Why Visit Costa Rica: Here We Have the Top 10 Reasons

Costa Rica is a beautiful place to visit. We will tell you the reason why you should visit Costa Rica. Here we have the top 10 reasons to visit Costa Rica.

10. It’s A Relatively Safe Destination

Whether you’re traveling alone, with friends or with family safety is a very important factor when it comes to traveling. Luckily Costa Rica is one of the safest countries to visit in Central America. As a politically stable nation with no military. Costa Rica is a nation with a peaceful presence. Even their crime involving tourists is one of the lowest among the Central American countries. That’s not to say there’s none. Of course, always check for travel advisories before you plan a trip. As long as you don’t tempt thieves by leaving your valuables out in the open and watch where you go you shouldn’t have trouble.

9. Unique Attractions

A visit to this tropical paradise will also give you a chance to see some unique sights and experiences. Walk across the genius River bridge. A bridge made entirely out of confiscated gear of illegal shark poachers. Climb an audible Hueco a secret climbing tree made out of a series of zigzag trees. Or gaze upon the mysterious Tiki spheres large ancient round rocks that were discovered in the 1930s no one knows how or why they were made. They’re estimated to be at least 400 years old one thing’s for sure Costa Rica is full of hidden gems.

8. Great Coffee

What better way to start off a day of exploring them with a delicious cup of Costa Rican coffee. Here you’ll find a plethora of options for that cup of brews. Since Costa Rica is home to not one but eight growing regions that produce their own distinct flavor of the coffee. The country is not only known for its variety of coffee beans but also for producing top-notch beans. In fact, a law passed in 1989 prohibiting farmers from planting low-quality beans nothing like a good quality coffee to get the heart pumping.

7. Adventure Tourism

Do you love thrill-seeking adventure Costa Rica might just be the place for you with a plethora of adventurous activities? There’s something for everyone one popular activity is zip lining offered across the country. Ziplines offer thrilling views of tropical rainforests and volcanoes. Similarly, Costa Rica offers waterfall rappelling where you can climb down beside waterfalls and take in spectacular views. You can also spend the day whitewater rafting on one of Costa Rica’s many challenging rivers. Or hang out by the sea to catch some awesome surfing waves not a fan of the water tries a hike on an active volcano. whatever adrenaline rush you’re looking for Costa Rica has something for you.

6. Eco-Friendliness

Climate change is no joke but thankfully Costa Rica is taking the initiative to protect the environment with the goal to be carbon neutral by 2021. Costa Rica is a global leader in renewable energy. In fact, in 2016 the country ran on 100% renewable energy for 76 days straight. In recent years Costa Rica has generated about 98% of its electricity from renewable sources. The consistent rainfall during the rainy seasons allows hydroelectric plants to produce an abundance of energy. While geothermal resources make up for most of the country’s energy needs. It’s definitely a plus to vacation with a low carbon footprint.

5. Natural Beauty

Costa Rica has some of the most stunning natural beauty in the world with 25 percent of the country being protected forests. There are many places to view nature in all its glory. One popular spot for tourists is the Monteverde cloud forest. This foggy expanse extends some 4,000 feet above sea level. And gets its name from the low-lying clouds that penetrate the forest hiking through Costa Rica. Forest can give you a rare glimpse of some of nature’s spectacular phenomena. Including the unique blue waters of Rio celeste a rich with minerals or the volcanic mud pots of Dinkin de la Vieja national park.

4. Wildlife

It’s no wonder why five percent of the world’s biodiversity is found in Costa Rica. Animal lovers can see many unique creatures including the Ocelot Anak cat with a beautiful spotted coat that swims to hunt for fish. The long-nosed coati a relative of the raccoon or a howler monkey. Whose call sounds enormous compared to its small size for bird watchers. Costa Rica is also home to two Canz parrots and 52 different species of hummingbirds. Another wonderful animal to spot here is the three-toed sloth. These cuties are hard to spot due to their lack of movement high up in the rainforest canopy. Tourists can visit Costa Rica sloth sanctuary to get a close-up look at these slow-moving charmers.

3. Wheather

The most popular time of year to visit Costa Rica is during the dry season which runs from December to May with less rainfall. Tourists can expect to have long sunny days to enjoy the hot weather on their vacation. From the dry ranch-style landscapes of Guanacaste e to the humid temperatures of a day. You can find your favorite weather in Costa Rica. Even the rainy season which runs June through November is still very pleasant. The rain brings great relief from the hot weather leaving the evenings cool and comfortable. While nourishing the landscapes rain or shine Costa Rica is the place to be.

2. Beaches Galore

What would a tropical destination be without some stunning beaches luckily Costa Rica has plenty. Since the country borders both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Visitors can enjoy beaches on either coast on the Pacific coast. Hike through the forest to get to Playa Manuel Antonio. One of the most popular beaches boasting gorgeous white sand and monkeys or visit the beach at Osteo. Walk along the black volcanic sand and watch sea turtles lay and hatch their eggs on the Caribbean side. Enjoy snorkeling the coral reefs of Punta OVA or the turquoise waters of Manzanillo.


Have you ever visited a place that just radiated happiness? Costa Rica is one of those amazing countries where happiness is contagious. With the highest life expectancy in Central America a literacy rate of over 97% and universal health care. Costa Rica has a great social system to take care of its citizens. The country’s motto is Pura Vida which translates to a pure life and is often used as a greeting a farewell. And everything in between when interacting with and strangers alike. It’s a wish for the person to lead a fulfilling and positive life being thankful for what they have and not dwelling on the negative.

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