10 Best Wireless Security Camera System Which Is Trending

Wireless camera
Wireless camera

You are out of home or in your office, you are always worried about what’s happening inside your home. Especially if you have kids, teenagers and pets in your home. To put you at ease there are smart indoor home cameras with amazing features and functions.

They enable you to monitor track and interact with your child and pets. Today we will introduce you to top 10 indoor home security cameras that you should consider buying to keep your minds at ease:

Canary Talk

Canary all-in-one home security system features a full HD 1080 pixel camera. It’s 147 degree lens view that allows the camera to see more of your home to help keep your mind at ease. The Canary also features high-quality sound recordings so that you are not only able to see your home but be able to hear what’s going on.

It also has intelligent real-time motion alerts and built-in siren that reaches some levels of 90 plus decibels which is perfect for scaring off unwanted visitors. The Canary also sends you updates in our smart phone as it works with your home’s Internet connection.

You can also monitor air quality temperature and humidity to help you understand how your home might affect your health. You can also talk and listen to the canary talk. This amazing indoor home security camera which also works with Amazon Alex. It is available on Amazon at $79 only.

Tend Indoor

Tend Indoor is a smart indoor security camera. It is very easy to setup, has spatial recognition capability and network connectivity. Tend Indoor will let you choose familiar places with its intelligent software. It can recognize and can send check-in notification and can alert you if there are any unfamiliar face shows up.

It also has motion detection sensors and will send immediate notifications when it is triggered by any movement. The camera works with 2.4 gigahertz network connectivity and gives you real-time video footage, that can be accessed from your mobile device through 10 secure app.

Tend also allows you to backup and review videos for previous 7 days in their cloud storage service for absolutely free of charge. Tend indoor security camera is available on Amazon at $60.

YI Home Camera

YI Home Camera 2 has a 130 degree ultra wide-angle, 1080 pixel HD smart video technology. It can record and stream footage at a super low bitrate and compress videos without losing the resolution of the footage.

It has panasonic CMOS sensors that gives superb first-class quality night-vision footage with their proprietary smart Easter technology. The footage is dynamically calibrated and exposure is balanced to achieve clearer and brighter picture. Camera’s two-way audio to communicate through the camera remotely and with enhanced motion detection and other system.

You can scare up any intruders through the camera with its cutting-edge human detection. The YI Home Camera can detect motion gestures as well you don’t have to worry about storage. YI Home Camera 2 is available at only $159 on Amazon.

Reolink Argus

Reolink Argus has 100% wire free battery-powered indoor security camera. It records and streams videos at 1080 pixel resolutions all the time and works over Wi-Fi 2.4 gigahertz connectivity. It is easy to set up and has ip65 weather proof rated so that it can be mounted anywhere either indoor or outdoor.

This is a highly sensitive camera that detects movements and sends accurate real-time through push notifications via the app and email. It also has a micro SD card slot that supports 64gb storage. It has a built-in mic and a speaker that allows you to talk and listen to the camera.

The camera has a stylized image sensors that provides you with crystal-clear and colorful night-vision footage for a re-searchable option. It can charge via separate solar panels. Reolink Argus is available on Amazon at 104 dollars only and there is no monthly subscription needed for the Reolink Argus.

EZVIZ ez360

EZVIZ ez360 home security camera has 1080 pixels CMOS sensor and digital HDR enhancement that provides crystal-clear video resolution. The camera has twisting studio horizontal panoramas and smart motion tracking technology that you will never lose sight of the things that are moving. It can also send motion detection alert and send you a short video clip.

The camera is also infrared enabled and can record clear videos even at night. With two-way audio you can either talk to your family and pets scare away intruders. You can also hear and speak with others without actually having to be there. The EZVIZ ez360 camera is a smartphone enabled and can connect to Amazon Alexa or Google home to keep everything synced.

You can also store video in micro SD card, cloud storage or your own personal cloud storage. The EZVIZ security camera is available on Amazon at $59 own.

Blink HD

Blink is an ultra affordable truly relevant security and monitoring system. It runs on two double-a batteries that can run for two years. This camera has motion sensor and can alert you through push notifications and stream live video at 720 pixel resolution.

The blink camera is affordable and cost friendly as it is only a standalone product and it requires no monthly subscription contract. You can easily access on-demand videos with a blink app which is free and their cloud storage also cost you absolutely nothing.

Bink also integrates with Amazon’s Alexa enabled devices and Eva’s I can control these devices without lifting any fingers – Blink HD security camera is available on Amazon at only $79.

Omna 180 Cam

Omna 180 indoor security cam is 180 DB ultra wide-angle lens camera. It is capable of recording and live streaming full HD 1080 pixel video resolution to a free phone app. The
security camera has motion detection and sends automatic push alerts and triggers micro SD recording.

It has a built-in micro SD card slot that supports up to 128 GB and records footage based on motion triggers only. The camera also has infrared LED built-in that allows the camera to stream and record in night-vision with built-in two-way audio and speakers. You can also maintain communication with your family and be there without actually having to be there. The Omna 180 degree also works with Apple hockey devices and has owned the IOT break 2 hours in 2018. The camera is available on Amazon at $129 only.

Ring Stick Up Cam

Ring Stick Up Cam is a security timer for indoor and outdoor areas of your home that can monitor and record videos and keep you live. One videos at HD 1080 pixel and has infrared night vision. It has a slim design and you can mount it anywhere either by a wall or a flat surface.

The camera is powered by quick release rechargeable battery pack that lets you swap batteries easily. It can also power by an optional solar panel for steady stream by charging up your device around the bar. Ring Stick Up Camera has motion sensors that will send you alert on your phone when it detects an motion.

You can speak to the camera to scare off any intruders the device also works with Amazon outlets and with the real app you can easily control your entire home security system from the app very easy. It is available on Amazon at $39.

Bosma X1

Bosma X1 is 145 degrees super wide angle 360 be returning indoor security camera. It can record videos at 1080 pixel and world switch upon desired Wi-Fi network. It is equipped with advanced imaging sensors that can capture video with vivid colors even at low light
environment. The security cam is also equipped with advanced PIR motion detection that captures only the movements of people and animals.

It can send real-time alert notifications through your phone whenever there is a move. Bosma X1 has to wear full duplex audio which allows you how many cats and listen to loved ones at home. Camera is capable of coupling with door or window sensor so whenever those sensors are skipped the camera will automatically rotate to that area where movement is happening and will send you an automatic alert. With it’s built-in siren you can scare up any intruder in just one tap from the app.

It also has 128 GB microSD card support so you don’t have to worry about cloud storage and the device also compatible with Alexa. Bosma X1 has premium aluminum alloy finish very sturdy and also on the record award for its design. It is available on Amazon at $19.

Nest Cam IQ

Nest Cam IQ is a smart estate of the earth indoor security camera with incredible processing power and Google assistant built-in. It has six core processor and can separate a person from things. Can also read faces and can send immediate others on your smartphone.

It also works with 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi network and they have a dedicated app to watch live streaming. The camera is incredibly powerful as it has 4k sensor and HDR imaging technology. It can record at 1080 pixels track movements and can zoom in where action is happening.

Invisible infrared also makes sure that the camera is capable of giving bright and sharp pixels in low light or even at pitch-black. It also has microphones with noise and echo suppression with which you can listen to what’s happening inside. The nest cam connects directly to the power plug and it is never off with nest subscription you can get more options to save your favorite moments. The nest IQ security cam is available on Amazon from $169.