10 Affordable Modern and Edgy Outfit Ideas for Women

I really want to focus on the affordable pieces that really are budget-friendly. All of these pieces under $75 and all of these pieces are also, in my opinion, modern and edgy. They have this really modern feel but they don’t feel like you’re trying too hard. A lot of these pieces really seamlessly integrate together. They’re all based on black/white or blush and so it is almost like a mini capsule fall wardrobe.

1. Top & Jeans

The first look I want to show you is elevated basics I’m showing you a white v-neck button up peplum top. A white top is one of those basics I always talk about but here is an elevated basic. It has some really interesting details it has the buttons it has the beautiful v neckline it has the peplum waist. It’s basic but it has some interesting details on it. I paired that with a pair of high-rise dark wash skinny jeans. These are ankle length which means they run a bit shorter.

Great for those of us who are petite. You can often order the jeans with a longer inseam length so that they fit your likes. If you’re on the taller side you probably want to go 31 32 33. You’re on the shorter side you go with the 30. If you’re normally like a 27 you’re probably gonna want to do a 28 or 29 super-cute dark wash classic skinny jeans.

2. Sweater & Jeans

I swapped out the top for this really beautiful blush tone oversized v-neck sweater. A different bag this one’s also very chic and sophisticated but in a Python print. This bag is super duper lightweight like I literally can hold it up with my pinky. That’s how light it is and I do like to have a lightweight bag on my feet. A pair of really interesting people mules is not quite a full peep-toe. It’s just like a little sliver showing in the front. You really don’t see any toe at all it’s just kind of a cool little detail. You can wear this sweater on the shoulder or off the shoulder depending on how you’re feeling.

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3. Sweater & Black Jeans

I wanted to show you this same sweater and bag combination with a pair of black jeans. If you swap out the skinny dark wash blue jeans for a pair of cropped slightly flared black jeans. It creates a totally different look so in this case, I’ve got the cropped flared black Jean with a pair of black ankle booties. That is faux suede and a waist belt and the waist belt really adding some definition by tucking the sweater just in. I can highlight the waist I can highlight the belt but I’m not creating all of that bulk. That goes over the long with tucking in something all the way around.

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4. Blouse & Jeans

Our next look is the same dark wash skinny jeans. This really dark blue paired with the Python, slingback pumps the black waist belt that has this really cool embossing. The same black embossed bag with this beautiful blouse. It is such an interesting blouse and it’s a silky white blouse with this sash that goes wraps around the neck. You can wear it in the back you can wear it in the front you can play around with the sash. The sleeve is a cap sleeve but a very flattering cap sleeve that would really soften broader shoulders. It’s just a really beautiful blouse again another basic but feels elevated feels more modern.

5. Jammie Set

I love a jammie short set because I get really really hot in the middle of the night sleeping. I can’t wear anything too heavy I have to wear something that really keeps me cool. It’s really cute it’s so key it’s got the contrasting black piping and it’s just a really cute set.

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6. Jammie Shirt & Jeans

As you guys know I always like to stretch my wardrobe and I always look for two-in-ones. I wanted to show you a couple of examples of how you can actually style this pajama top as a regular top. The first example is just pairing it with the same dark wash blue skinny jeans. The Python slingback pumps with a waist belt I took the jammy top in the front again. I’m not tucking it in all over I’m just doing that half-tuck. It’s like a really sweet outfit I really love it.

7. Jammie Shirt & Skirt

The second outfit idea I wanted to share with that same pajama top is pairing it with this really cool sleek knit black midi skirt. That’s very fitted very flattering I love the length I love a mini length skirt. It’s so elegant and sophisticated it’s great if you’re you know in your 40s 50s 60s. You don’t want your knees showing and then I just belted the top to give it some definition. You could also take that same top and just tuck it right into that
skirt because it is so silky and paper-thin. Tt’s not gonna add bulk around your midsection and this skirt is so high-waisted. It really does add this beautiful hourglass shape and defines the waist.

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8. Blouse & Jeans

The next like I want to show you is this exact same blouse but I paired it with a different pair of jeans. These jeans are high rise again high rise there are also skinny jeans. They’re also cropped but they have the button fly. The button fly is one of those new modern details that are really on-trend right now. These jeans are insanely flattering they’re really cool you will love them.

9. Top & Shorts

The next outfit would be kind of the wild-card outfit I wanted to share with you guys. It really would be an unexpected date night look. Something that you might wear to an event when you want to really stand out. It’s just an interesting outfit it’s different it is unique it’s unexpected. That is these faux leather high-rise tie waist shorts with that same v-neck peplum top. Embossed bag and the Python pumps to finish off the look. This look is really cool if you feel like oh I really want to show off my legs. It’s very sexy again very unexpected. If you’re not feeling really confident about your legs if you feel like there’s too much skin laxity or cellulite.

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Another thing you can try is just wearing a pair of black tights, opaque tights or patterned tights with the shorts. Then pairing it with closed-toe ankle booties I think that would be a really cool look too. These shorts I feel like they’re just so fun and cool and edgy and modern. You guys will love them and that tie waist really highlighting the waist.

10. Dress

The last look I want to show you is a dress it’s a sweater dress. It has a high neck it has a zip front definitely a very versatile piece. It makes it a little cooler gives it a little something extra special. The length awesome below the knee but then it has the two slots on the side to give it that little extra sexy touch. Wear with the moto jacket perfect match to edge it up or you can wear it with a blazer.

It’s very neutral and it’s a neutral color you could really play around with it. Then finished off the look with those same slingback Python pumps. They have details that make them a little extra special their elevated basics they’re edgy classics. You know whatever you want to call it I feel like they’re also very wearable regardless of your age.

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