10 Affordable & Spacious Small Family Cars for 2020

If you want a car that’s affordable to buy and run and has plenty of space for you and the kids and he wants a small family hatchback. Here are the 10 Affordable & Spacious Small Family Cars for 2020.

10. Kia Ceed

Here’s the car out top ten family hatchbacks like a suit from Marks and Spencers. The Kia Cee’d look pretty smart but it’s very reasonably priced. The classy feel continues inside thanks to the core solid build quality and supportive seats. It’s also spacious with room for four and a big boot. The Ceed is also a comfortable car to drive and the 1-liter petrol engine has all the performance. You really need because basically, the Ceed isn’t actually a car that you won’t have much fun in it’s a little bit bland to drive.

9. Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is great if you want to the premium family car without a snobby badge. It’s good to drive for a normal hatchback and the 1.5-liter petrol engine is cheap to run yet delivers strong performance. You get loads of rear legroom, Headroom in the back is actually poor also The infotainment system is perhaps the worst fitted to any car ever.

8. Vauxhall Astra

The Vauxhall bags may have all the appeal of a Veruca but that’s a shame because the Astra is a genuinely good family car. It’s enjoyable to drive but also quite uncomfortable and its 1.6-liter diesel is one of the best you’ll find in a car. There’s good news on the inside to where the Vauxhall has a smart design. A logical air and space for form okay so it feels cheap in places. A bigger problem is Astra’s boot which is small and really badly designed.

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7. BMW 1 Series

The BMW 1-series is designed to get you hooked on a lifestyle that will lead to more expensive BMW stuff in the future. Unlike the other cars here the one series is rear-wheel drive. The way that setup pushes you out of corners makes it feel sporty. Unfortunately, while the 1-series feels well built and has an excellent infotainment system. It’s not one of the most practical small cars.

6. Audi A3 Sportback

The Audi a3 says its parts with a Volkswagen Golf. The classy Audi is more of a rich chocolate cake. The spacious interior looks even Pacha and you can have a huge digital display that looks the business. The out is easy to drive and available with an excellent choice of engines. Unfortunately, the most desirable kit is on the pricey options list.

5. Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia gives you a similar sense of satisfaction as shopping a little. It might not be the best experience but you don’t care because it gives you such cracking value for a kick-off. The Skoda is one of the cheapest cars here but also the most spacious inside. It feels durable and has a good infotainment system out on the road. It drives well enough and comes with a good range of engines but it’s not exactly a car you’re ever gonna be excited about owning.

4. Volkswagen Golf

Like a prizefighter, in the latter years, age means the Volkswagen Golf is no longer quite the dominant force. It used to be that said it’s still extremely competent inside. It feels rock-solid and he can tell real thought has been put into the design. Take the boot it’s not the largest here but it’s loaded with clever features that make it very practical. On the road the goths easy to drive and comfortable but there’s just something a little bit boring about how it goes about its business.

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3. Toyota Corolla

Like a librarian that’s nicked ting tequilas the Toyota corolla has transformed from being one of the most boring things on earth to one of the most exciting. It’s available with two petrol-electric hybrid engines that sip fuel and can run silently at low speeds. Making the Corolla very comfortable to drive in town inside. It feels really well built but it’s let down slightly by a complicated infotainment system. The fact the rear knee room is a little bit tight.

2. Mercedes A-Class

The Mercedes a-class has an interior so classy it makes a room at the Savoy look like a bed set. You can also get it with augmented satellite navigation that looks super cool and makes following directions idiot-proof. You also get the room for four and a well-designed vote. The cast drives nicely too and looks super posh but all this comes at a price. The a-class is a little bit expensive, especially after a few must-have options.

1. Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is renowned for being a sensible family car. That’s also good fun to drive and this latest version refines this winning formula on a twisting road. It feels genuinely sporty but also comfortable. It’s slick controls make it dead easy to drive in town. You also get plenty of space for four people. A boot that is a pitifully small like the old cars and a vastly improved infotainment system. All of which means you can have a brilliant family car and all for a reasonable price.