10 Must Have Cool Laptop Accessories & Gadgets To Buy Now

Over the years our laptops have become slimmer and more compact thanks to the innovative technology but to maintain this form factor they have ditched some useful ports and features which were meant to enhance your productivity and use your laptop to its full potential but worry no more as now you can do that easily with some unique laptop accessories these accessories are built to enhance your workflow and allow you to bring our elapses full potential there are a lot of left of accessories on the market with a few features and to help you choose the perfect story for a laptop. We have listed down the top 10 must-have cool laptop accessories & gadgets that you can use to boost your productivity.

SuperHub 2-in-1 Power Adapter

While your laptop’s power adapters can easily weigh you down getting the superhub would be the ultimate solution. Not only is it small and lightweight but it also features a ton of different input force. That is compatible with almost any portable device you can think of. At three point three inches long, two-point three inches wide and one point two-inch deep and weighing 130 one point seven gram only. This amazing super hub lets you do more while carrying less.

The Super Hub comes a two years B type C force delivering 30 watts and 18-watt power and acts like a five gigabits per second. In France reports there is a USB type a power output port and HDMI adapter delivering 4k. You can fast charge your iPad or MacBook and also charge your iPhone in 30 minutes and fully charge both within two hours. You can back them up on their traveling campaign on Kickstarter.

MOFT Z – 4- in- Invisible Sit-stand Desk

Enjoy ultimate economics and comfort on your workstation with MOFT Z 4 in 1 Invisible Sit-Stand laptop desk that keeps you productive all day long. Thanks to origami-inspired Z structure as this provides one mode for standing and three modes for sitting. That allows you to develop a healthy system working posture in the easiest way. This unique stand offers a 10-inch working height and allows you to adjust angles while sitting at 25, 45 and 60-degree angle. To help you achieve your sweet spot for working with Roxton’s structure and triangle bottom support. It counted fiberglass to ensure the toughness and can handle a maximum payload of up to 22 pounds without breaking a sweat.

It also features an amagnetic flap to reinforce the frame and Pio material to shield all the scratches and heat to provide a premium feel while using the stand. The MOFT Z comes with a continuous one P structure and super teen design without sacrificing durability. Which makes it perfectly suited for any workstation and allows you to carry it with you wherever you go. The MOFTZ is a perfect on-the-go workstation solution for those who love to work on the move. You can back them up on the crowd from the campaign on Kickstarter.

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Mark Ryden Compacto Pro Laptop Backpack

Mark Ryden compactor Pro is a slim yet spacious laptop backpack with an organized clean purpose. It has attentive details designed for state travelers, students or daily commuters with easy access at high frequency. The interior contains a padded laptop compartment where you can take up to a 15.6-inch laptop. And a smaller space for placing a tablet or notebooks and counted and externally USB charging port. Allowing it to charge your phone on the go. It features mesh pockets to store accessories or smartphones.

A top pocket that is perfect for stashing small items while traveling and additional small side pockets to carry digital components. The Mark Ryden compact pro is made with PU coated Oxford water repellent. With silky lining and water repellent, SPS zippers that make in water prevent increased durability. Shoulder straps are nicely padded designed to ensure comfort while carrying it. And the chest buckle is adjustable and uniquely equipped with compass and safety whistle. Overall it is a reliable laptop backpack for everyday use and you can get it online.

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Satechi M1 Wireless Mouse

Complete your laptop with Satechi M1 on BlueTooth mouse featuring Bluetooth 4.0 connection rechargeable type C port and modern economic design. You can easily connect this Mouse to almost any Bluetooth enabled device for wireless navigation control from up to 32 feet away. The M1 Mouse is designed to be ergonomic with a simple curved shape that is ideal for both left and right-hand users. It’s a compact device measuring four point three seven inches long, 2.25 inches wide, 1.25 inches tall and weighing at only one seven five gram. That doesn’t take much space on a desk and slips easily into any bag or even pocket.

The M1 mouse features optical sensors for precise quick tracking and scrolling for web browsing, working or data entry. The scrolls wheel is constructed with aluminum to match the aluminum finish on the mouse as a basic Mouse. M1 wireless mouse is a nice companion accessory for any laptop user. Not only do their colors match perfectly but the mouse is also a good replacement option for Apple. With good reviews and ratings from the customers, you can get it online.

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ADATA SE760 External SSD

High-performance external storage devices are gaining popularity these days. As many laptops come with relatively low caps at ESD that cannot be upgraded to help with this problem. Adata announced its new lineup of high-end externals SSD that offers high performance with caps. It is up to one terabyte with a USB 3.0, generation 2 interface. It offers read/write speeds of up to 1,000 megabits per second which is over 12 times faster than traditional external HDDs.

The device also features other useful advantages including shock and vibration resistance and has a completely silent operation with its USB-C connector. The SSM insists external SSD is compatible Windows to Mac OS and Android platforms which means that users can seamlessly transfer files between different operating systems without an element whether for work or enjoyment. The SE760 sustained power users with advantages of an SSD simple connectivity and convenience. You can get it online.

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CalDigit USB-C Pro Dock

Introducing the CalDigit USB-C Pro Dock, a fantastic piece of equipment that is a perfect docking solution for you. And delivers the features that laptop owners will truly appreciate using a single USBC connector to the host. It allows the connection of two DisplayPort monitors for USB devices, speakers and headphones, Gigabit Ethernet port and SD card slot with an inbuilt card reader. CallDigit counted a 150-watt power supply that can deliver 85 watts to the connected device to charge it fully in a relatable short time.

It can charge devices without being connected to a computer. It’s ideal for your magnet pro I metro or windows ultrabooks and so on. The metal construction attention to detail and functionality is all delivered at what appears to be a bargain price when compared with what other brands are asking for. And with great user acceptance, you can get this device from online.

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Razer Kiyo Webcam

Forget the hassle of setting up several lights while streaming to get decent on-camera illumination and take a look at the wizard Keo webcam. A compact and portable webcam for you designed for streaming. This webcam supports video and audio recording in 720p 60 frames per second and thousand ATP elephants per second. This webcam is stream lab certified and is compatible with popular platforms like OBS and explained to stream games or others. It has an attached 5600 Cadillac balance ring light around it that keeps subjects even elite without the hassle of additional lighting equipment.

This webcam has a rotating bezel which allows for quick brightness level changes with others needed to go into software settings. It reduces greatness and brings out details in darker environments while being compact in size perfect for all of your content creators. If you are looking for a webcam to fulfill the purposes of streaming games or managing online video conference then the Razer Kiyo webcam is the perfect choice for you. With great reviews and ratings from the customers, you can get from online.

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Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth


Tired of typing on touch displays and miss typing on the physical key then you should have Logitech a 380 a multi-device Bluetooth keyboard.  You can use with your laptop this keyboard connects to your device via Bluetooth with a 10-meter range. It offers comfort and convenience of desktop typing on any device no matter wherever you use it. You can connect this keyboard with three devices simultaneously and switch between them. It runs on two triple-A batteries and offers a battery life of up to two years.

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It comes in a super compact size to offer excellent portability. This keyboard is compatible with almost all Bluetooth wireless computers or other devices that support external keyboards which gives you the versatility to use it with any device. The Logitech K 380 is the ultimate keyboard. It provides a desktop-class typing comfort on any device. This device has earned excellent reviews and ratings from the customers and you can order online.

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Omni 20 USB-C

Struggling to find the perfect USB hub for a laptop that unit on the church a USB hub. That is packed with features to enhance your total apt experience charger. USB-C laptops straight from the Omni charges USB port. It is capable of outputting up to a hundred watts. So that you can power your most demanding laptops, tablets and more. With this USB hub, you can seamlessly sync and manage your files on multiple devices. Turn one usable seaport into three high-speed outlets and free up your laptop ports.

It counted a wireless charging pad, just place your phone on top of the Omni charge to get fast and reliable wireless charging up to 10 watts equipped with quick charge 3.0. It’s USB a port that provides top-of-the-line fast charging for your phones, tablets and more. It has a built-in 20,000 million per power bank. Which allows you to charge your devices on the go without any hassle. The only charge is the perfect solution for ports for a laptop. And has earned excellent reviews and ratings from the customers and you can get it online.

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Sculptor 4K Touchscreen Monitor

Ever wish you had the dual monitor setup with your laptop so that you could boost up your productivity well. Now you can do that with sculpture a unique forked touchscreen monitor that serves as your second monitor. This monitor features a 15.6 inch IPS 4k screen. Which lets you enjoy rich and vivid content on this monitor. It also has HDR technology which delivers razor-sharp viewing experience. This monitor lets you increase your productivity with its touch screen. It also has the ability to auto-rotate four different orientations and comes with a 90-degree kickstand for convenient use.

It counted an ample selection of course including a USB type-c, mini HDMI, 3.5-millimeter audio jack, and micro USB. Which combined enhance your connectivity. This monitor also has built-in stereo audio that leads to having immersive audio experience. It also transforms your phone into a computer which becomes the second screen of your laptop. It connects your gaming device and even your camera. This is the only monitor you need anywhere.

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