The Xbox one might be today’s underdogs but they’re home to some of the best racing games in the business. Here are the top 10 Xbox one racing games of all time arranged by play score. The play score is an average of gamer and critic ratings.

10. Redout Light Speed Edition

Readout light speed edition for racing games speed insights or the name of the game. Thankfully you’ll get both in this fast-paced and futuristic racer from the developer. 34 big things that veteran racing fans might notice is the game’s obvious inspiration from classics wipe out and f-zero. And that’s mainly where a doubt succeeds not just bringing back the thrills of gravity-defying racing but split-screen multiplayer. Readout clearly isn’t perfect the game received its lowest score of 6.50 from french game review site Jacques.

They describe it as a success in terms of content and controls. However, it stopped short of becoming a worthy wipeout successor because of its not so challenging AI lackluster graphics and framerate issues among others. These framerate issues were echoed by ZTE GB. But despite that and not being too innovative readout for them remained a slick and beautiful racer. It has a play score of 7.7 3.

9. Dirt Rally 2.0

Codemasters is back with the second installment of their critically acclaimed rally racer. Their first game was quite a hurdle to surpass but it looks like they did the job being the official FIA World Championship game. Dirt rally 2.0 lets you ride across official tracks in six different real-life locations. As usual, it was a hit among critics who appreciated the brutal difficulty that it offers. As gamers called it a hardcore rally simulator. Although it might not appeal to all racing fans.

Its car handling physics and visuals contribute to an overall positive experience game grin. On the other hand, considered it the dirt for a successor. We never had to give a score of 9 over 10 despite having to pay for new old tracks. Maybe this is the reason why dirt rally 2.0 got significantly lower user ratings. Something that’s emerging as a pattern in the dirt rally series. All in all, it receives a more than decent play score of 7.7 6.

8. Wreckfest

THQ Nordics demolition derby game is a total feast for your combo cravings of racing and destruction. This isn’t the first of it by any standards. There’s been twisted metal and the more recent flat-out series. Which is rec fest proud spiritual predecessor powered by sophisticated driving dynamics and realistic? Physics is the ultimate vehicular carnage experience. In a market saturated with racing simulations breakfast dedication to the absurd also stands out. That’s exactly what games viewpoints out in their recent review.

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It’s an oddity that sticks out like a sore thumb and delivers an aggressively fun racing experience. There aren’t any licenses here because you won’t need them in an arena with absolutely zero rules. The only thing to do is to make it to the finish line no matter what it takes.

7. Dirt 4

Dirt rally 2.0 might be the sequel we never had to some people but now that the jury is out. It looks like dirt 4 remains as the Codemasters leading rally racer and the consoles. It was also released after the dirt rally and is considered the 12th entry and the Colin McRae series. Dirt 4 is considered by many as this generation’s quintessential rally racer. According to IGN Codemasters dirt, 4 is accessible yet tough and grimy, yet gorgeous aside from hitting.

The racing simulation sweet spot of tough but enjoyable. Dirt 4 game modes have also been praised two left six turned em 100 right six sterna. Perhaps a little too detailed for some dirt 4 career mode, in particular, earned cheers from critics and gamers for the freedom. It provides just like the code masters other games though. Dirt 4 has also earned mostly decent scores from users despite being critically acclaimed. It has the play store of 7.8 five.

6. Skylanders: Supercharger

Skylanders superchargers to real-life cars turn digital. We take a detour towards real-life toys famous for breathing new life into their plastic toys. Skylanders explores the joys of vehicular action. Their fifth installment makes your return to the ever endangered sky lands. And protect it once again from the perils of chaos. As evil plans as far as critic reviews are concerned.

Superchargers seem to have the most polarized with some as low as 6 to as high as eight-point nine zero for CEO G connected. The franchise takes a giant leap with superchargers. It showered with innovations in terms of new characters, vehicles and a massive 52 chapter campaign. At least it had some success on the user side garnering a 9.20 from users on the Amazon website. Whatever your take on the toy to life phenomenon. Skylanders superchargers have earned their place on the list with a total play score of 7.9 one.

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5. Cars 3 Driven To Win

What began as a simple tie in to the car’s third movie title has taken on a life of its own and earned the respect of gamers on the Xbox One. It’s set immediately after the events of the film. And expands on the rivalry between lightning Queen and his smooth-talking rival crews Ramirez. For this title on our list, the divide between critic and gamer ratings is made even clearer with a total critic rating of seven-point zero eight. The consensus seems to be that cars 3 is not a bad game. Then it offers decent family-friendly entertainment.

Thanks to its decidedly quirky source material and it’s co-op multiplayer some like Co G connected wished. It would have stuck to the atmosphere of the film while the game reacted hope it’s stretched. The scope of the whole franchise on the other hand with user ratings of eights and nines. The audience definitely wasn’t complaining and it gets a total play score of 7.9 3.

4. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

If you guys wanted a cross between quirky yet complex you can’t go wrong with this remake of crash bandicoot’s racing spin-off. Obviously inspired by Nintendo’s Mario Kart series Crash Team Racing. Definitely carve its own name in the genre to the point of becoming second. It’s not the king of kart racing. It first appeared on the PlayStation 1 in the hands of Naughty Dog Studios. With this remake be Knox provides they’re the right fit for the makeover GT.

GT wastes in again praising the game’s technical flourishes that make it feel like a brand-new title game. It also gave the game a score of 8 pointing out how it builds upon the features of the classic. However, it also passes on some of its kinks to the newer gen. Which may mean a steeper learning curve on the user side. Crash Team Racing received an outstandingly low score from game facts. Which contributed to its less than stellar performance. It has a play score of 7.9 8 members 3.

3. F1 2016

F1 2016 is the sole outlier released in the wake of a seemingly rushed f1 2015 code masters. The next installment turned out to be the return to form. It’s filled with a landmark, new features, important updates on online lobbies and the awaited return of their single-player career mode. It was perhaps this impression of newness but allowed it to surpass the series later titles.

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That only built upon what 2016 provided looking at the critic reviews of later titles F1 2016 received. The lower end of the stick with most ratings ranging from 8 28.5. But it won by a landslide with its users receiving a whopping nine from Microsoft from reviewers and it’s time. It was a treasure trove of formal one immersion 2016 that may have been a long time ago. This game remains close to razor’s hearts with a play score of 8.3 6.

2. Forza Motorsport 7

When it comes to racing games on the Microsoft console you can’t forget the Forza series with every new installment turn. 10 studios offer a jaw-dropping racing experience. Motorsport 7 combines their talents with breathtaking sights. That only 4k and HDR support can give. But other than the surface level excitement that is their graphical ingenuity. This latest installment in the subseries is as much a technical marvel surely enough for Motorsports 7 content is key.

Its palette of different car numbers up to 700 each seemingly more drool-worthy. When driven along with its generous selections of over 30 tracks. Even judge before the arrival of features like events, leagues and auction houses. It’s the serious racing game on the current-gen and it has a play score of 9.0 six.

1. Forza Horizon

The two sub Series horizons is Forza at its most versatile. It provides racing enthusiasts with a haven for arcade enjoyment. The simple joys of driving in its vast open-world environment of a fictionalized Great Britain these razors. I might not be a massive leap from the beauty that was Forza Horizon 3 what sets. This game is the freedom that lies at the heart of it that was definitely true for the game revolution. Who gave the game a 9 out of 10 he also added that with horizon force broad appeal.

Variety is what won over the general audience game informer agrees. I quote depending on your focus of play. You can turn it into a difficult game of precision. That requires proper vehicle tuning or a light arcade experience of tearing across Great Britain with no cares in the world. A general yet genuine racing experience it has a play score of 9.4.