Which Sunscreen Do You Recommend For Me? Explains How To Choose Sunscreen And How To Apply It Effectively?

Which Sunscreen Do You Recommend For Me? Explains How To Choose Sunscreen And How To Apply It Effectively?

The ultraviolet rays are pouring down all year round. If you want to keep your skin beautiful, it is essential to apply sunscreen regardless of the season and take proper measures against UV rays. For those who are asking, “But what kind of sunscreen should I choose?”, In this article, I will introduce you from the basics of choosing sunscreen to a list of recommended sunscreens according to the place to apply and even more practical application methods. Increase.

Uv Protection Is Essential All Year Round if You Want to Beautify Your Skin!

  • Ultraviolet rays reach the ground throughout the year, whether sunny or rainy.
  • According to data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (*), ultraviolet rays will increase from “around March” when the daylight hours increase.
  • If you look at this, you may feel that it is too late to take measures against UV rays after summer approaches.
  • Sunburn causes darkening of the skin, causes freckles, wrinkles, and sagging, and causes a lot of damage to the skin.
  • Therefore, it is essential to protect your skin even before the UV rays become stronger.

Why Sunscreen Is Recommended for Uv Protection

  • There are various ways to prevent UV rays, but the recommended method is to apply sunscreen to block UV rays.
  • In the first place, ultraviolet rays reach the skin not only from the sun’s rays but also from the light reflected in the air or on the ground.
  • You get sunburned even when you’re indoors because glass and the like also pass through.
  • There are countermeasure items such as sunglasses and hats, but if you want to block these UV rays naturally, it is better to take countermeasures with sunscreen that is easy to take in regardless of the season.

How Should I Choose? How to Select a Sunscreen

  • By the way, how do you usually choose a sunscreen?
  • Choosing sunscreen is essential: performance, location, and comfort are necessary to choose from three main perspectives.

What is the sunscreen performance display “SPF” or “PA”?

  • When looking at sunscreen performance, the notation “SPF50 + PA +++” that you often see.
  • I wonder if it’s better to have a large number, but many people don’t know what each means.
  • First, understand the meaning of each item, and then choose the item that suits your situation and your skin.
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What is “SPF”? “SPF” is UV-B (ultraviolet B wave), an effect index that prevents ultraviolet waves that cause skin inflammation.

  • Numerical values ​​range from 1 to 50+, indicating how long UV-B wave inflammation can be prevented compared to when nothing is applied.
  • Skin that has been exposed to UV-B waves (ultraviolet B waves) becomes red and inflamed, and when piled up, spots and freckles appear.
  • If you want to take proper measures against ultraviolet rays, select one that has a significant “SPF” value and a high protective effect.

What is “PA”? “PA” indicates the protective effect against UV-A (ultraviolet A wave).

  • It is displayed in 4 stages from “PA +” to “PA +++,” and as the number increases, the protective effect against UV-A is high.
  • By the way, UV-A wave (ultraviolet A wave) is an ultraviolet ray that immediately blackens the skin after being exposed to the sun.
  • This UV light stimulates pigment cells and causes skin pigmentation.
  • It also affects the skin’s firmness, so if you are concerned about skin color, wrinkles, or sagging, you should be aware of the PA value.

As a guide for where to use it and how comfortable it is to use.

Types of sunscreen

  • To decide the sunscreen according to the part of the body and the feeling of use, let’s know next to the main types of sunscreen.
  • Sunscreens can be divided into six main types according to their shape and texture.
  • It would be nice to use one sunscreen for the whole body and divide it according to the place you want to use it.

Milk type

  • Milk-type sunscreens with a fresh texture are characterized by their excellent spreadability and gentleness to the skin.
  • It can be used in a wide range of areas, and some can be applied to the entire body or applied to the face like a makeup base.
  • Another advantage of sunscreen is that it is easy to remove by washing your face.
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Cream type

  • A cream type with a slightly soft texture.
  • This is also a sunscreen that can be used on the face and body, and especially those with high moisturizing power can be used as a makeup base.
  • Many cream types have high water resistance, so they will come in handy when you go out to the water, such as the pool or the sea.

Stick type

  • The sunscreen used by paying it out from the stick is easy to apply in small areas.
  • In particular, it is ideal for applying to the sides of the nose, eyes, and mouth, where an uneven application is likely to occur.
  • Many of them are small, so it’s also easy to carry around.

Spray type

  • The spray type is a sunscreen that can be used for purposes other than skin and body.
  • Especially suitable for areas that cannot be covered with liquid, such as hair.
  • It’s mist-like, so I’m happy that it’s more refreshing and comfortable to use than other sunscreens.

Gel type

  • As with the milk type, this gel-type has good skin growth.
  • It is an item that is often used primarily for the body.
  • Suitable for people who are concerned about the sticky feeling peculiar to sunscreen.

Lotion type

  • Lotion-type sunscreen is liquid and can be used as a skincare item.
  • It fits nicely on the skin and is refreshing after use.
  • Many of them are gentle in terms of performance, so it is recommended to use them with other sunscreens.

By Part to Apply! Recommended Sunscreen List

Now that you know how to choose one, here are some sunscreens that you’ll want to take in from this season. We have summarized the recommended items for each part to be painted.

Recommended sunscreen that can be used on the whole body

Sunscreen gel from wow. The fresh and smooth texture makes it very convenient for painting a wide area such as arms and legs. Because it contains beautiful ingredients that condense the power of rice and fermentation, it is also good, where you can take care of your skin while taking measures against UV rays.

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Recommended sunscreen that can be used on the face

Since it uses tone-up technology that makes the skin look glossy by diffusely reflecting light, it naturally covers dullness and uneven color. It brings out a natural complexion that is familiar to the skin. It also contains moisturizing skin care ingredients, which protect the skin from dryness. It is an excellent item as a measure against ultraviolet rays and as a makeup base.

How to Apply Sunscreen That You Want to Be Aware of to Be Effective

As a measure against sunburn, it is a rule of thumb to find the sunscreen you want and apply it without fail. However, you may not get the desired effect by using it usually. So, let’s check how to apply sunscreen effectively here.

  • First, when applying sunscreen to your face, moisturize it with a lotion or milky lotion.
  • This is a measure to prevent the sunscreen from collapsing due to sebum. Some sunscreens contain milky lotion and
  • sunscreen ingredients, so it’s best to apply them after washing your face in the morning.
  • Place sunscreen on your cheeks, right cheeks, and nose.
  • Then use your fingers to stretch it over your face.
  • Be careful not to make the sunscreen too thin when applying it evenly!
  • The effect will be diminished, so use it twice if you think it’s too familiar.

With Sunscreen, Uv Protection From an Early Stage!

It is good to take measures against UV rays as soon as possible! Spots and freckles caused by ultraviolet rays and sagging and wrinkles caused by drying gradually accelerate the aging of the skin. The face, arms, and legs, but also the hair, décolletage, and the back of the neck are often forgotten. Use sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn!

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