husband. It just makes sense. Those who think “why” this difficult time and can’t escape from the pain will be able to see the wonderful development of life after the turning point.

People Who Often Have a High Level of Soul

It’s often painful because it’s “soul training.”

The challenges of the turning point are big and painful. That is because your soul level is high. Let’s divide it if there is no help for it. Why would it be so painful for me? It is a characteristic of this period that I think about it.

No matter how painful it may be, only the pain that can be overcome will come.

Even if you think it’s no good, your heart will break. Spiritual things will only bring you a powerful test. It’s a time of pain, but you can only overcome the pain.

When learning while struggling with trials

A feature of this period is that learning is what you need to “acquire” in the next stage. You are unknowingly learning various things from trials, hardships, and various problems. It will be “learning while suffering.”

The Spiritual Reason for the Difficult Times

(1) To grow as a human being

Endure this time to raise your underlying level. Human beings are constantly exposed to various events and are shaking themselves. Repeated trials, which can be said to be the practice of living in a spiritual sense, appear as “things to overcome” for oneself to grow as a human being.

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(2) To become a person who can love people

One of the meanings of being born as a person is “loving a person.” Even in a life without marriage, people make relationships by loving others and living in support of each other. It is also a time of trials to raise the level of such human power.

(3) To review yourself and become a better person

It makes sense to look back through painful events about what you have been up to and how it was for you during this time. Whether you’re leveling up or resting, this factor becomes very important. The difficult time before such a turning point means, above all, to “look back on yourself.” A wonderful romance that leads to marriage may be waiting for you beyond the turning point. Please take the sign firmly and have the best romance. In a woman’s life, what is worrisome is the spiritual sign of love and marriage. Let’s prepare for a bright future with this article.

Spiritually Behavior During Difficult Times.

(1) Do not act for personal gain

After the turning point, there will be something you can get at a surprising time. Therefore, at this time of year, those who can give as much as possible to others without moving for their own sake will have a great deal of soul training. Even when there are many pains and hardships, my heart may become narrow in difficult times.

(2) Do not sacrifice yourself

It’s a difficult time, but don’t run away. My interests are not good, but the way of life that sacrifices myself, “what I am,” is just as bad. Don’t sacrifice yourself, saying, “I’m in a difficult turning point, so whatever I do doesn’t work. I don’t expect anything anymore.”

(3) Do not blame people for bad things

Please take the trouble firmly. When something bad happens, don’t blame it on someone, “It’s his fault! It’s because he doesn’t match his wavelength!” Even if you do such a thing, it will not be good practice for your soul. What if you say, “I’m more concerned about the diagnosis that suits my situation than general theory!” It’s not a general theory for those who say it, but I’m also worried about the diagnosis according to my situation!

To Overcome the Spiritual Hard Times.

It’s all about being more like yourself and growing your soul. All the hardships come back to you. Because it was often painful, my level up was great. Believe it and go step by step. Please do not rush, overdo it, and spend your training time yourself.

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