10 Things You Need To Know About 2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Mercedes has heavily revised its E-Class saloon and estate with some styling tweaks and more technology than ever. Here we have the top ten things you need to know about E-Class.


The new E-Class gets a slinky body just like the old car but look closer and you’ll spot some new LED headlights, v designed alloy wheels and a set of wider brake lights. The E-Classes grille has also gone under the knife now it curves up a standard and sweeps down in sportier AMG line cars so it looks a bit grumpier and more aggressive. AMG line versions also get extra bulges in the bonnet, besides that, it’s all very subtle but what do you think of the looks.


Mercedes designers probably didn’t put in much overtime designing the E-Class interior. It looks almost exactly the same as the old cars although you do get some new steering wheels with different designs depending on which model you go for. They all get touch-sensitive buttons.

You can also customize your E-Class’s cabin with new trim pieces in a range of colors although there most is just shades of grey and brown.


The old E-Class could adjust the temperature, change the mood lighting, and spray you with some Mercedes own branded perfume to keep you energized. The new E-Class does all of those things but it kicks things up a notch with some fancy new seats, these make constant adjustments to stop you sitting in one position for too long and getting backache on longer journeys. There’s also a Power nap function that helps you drift off if you need to take a break.

The seats can massage your back into life when you need to wake up and carry on with your journey, you can even adjust the shape of the seats by drawing on the touchscreen.


The new Mercedes E-Class comes with two 10-inch displays but you can upgrade these to massive 12-inch screens, instead, you can get all this in the old E-Class but the new car has them joined underneath one piece of glass rather than having black plastic between them like in the old car. also, Mercedes has gotten rid of the old rotary dial controller so now you get a touchscreen and a touchpad on the center console instead just like in the new GLA.

You also get the latest Mercedes infotainment system with built-in Hey Mercedes voice assistant which lets you adjust the cabin temperature or program things like the satellite, navigation.


you can get the new Mercedes E-Class with a bunch of petrol, diesel, and plug-in hybrid engine options but you can also get a pair of all-new mild hybrids as well the cheapest is the 292 horsepower 2-liter 4 cylinder petrol engine with a 48-volt mild hybrid system.

There’s also a beefier 3-liter straight-six diesel engine that pumps out 387 horsepower both come with a 20 horsepower electric motor that gives them a bit of extra shove when you hit the accelerator and the motors mean they can shut off their engines completely and coasted up to 100 miles an hour when you’re cruising to help save fuel.


The old Mercedes E-Class was one of the most comfortable saloons to travel in and this new one shouldn’t be any different because Mercedes hasn’t messed with the car suspension at all, the new model should glide over bumps in town and stay nice and steady at motorway speeds and it will be even better with the optional air suspension, however, the cars cruise control system has been upgraded it can accelerate brake and steer for your motorways and in stop-start traffic and it uses satellite navigation data to automatically slow down before roundabout junctions and traffic jams.

It’s so clever it can even clear space for emergency vehicles by pulling slightly to one side in heavy traffic.


The new E-Class comes with loads of safety kit and some of it even gets to work before you start the car, as well as a surround-view camera system, there’s a clever blind spot monitoring feature they’ll detect pedestrians and cyclists and warn you not to open your door into them.

You also get auto emergency braking a standard which will detect parked cars and pedestrians who walk out in front of you, and there are more airbags than you can shake a car while sticking through that. There’s also Mercedes this urban guard system you can think of it as a personal security guard that will set off alarms a messaging using the Mercedes me app if someone bumps into your car in a car park or tries to steal it.


The Mercedes E-Class Estate and All-Terrain have been tweaked – These cars get the same styling upgrades as a standard E-Class, so there are some rounded headlights, wider bright lights, new alloy wheels, and different grilles and as before All-Terrain versions get rear suspensions, black wheel arches and beefier bumpers with protective cladding.


The AMG E53 gets a few upgrades you spot the E63 style grille straightaway and the diffuser and spoiler are also new, it gets the same 3-liter straight-six mild hybrid engine as in the old car, so it makes the same 435 horsepower and 520 Newton meters of torque.

If you want you can pay extra for the AMG Dynamic Pack which adds a race and drift driving mode. This upgrade also gets red brake calipers and a pair of fancy driving mode buttons on the steering wheel just like in the full-fledge AMG models.


The new Mercedes E-Class is extra tech means it’ll cost you a bit more. E-class and AMG E53 is set to go on sale at the end of this year, and pricing has yet to be announced. The Saloon will start from around $54,050. Estates will kick off from around $55,124 while All-Terrain from about $79,624. AMG E53 will begin at $85,749.