With A Design Perm, You Can Get Used To It. Benefits I Would Like To Recommend

With A Design Perm, You Can Get Used To It. Benefits I Would Like To Recommend

Permanent hair gives you a soft curl style and a loose wave style. However, there are many worries, such as “I can’t touch my hair because I’m worried about the damage to my hair”, so why not step forward? Design perm is what you want to try at such times! It’s a perm that can be designed according to the image you want to be, with less strain on your hair.

If You Want to Achieve Your First Perm, a Modern Style, Design Perm

If You Want to Achieve Your First Perm a Modern Style Design Perm

A perm style that gives hair curls and waves. The gentle and natural perm style has also entered the fashion trend this year. However, some people may not be able to get their hands on it because of the damage to their hair. Design perm is a perm menu that we recommend to such people.

What Kind of Menu Is Designed Perm?

What Kind of Menu Is Designed Perm

  • Design perm is a general term for perms that do not use heat and are shaped only with chemicals.
  • Speaking of perms, you often hear the name “digital perms”, but this is a type of hot perm that makes it easier to remember the shape by applying heat.
  • Design perms are gentle on the hair, as they form a shape with only chemicals without applying heat and cause less damage.
  • If it is a specific perm menu, “cosmetic perm”, etc., is applicable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Design Perms

Advantages and Disadvantages of Design Perms

Such a design perm has various merits other than being gentle on the hair. Here, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of styling and impression.

Merit 1: Partial perm is easy so that you can make a wide range of styles

  • Design perms made only with chemicals are suitable for perms at the roots that are difficult to apply with heat-applied perms.
  • Therefore, you can create a wide range of styles, such as launching the top softly like now or making waves from the roots of shorts and bobs.
  • Also, curling only the bangs and hair tips is easy, so it is a perm with a low hurdle for people who want to apply a little perm.

Merit 2: Enjoy straight hairstyles

  • Design perm is a perm that gives strong curls and waves when wet.
  • If you style it a little dry, you can make the best use of the wave, and if you stretch the wave when you dry it with a hairdryer, you can enjoy a straight hairstyle.
  • It is attractive that you can enjoy the straight style and wave hair in the day’s mood.
  • It is recommended for those who want to enjoy various hairstyles as there is a wide range of arrangements.

Merit 3: Enjoy a soft and modern texture

  • Waves and curls created with design perms have a softer and more moist texture than digital perms. 
  •  So it’s perfect for creating a loose and natural perm trend! 
  •  By incorporating a soft and natural curve, you can aim for mellow hair without a feeling of creation.

Disadvantage 1: Hard to apply to hard hair

  • Although it is a design perm with many advantages, it also has some disadvantages.
  • One of them is that some people have difficulty getting it depending on their hair quality.
  • Especially for those with hard and firm hair, it tends to be difficult to apply a design perm.
  • If you want a fluffy design perm, consider how difficult it is to spend, discuss your time with a beautician, and consider other perms.

Disadvantage 2: Waves come out relatively early

  • It is said that the design perm lasts for about 2 to 3 months.
  • It is relatively early compared to the digital perm that lasts for three months to 6 months.
  • However, considering the span of going to the beauty salon, it is quite a sufficient period.
  • If you want to perm with a little image change feeling, the disadvantage of short stickiness seems to be advantageous.

What Style Would You Like? Recommended Style Made With Design Perm

What Style Would You Like Recommended Style Made With Design Perm

The style of making with a perm greatly changes the impression depending on the size of the curl, how to wind it, and the position to apply it. Therefore, knowing the typical winding method makes it easier to share the style you want to be a beautician. Here, we will introduce typical perm styles that can be applied with design perms.

Only the hair tips are rolled inward to create a neat and clean curl.

When applying a perm, the inward winding style is to wrap the “lot” around the hair from the inside of the hair. If it’s a design perm that can be applied on the part, you can also use one curl with only the tips of the hair inside! The whole is straight and neat, and the hair ends are finished in a gentle atmosphere with natural curls so that you can enjoy an elegant style.

With outer winding and root startup, it becomes a soft and mature perm

The outer winding that winds the lot from the outside of the hair is a winding method that creates a gorgeous atmosphere. This style is a style that gives a soft volume by applying a design perm to the root of the hair and the bangs. The natural outer curl and the volume create an adult-like atmosphere.

For airy perm hair with mixed winding

Mix winding, which is a mixture of inner and outer winding, is a suitable method for creating a casual wave feeling. With a fluffy design perm, you can achieve a modern style that is airy and mellow like this.

Upgrade to Fashionable Hair With a Design Perm

Upgrade to Fashionable Hair With a Design Perm

Design perm is a perm that makes it easy to create a raw image and is easy for beginners to adopt. It doesn’t use heat, so it’s nice that the damage is small! When ordering, bring a photo and share the image with the beautician. Finally, if you learn how to style, you should be able to improve your fashion the next day. If you are hesitant about her perm style, why not give it a try?

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