What’s New in 2020 Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe

This is the all-new Mercedes GLE coupe. If you want to combine the space and practicality of a GLE with a slightly sleeker body. What’s new in 2020 Mercedes Benz GLE, here we have 10 things you need to know about it.


The Mercedes GLE pays more attractive rear-end means. It’s a bit like a GLE SUV with bottom implants, the huge grill will arches that accommodate 22-inch alloy wheels. A pair of real exhaust pipes. The big change is, of course, a sloping roofline that makes the car looks like a boxy. An on stilts sporty AMG 53 models are more aggressive though. They get a trademark AMG vertical run grille, a subtle body kit, and four rear exhaust pipes.

2. Interior

Inside the Mercedes GLE coupe ticks all the boxes you’d expect of a plush SUV. You get two huge entertainment screens that morph into one massive display. While the rest of the dashboard is covered in expensive trim pieces and shiny black plastics. Even the buttons and rocker switches are made of metal. Meanwhile, article leather which means fake leather comes as standard. You can pay extra for the real deal Nappa leather. AMG 53 models are even sportive. They get contrasting color seatbelts and AMG sports steering wheel and aluminum pedals. Plus you can swap the standard car sedate open pool Woodrum’s for racy carbon-fiber.

3. Diesel

Four-wheel drive and a 9-speed automatic gearbox come fitted as standard to the GLE coupe 8 and 4. Now you can only choose from a pair of 3 liter 6-cylinder diesel engines in the standard model. That’s not exactly a disaster though because even entry-level 350d produces 252 horsepower 600 Newton meters of torque. Returns fuel economy of nearly 40 miles per gallon. The 400 d mihrab is just as frugal on fuel but pumps out a whopping 330 horsepower and 700 Newton meters of torque. All of which means whichever model you choose. The GLE coupe has all the performance we’ll ever need in the real world.

4. Practicality

The Mercedes GLE coupe a might not be as stylish as a real coupe a sports car. But then it’s a lot more practical in front of the spend. This space for taught adults and wheelbase that’s 20 millimeters longer than the old GLE bays. That means adults will have loads of room in the back. You even get 40 liters worth of interior storage. It’ll be easy to keep the mercs pretty cabin free from rubbish and clutter. Then there’s the boot it’s 655 later capacity means it can swallow a set of suitcases. It is almost 10 percent bigger than the booty yet on the BMW x6.

5. Price

The GLE coupe pays extra style doesn’t come cheap and can expect it to stop around 65,000 tanks that are 10,000 pounds. More than you’ll pay for a regular GLE and three grand more than BMW wants the x6 fancy. The extra performance of the AMG 53 well it’s gonna cost you even more 80,000 pounds to be exact.

6. Suspension

Airmatic air suspension comes our standard on the GLE Coupe. It’s designed to make even the bumpiest Road feel like you’re driving down a snooker table. It also boosts practicality drop in the back of the car by 50 millimeters to make it easier to load the boot. The suspension self-leveling means the Mercedes sits flat. Even if it’s weighted down with a beak. It’s sadly the clever suspension won’t be coming to the UK. Thanks for that Mercedes for the rest of you it’s called an active body control Pitkin. Just each wheel spring and damper independently by scanning the road ahead. With a camera mounted on the windscreen. This allows the car to tailor the suspension perfectly for the road you’re driving down. It actually leans the car into the corners a bit like a giant motorbike.

7. Petrol

If you want to have petrol power in your GLE Coupe then you’ll have to get yourself the AMG 53 model. This has a turbocharged 3 liter, v6 pumping at 435 horsepower and 525 Newton meters of torque. An electrical boost function can provide an additional 22 horsepower. And 250 Newton meters of torque for short bursts of acceleration. The Mercs 5.3 second naught to 60 times is a touch slower. Then the BMW x6 m50d diesel can do and despite mild-hybrid technology. The GLE is also less fuel-efficient it will return 30 miles per gallon. While BMW claims 35 miles per gallon for its m50d sadist.

8. AMG

AMG fifty-three versions of the GLE coupe a don’t just get the most powerful engine. They also have the sportiest set up they get complete air suspension combined with a roll stabilization system. That uses electronic actuators to prop the car up and stop it leaning in the corners. Along with that to get AMG dynamic select. This has seven driving modes that make it easy for you to set up the car. For a variety of driving conditions including long motorway slogs off-roading or even pelting around a racetrack. It controls everything from the car suspension and gearbox to the throttle steering and the loudness of the exhaust.

9. Autonomous

Along with being extremely comfortable to drive the GLE to play. Takes things to the next level by offering a suite of autonomous aids. That can do most of the driving for you. That means the GLE can accelerate brake and steer on the motorway. And to the same in the nose to tail traffic. It can even slow the car as you approach queues of traffic flagged up by the satellite navigation system come to a halt in standing congestion. We’ve offer gained completely autonomously, unfortunately, all that is an expensive option. Still, the car does come as standard with auto emergency braking to help keep you safe.

10. Infotainment

It’s not just the posh trims and leather seats that make the GLE Coupe’s interior look lovely. The massive 12-inch entertainment screens are okay. The voice activation system can be a bit of fitness. The touchpad between the front seats and the steering wheel-mounted controls make it easy to control the entertainment system when you’re driving. Alternatively, you can just punch commands directly into the touchscreen. AMG 53 models mark themselves out with unique graphics. The optional AMG track paste pack which can do things that record lap and naught to 60 acceleration times. The only problem is the if you want apple car play or android auto for some reason you have to pay extra for them which is quite outrageous on a car at this price.