Winter’s Nails Are Simple 2022: Characteristic Of Stylish Trend Designs!

Winter's Nails Are Simple 2022 Characteristic Of Stylish Trend Designs!

The autumn/winter season when it gets colder and the fashion of calm tones increases. Why don’t you make your nails one color and simple? Therefore, we would like to introduce a simple yet cute autumn/winter nail that is perfect for the coming season. We will feature a big feature on the 2022 trend design that is particular about the texture!

Winter One-color Nails Compete With Color and Texture!

Autumn and winter are popular for fashion with calm tones. Why don’t you make your nails simple accordingly? If you pay attention not only to the color but also to the texture of the autumn/winter nails, you will be able to create a modern design. This time, we will introduce plenty of trend nails for 2022.

Winter (color-coded) Nail Design That Is Perfect for One Color

We will introduce the designs of one-color nails for autumn and winter in popular colors. It’s also good to nail according to the clothes you have. Please find a nail design of your favorite color.

Passionate Red

For a dignified woman in deep red

Deep red is an attractive color. We recommend a calm and deep color like Bordeaux in the fall and winter. It is the perfect color for a dignified woman with a stretched back. Excellent compatibility with gel nails with a glossy texture.

Like winter with silver

Combine silver with passionate red to create a nail that expresses a sparkle like snow. It is a winter-prepared nail with a special feeling to lamen nails. Perfect for Christmas.

Deep red is combined with animal print.

Deep red is good if you want to match it with animal print. Excellent compatibility with brown colors. Combine with a white-based leopard pattern for one point.

Put pearl on your fingertips.

The combination of red color and pearl creates a luxurious and elegant fingertip. The design is perfect for autumn and winter when you have more opportunities to wear jackets and coats.

Elegant with Bordeaux x Stone

Bordeaux one-color nail design with stones and studs accented. Deep Bordeaux brings out an elegant impression. The silver stone shines brilliantly, becoming a fingertip you can see.

Beloved Pink

Pink beige that is familiar to the skin

Pink beige that does not float in the office or school. If you are wondering about one pink color, this is recommended because it is easy to challenge. Marble-like nails are also cute now. Small stones make them gorgeous while being modest.

If you want gorgeousness, use a mirror.

The base is a pink color that is familiar to the skin. I added gorgeousness with mirror nails. By embedding a shimmering char when it hits the light, the nail is finished to be gorgeous when it hits the light. However, the base is pink, so it’s a cute nail that doesn’t look too flashy.

Different pink color nails

Nail using one pink color that differs depending on the nail. Simple but playful advanced one color. The balance will be better if you use three colors. As seen from the knit sleeves that are popular in winter, it has a neat design.

Simple pink color

A simple pink one-color nail. The sweet color makes it look simple but girly. It’s a design that seems to be useful in the office scene.

Add shine with holograms.

A combination of pink one color and hologram. The glossy gel nail and the glittering hologram are a perfect match, making your fingertips very brilliant. It’s perfect for winter when you often see illuminations.

Pure White

Fashionable with asymmetry

A simple white one-color nail. The design is asymmetric, with studs on only one hand. It’s simple, but it has a mellow feel and seems useful in any scene.

Knit nails for a warm nail

Warm knit nails like winter. If you make it in white, you can feel a warmth peculiar to knitwear. The base is simple, with one color of white or beige.

Put lame on it and make it elegant.

A white one-color nail with glitter on your fingertips. The calm white color and luxurious lame make it a very elegant fingertip. It is a special design for the cold autumn and winter.

A sweet design with a heart hologram

A design with a heart hologram on your fingertips. You can make it a sweet and girly fingertip. With a simple and cute design, it seems to be useful in various situations!

The perfect nail for the Christmas season

Nail with a tree and crystal decoration in one white color. It’s full of Christmas and seems to make you feel better. The white color brings out an elegant and mature impression.

Elegant Gray

Square type for adult nails

The elegant gray color goes well with the square type. I think many people usually have rounded toes. That’s why, please stick to the shape of your nails.

One-color x marble nails

A luxurious design that combines one gray color and marble nails. The casual gold parts are also elegant and nice. Recommended when you want to create a smart woman.

Cool with gray x mirror nails

A nail that combines gray nails and mirror nails. Even simple one-color nails can be combined with mirror nails for an impressive fingertip. Let’s decide cool with a silver mirror!

Gray x marble for a calm design

A combination of gray one-color nails and marble nails. Put a stone on the base of your nails to give an elegant and mature impression. If you want a calm design, please come.

At your fingertips, you can see a large stone.

A combination of glossy gray color and a large stone. It is an elegant and luxurious design. Let’s enjoy the cold autumn/winter season with something new you will never get tired of watching.

Enchanting Purple

Shorts are gorgeous with magnets.

For short nails, choosing purple magnet nails is a good choice. Even if the area is small, it will give you a gorgeous atmosphere. The feminine design is cute.

Elegant purple for office nails

Simple purple and white one-color nails. The point is the stone on the white part. Make the whole purple to give an elegant impression. It is a versatile nail that can be used in the office.

One-color x glitter and mysterious

A mysterious nail that combines purple and glitter with a mysterious image. With a glittering texture, it seems to be able to overcome the cold season. Recommended for those who want to make a design that is not too calm while being mature.

Full of seasonality with grape nails

One-color of purple with a chubby texture. The design is like grapes and is perfect for autumn. It is a very cute design with plenty of seasonality.

Put lame on the tip and look like an adult.

A combination of purple, one color, and tip glitter. Although it has a calm and simple design, it gives an adult-like impression with its elegant tip lame. Let’s enjoy seasonal nails with autumn colors.

Make One Color Look Like It Is Now (by Texture): Nail Design

After choosing your favorite color, the next thing to pay attention to is the texture. If the texture is modern, the one-color design will be transformed into a more sophisticated one. Here, we will introduce recommended nail designs for each texture.

Silky Matte Nails

Accessory nails in matt beige

Matte nails using pinkish beige. If you apply a mirror of similar color to give a three-dimensional effect, it will become a trendy accessory nail. It is a design that shines because it is based on matte nails.

For night sky nails with one gray color

Nail is based on one gray color. The dark tone color and silver studs give it a luxurious design that resembles the night sky. It’s mature but playful and nice.

Dull green is fashionable.

Matte nails on dull green give a more elegant and mature design. The mirror attached like art is fashionable. The design is perfect for those who like a lovely atmosphere.

Chic with red x mirror

A combination of red matte color and mirror design. The calm design gives a chic impression of winter. Recommended for those who like adult-like nails.

Brilliantly in deep red

Deep red matte nails. The simple yet bullish design gives an elegant impression. It is a nail design that is perfect for adults and girls.

Nail Like Syrup

Beige nails

The popular beige nail is a color that is easy to challenge, even for people who do not usually nail. It goes well with gel nails that have a smooth texture. It’s a simple design, so it’s a design that can be used in the office.

One-color x nuance for asymmetry

The exquisite coloring is attractive. At the base of the nuances, nails or similar colors to one color are thinly placed to put the whole together.

Inject energy with a painted yellow!

If one color becomes a rut, we recommend applying nails. Winter, when dark-toned fashion, tends to be more common. Let’s make your fingertips yellow and inject energy!

Light red and cute for adults

Light red one-color nail. With a chubby texture, it will be a fingertip that you will be fascinated by. If you want to give a cute adult impression, please try it!

Gray x lame for an adult, cool

A combination of one gray color and glitter and pearls. The cool, chubby texture of gray and the luxurious lame go great together. If you want a cool and mature impression, please do.

Magnet Nails With Different Shine

Pink gorgeous magnet nails

A magnet nail with an impressive sparkle. It’s a simple color, but it looks gorgeous with magnet nails. The puffy mirror that surrounds it is also cute at one point.

One-color x magnet for an adult look.

A design that combines a pink color and a magnet. Large pearls enhance adultness. It’s a nail that looks good in office casual wear.

Bordeaux magnet perfect for winter

A design that incorporates the popular Bordeaux color in winter with magnet nails. It’s perfect when you want to have a lady-like atmosphere. It’s simple, but it seems to make you excited just by looking at your nails.

Passionately with red x magnet

Red color magnet nail. Red that is not too deep creates a vibrant atmosphere. It is a design with a strong presence that is perfect for the cold autumn and winter.

Gray magnet nails for adult girls

A combination of gray one-color nails and magnet nails. It’s a calm design, but you can also create cuteness with a magnet. It’s a design recommended for adults and girls.

Even With One Color, Your Fingertips Can Be Colored!

Did you find your favorite design? Even with a simple one-color nail, you can color your fingertips gorgeously, depending on your ingenuity. Let’s squeeze in our commitment and get over the cold winter!

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