With Diagnosis! Recommended Makeup, Hair Color, Nail

[With diagnosis supervised by a color specialist] a unique color that can be distinguished by the natural skin, hair color, and eye color. Introduce plenty of helpful information from recommended makeup that suits yellow base and spring-type people to hair color and nail design! For those who ask, “Which color do I have in the first place?”

What is your Color?

Personal color diagnosis to find a color that matches your hair, eyes, and skin color. There are four main types of unique colors. First, the skin color is divided into yellow base, and blue base, and then the diagnosis is made in detail in spring, summer, autumn, and winter by looking at the atmosphere and facial features; if you want to know which color suits you, first find out what type you are with the following diagnosis!

Get to know your Color! Easy Diagnostic Items

First, let’s self-diagnose your color. Answer three questions and check your type. It’s a simple diagnosis, so please consider it as a reference!

Easy! Personal Color Diagnostics

① What is your skin color?

  • Looks yellowish ⇒ Go to Question ②
  • Looks pinkish ⇒ Go to Question ③

② How bright are your eyes?

  • Bright or relatively bright.”Spring” type
  • Dark or rather dark.”Autumn” type

③ Which is your image closer to?

  • It is said to be gentle and soft. a “Summer” type
  • It is said to be dignified and calm.”Winter” type
  • After a simple diagnosis, choose the type that has the most items from the following four types. That is your color. If it is not clear, you can refer to both contents, and it’s OK!
  • [Base makeup] The control color is yellow.
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The yellow makeup base suits Yebe Haru! Choose a color that makes your skin look brighter and covers blemishes and freckles. When you put it on, just spread it thinly over your face. If you choose a pinkish base, it may float from the original skin, so be careful!

[Eye makeup] Make a point color around the eyes

Yebe Haru is a type with a positive image! Therefore, it is better to finish the eye makeup healthily with a point color rather than moist and deep eyes. Apply orange eye shadow to the edge of the eyes and brush it slightly wider than the double-width to complete.

[Cheek & Lip] Cute with gloss and complexion

Yebe Haru looks good in a cute atmosphere. Put coral pink blush in a round shape with a pompon to give it a slightly flush look, and apply tint to the lip to blur the edges for a smooth look.

Recommended Hair Color Points

The hair color that suits Yebe Spring is “Yellow & Gold.” The bright colors look great, so they will blend naturally even if you add highlighting.

Yellow beige bob that doesn’t stand out too much

The slightly brighter yellow beige is natural with a short bob. The simple hairstyle that falls off with a stone makes it fit well without being too noticeable.

Loose and fluffy gold beige

Gold beige that is easy to match with relaxed hair. If you’re Long, try to create a feeling of being comfortable with your wavy hair.

Gold color with highlighting and three-dimensional effect

With a thin highlight that gives the hair a three-dimensional effect, the calm gold beige color also feels pure! Layer medium with a cute constriction, pursuing cuteness.

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High tone x inner color

A fashionable inner color is added to the fashionable high tone of La Beige. Yellow is a pastel color, so it doesn’t stand out too much and gives a well-balanced style.

Recommended Nail Design Points

The theme of nail design that suits Yebe Spring is “pop.” Colorful colors like jelly beans and cute designs are good.

Pastel pop colorful french nails

A design that combines pastel French and heart-shaped.

Spring flowering nuance nails

Nuance nails with a clear base and bright holo. It is cute, but you can also create a slight feeling.

Tone nails that are not too flashy

It’s a little too conspicuous to say pop. For Yebe Haru, who thought so, we recommend one-color nails that match the color tones!

Recommended Fashion Points

The fashion point is the same as when making up, and the brightness is the point! The vivid colors make her face gorgeous and look good. I’m particularly good at yellowish colors, so it’s good to bring them to your tops or outerwear.

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